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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 6.3 Bahasa Indonesia

Dragon Flame (3)

  Outside the door.  

  The sun was gradually setting in the west, and darkness gradually replaced the light to embrace the earth.  

  Shi Rui, who was waiting outside, also became increasingly anxious and restless.  

  Due to cutting off the surveillance, he could not observe what was going on inside. All he could do was to repeatedly go over his plan in his mind— no problem, the plan was perfect.  

  At the banquet that day, the authority did not manage to find these bugs’ original control source.

  This also meant that that controlling agent can reside in anyone’s body.

  And Shi An was the closest person to the source of contamination.  

  At that time, the entire mansion cleared out tens of thousands of these bugs’ corpses. There was only five of them that were still barely alive in the end.

  After being properly bred, and even maliciously catalyzed, they became what they are now – lack of intelligence, out of control, and all but dominated by the desire to attack.  

  Everything today could be treated as an accident as long as it was perfectly staged.  

  –The parasitic egg residing in the teenager’s body was stimulated by the magic in the enclosed space, therefore hatching, and then tore everything in the entire space to shreds – even the video recording of the day was destroyed.  

  However, a lot of time has passed so Shi An’s small figure should have been chewed up entirely. According to these bugs’ habits, it should have been the time to break through the door.  

  Yet there was no movement at all, so what exactly happened inside?  

  Shi Rui’s patience reached its limit.  

  He gritted his teeth and finally decided to take a risk to send someone inside to check out the situation: “…… Unlock the door and go in to take a look.”  

  ”…… Yes, yes!”  

  The underling followed the order and went forward, his face changing after he opened the door. He was so shocked that he took two steps back abruptly: “You ……”  

  ”Ah, it’s open.”

  Shi An, who was drumming the door lock with his head down, raised his head and tilted it as an afterthought, “I was wondering how to get out.”  

  Shi Rui hardly knew how to manage his expression, his face already turned pale from shock.

  After a brief moment of panic, he barely calmed down and put on a somewhat ugly smile on his face while he spoke in a dry tone.  

  ”Brother, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Did everything went well?”  

  ”Mm.” Shi An nodded carelessly.

  He yawned and walked forward casually, glancing around, “Where’s the car? I’m going back.”  

  Shi Rui was startled: “…… go where”  

  Shi An glanced at him as though he didn’t quite understand why the other side was making such a fuss: “Go home obviously, I’m tired.”  

  Shi Rui showed a stiff smile:. 

  ”The car is waiting outside.”  

  Shi An said “Oh” and walked outside.  

  After losing sight of Shi An’s back, Shi Rui turned his head to look in the direction of the door.

  After probing, the employee came out in a panic and shook his head towards Shi Rui: “…… No, no more!”  

  Shi Rui froze: “What?”  

  The employee swallowed his saliva dryly and looked a bit dazed, as if he hadn’t recovered from such a strange accident: “In-inside, there’s nothing left inside …….”  

  As the time ended, the simulation also automatically shut down.

  No simulation, no magic bugs, no blood, no corpses.

  The entire huge metal-encased space was empty, clean and cold – nothing was left.  

  It was as if nothing happened.  


  After returning home, Shi An went straight upstairs.  

  Once he was inside the room, he threw himself heavily onto the bed.  

  Shi An yawned widely, his long, dark eyelashes were wet with tears and his eyelids drooped.  

  –so sleepy.  

  Since earlier, this soul-deep sleepiness spread from the depths of the body, like a wave splashing over his limbs and bones, pulling him downward.  

  This feeling was completely irresistible. 

  At the moment when Shi An closed his eyes, a thick, fiery aura was released from the inside of his body.  

  As a sensitive abyssal species, the insect struggled to escape from Shi An’s sleeve and fled with its six legs to the corner of the room. It pressed its back against the wall with a deadly force, wishing it could just bury itself into the wall.  

  It looked towards the bed in terror.  

  Only to see the teenager silent with his eyes shut.

  A brilliant glow reflected on his face, like golden waves of light that seemed to be flowing.  

  No, not flowing.

  A layer of metallic scales surfaced lightly on his pale cheeks, looking strange and ghastly. The air in the room became clammy and heavy, as if something was writhing in the depths of darkness.  


  Mu Heng walked into the room.

  He took off his gloves, and threw them on the back of the chair. Using his fingertips, he hooked and loosened the collar that was tightly buttoned around his neck.  

  The room was empty and dead, without a trace of human presence.  

  Suddenly, he seemed to perceive something, and looked at something not far away.  

  He saw an ancient and elegant silver longsword hanging on the wall, the hilt of the sword faintly humming.  

  It seemed to be announcing the silent awakening of some mysterious existence.  

  Mu Heng’s eyes were filled with a strange ripple, breaking his consistent appearance of indifference.  

  How is this …… possible?


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