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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 6.1 Bahasa Indonesia

Dragon Flame (1)

  The car was soundproofed and glided forward silently. The combination of magic and mechanics minimized the vibrations during the drive and was almost incomparable to the car assigned to Shi An.  

  Shi Rui looked to his side without being unnoticed.  

  The teenager in his sight was holding his chin, his eyes slightly narrowed while he looked intently out of the window, as if he had a superb interest in the ordinary street view.

  The light from outside filtered in the window, sweeping over the tips of his fine, soft hair. His fair face was enveloped in a layer of light golden light, looking particularly harmless.  

  However …… he seemed to have an elusive aura about him somehow.

  This made Shi Rui feel inexplicably uncomfortable.  

  The vehicle soon arrived at its destination. 

  ”You probably don’t know, the magic creatures in the academy entrance test are real,” said Shi Rui, stepping out of the vehicle and standing beside Shi An.  

  With an impeccable smile on his face, he said to Shi An.

  ”However, because this is a simulation, most of the ones inside here are virtual magical creatures created with magic. Brother, you don’t have to worry, you are absolutely safe here.”  

  Shi An retracted his gaze that fell on the huge building in front of him, and looked at Shi Rui with some confusion:  

  ”…… you call me elder brother?”  

  Speaking of which, this human seemed to ramble on about brothers and whatnot before setting out – had he been talking to him?  

  At that, the smile on Shi Rui’s face froze.

  –Was this a side-step to say that he was unworthy?

  He gritted his teeth and said somewhat reluctantly, “If brother doesn’t want me to, then I won’t call you that in the future.”  

  After that, Shi Rui made an “invitation” gesture toward the door in front of him: ” However, you may need to test your magic power level again before entering.”  

  There was a strange shaped sphere in front of the door, which looked very similar to the testing equipment at the school that day, but with some slight differences.  

  Shi An put his hand on it.  

  The instrument lit up and the door in front of him opened, revealing a long corridor that could only accommodate a single person.  

  Looking at Shi An’s back that disappeared into the corridor, the smile on Shi Rui’s face melted like thin snow. His eyes were fixated on the closed door, and his expression was gloomy.  

  The instrument this time was specifically requested by him. It was not tampered with, and although it could not measure the specific upper limit of magic power, it had 100% accuracy on whether the person being measured possessed magical power.  

  So …… it’s true.

  As the eldest son of the Shi family, the rightful heir, Shi An, really possessed magical power.  

  Shi Rui’s grim face had his lips tightly pursed in a stereotypical straight line. The thick, dark negativity was growing like a weed under his eyelids.

  He would not let what should have been his to be taken away again.  

  His father’s favor and attention, his position in the limelight.

  …… everything.  

  Shi Rui pulled out his cell phone and dialed a certain number. He gritted his teeth, and said it out word by word.

  ”Get ready.”  


  At the end of the corridor was a wide silver and white hall. The employee in charge of operating the simulation facilities looked at Shi An and asked, “Which part of the simulation exam do you need?”  

  Shi An blinked: “Is there …… many sessions?”  

  ”Yes.” The employee said, “The first stage is the written test, the second stage is the interview, and the third stage is the actual battle against magical creatures.”  

  Shi An let out an “oh”.

  He thought for a long time and asked, “Where is the security mechanism?”  

  Employee: “…… huh?”  

  Shi An thought the human in front of him did not hear him clearly, so he raised his voice and repeated: “Where is the security mechanism?”  

  Employee: “……”

  The corners of his mouth twitched, but he still answered, “The written test.”  

  ”Then that one.” Shi An gave his final decision.  

  Employee: “…… Okay, please wait a moment.”

  This was the first time he met a terrifying person who used the expensive simulation equipment to simulate a written test.  

  After the setup was over, the employees retreated and left the room, leaving Shi An alone in the whole hall.  

  The insect crawled out from his sleeve and gasped for breath.

  It looked at the iron-gray, gate-like giant device not far away and squeaked excitedly, “Yes, yes, yes, that’s the one!”  

  Just as Shi An walked over with the insect, the surface of the gate lit up in red and the alarm blared loudly before he could get close.  

  He thought for a moment and threw the insect into the distance.

  The gate immediately quieted down.  

  ”You are indeed the amazing Lord Dragon! The human equipment really can’t detect that you’re in disguise!” Not far away, the insect staggered hard to stabilize itself and subconsciously began to fawn over him wildly.  

  However, Shi An had a stern face and didn’t seem to be very happy.  

  Even that ugly bug was recognized!

  Yet he was classified by that garbage instrument as an ordinary human!  

  He raised his eyes and swept a glance towards the insect that was still preparing to continue kissing his ass, and he blew a fuse.  


  Under the Dragon’s unfriendly gaze, the insect trembled and its boot-licking immediately came to an end.  

  Shi An narrowed his eyes and gestured with his chin: “Go ahead and try.”  

  Insect: “???”  

  Shi An’s expression was harmless.

  ”What’s wrong? You don’t want to?”  

  As if feeling the heat of the flame, the insect instantly stirred:

  ”Yes, of course, yes!”

  It prepared itself and changed its form, trying to sneak past from all angles, but the door would always start blaring the alarm just before it reached the halfway point, seemingly not buying its trick at all.  

  It sneakily took a peek at Shi An, who was not far away.  

  Shi An found a seat and settled down. He laid back on the seat as though he had no bones, his chin resting on his arm, and lazily said as though it had nothing to do with him.  

  ”Work hard.”  

  The insect wanted to cry: “……”

  Fuck. If I knew how to blend in, would I be in this state now!  

  Shi An looked at its painfully struggling back with amusement. He certainly didn’t expect it to find its way in. However, as a dragon who had not been outside for tens of thousands of years, most things were still very new to him, especially things like torturing and tormenting small creatures.  

  However, Shi An gradually felt sleepy while looking at it. Well, he used to sleep for hundreds of years, but recently he had to adapt to human’s lifestyle, so he could only sleep for about ten hours a day—it was too uncomfortable. Shi An yawned, and adjusted himself into a comfortable position. Then, in the constant sound of the alarm, he peacefully closed his eyes.  

  ——Right now, it is a good opportunity to catch up on sleep. 


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