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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 5 Bahasa Indonesia

——The monster bug was awakened by the heat.

There was a searing hot temperature under its feet, and its armor was emitting a sizzling sound under the heat.

Ah ah ah ah I’m going to die ah ahhhhhh!

It squealed in fear, and its six thin legs kicked wildly in the air.

“……you are noisy.”

The human teenager’s slightly impatient voice sounded very close by.

Immediately afterward, a terrifying pressure descended, instantly strangling the throat of the monster bug.

It froze in mid-air, staring blankly at the human in front of it.

The terrible flame was so close by, beaming silently, radiating a terrible heat into the surroundings.

Not, not burned?

Seeing that the monster bug finally stopped screaming, Shi An extinguished the dragon flame at his fingertips.

His appearance has returned to normal, except for a faint flicker of dark red light deep in the darkness of his pupils, like blazing coals, revealing some inhuman qualities.

——The memory of what just happened came like a tidal wave.

Eyes, scales, flames.


“——but, but all dragons are dead!” The monster bug screamed hysterically, its voice shaking and changing tone: “There aren’t any fantasy species left on this continent!”

Shi An tilted his head in confusion: “I’m not dead.”


The monster bug suddenly didn’t know how to answer.

Twenty minutes later, Shi An finally understood the current situation of this era.

After a long silence, he slowly spoke in disbelief: “So, there are no elves now?”

“No more.”

“What about the mermaids? The lich——”

“Yes, they’re all gone.”

Shi An’s pupils trembled.

He really did not expect that after so many years, only the weakest species survived:

“How did this happen?!”

“No, I don’t know.” The monster bug answered cautiously.

——It already began to believe that the one in front of it might really be a dragon that had survived from ancient times:

“None of us have lived that long.”

It asked with trepidation, “So……you, you’re really a dragon?”

Shi An gave it a bad-tempered look.

“!” The monster bug trembled and hastily changed its wording, “No, no, I didn’t mean to question your identity, just……”

“Why did you, why did you become the way you are now?”

From the inside to the outside, from the blood, bones, and skin, all are like a human smell — even if it was a powerful fantasy species, this disguise is a little too real.

These words reminded Shi An, who finally remembered the reason he had brought this bug back.

“Earlier in the banquet hall, I smelled a……smell.” Shi An held down the panicked monster bug that wanted to flee, pinched it in his hand, and carefully looked it up and down. Then, he frowned and said in confusion, “……but now it’s gone.”


The monster bug froze and stopped struggling, “Yes, is this it?”

The familiar dark aura silently filled the air.

“Yes!” Shi An’s eyes lit up, “What is this?”

“……poison, poison gas.”

The monster bug replied woodenly.

The bottom of the abyss was filled with highly poisonous air. For the species that live in it, the poisonous gas can make them more ferocious and aggressive.

All creatures that climb out of the abyss will habitually transform the air around them when they attack to make it suitable.

But it was deadly for the creatures on the mainland.

Logically speaking, dragons are no exception.

The monster bug was delighted.

Maybe……this will be its chance to fight back!

It flapped its wings and worked even harder to transform the air around it.

The fingers of the young man in front of it slightly relaxed, but in the next second, it was once again pinched tight.

Shi An stared at the bug in front of him with bright eyes, shaking it without mercy.


Monster Bug: ????

It was dizzy from the shaking, and suddenly, an ominous feeling struck it.

“So, that……” it spoke cautiously, “May I ask……what kind of dragon you are?”

Fire dragon? Agile, slender, blazing flames.

Or is it a black dragon? Majestic, huge, and incredibly powerful……

Shi An smiled with his teeth showing, “Abyssal Dragon.”

——Fierce, cruel, unpredictable.

Even in ancient times, it was the toughest and most terrifying variety of all dragons.

Most importantly, being born and raised in the abyss was a dominating figure no matter on which side of the continent.

Monster Bug: “……”


Sorry to disturb you.

After the intention to fight back was extinguished, the monster bug obediently revealed everything it knew.

After ten thousand years of slumber, Shi An felt the changes in this era.

The abyss and the surface are two sides of the same continent.

In his time, as long as they were strong enough, it was possible to shuttle around freely. After the disappearance of the fantasy species, the abyss was firmly sealed, with only a few cracks opening only occasionally, but the poisonous gas could not get out, only the abyssal species could.

On the ground, after the disappearance of the fantasy species, humans created a civilization built by magic and technology and gradually became the dominant power on the continent. The conflict between them and other magical creatures has intensified to the point where it is now almost irreconcilable.

But Shi An does not care very much about these.

The things that he really cared about were not even halfway there.

This bug neither knew information about his body nor the whereabouts of his treasure and because it was so weak, even the poisonous gas created was only a little.

This concentration was too low, and there was no way for him to find the feeling he vaguely touched in the banquet hall earlier. His body still stubbornly remained in human form, and no tendency to recover halfway appearing.

“……Well then.” Shi An sighed in disappointment, “Looks like you’re not much use.”

Monster Bug: “?”

Before it could react, a cluster of fire instantly rose up in front of it, and the rolling heat instantly hit it.

The monster bug screamed, “Wait, wait, wait!!!”

Shi An paused his actions and asked nicely, “Hmm? What’s the matter?”

——If you ignore the dragon flame on his fingertips.

Monster Bug: “I’m still useful! Still useful!”

It flopped its six thin legs in the air and said shiveringly, “I, I know there are stronger demons there that can create more poisonous fog in the abyss!”

Shi An became interested: “Where?”

The monster bug carefully hugged Shi An’s fingers and said pleasingly:

“I…the gap that I climbed out of, I… I can take you there.”

It paused and stammered, “But……it may be slightly more difficult.”

“Difficult?” Shi An frowned.

The monster bug said, “Its location is very secretive and guarded very strictly. I relied on my weakest larval form and parasitized three people in a row before I could barely sneak out.”

“Do you know about the Ability Academy?”

Shi An nodded.

The monster bug said with grave seriousness, “The crack is in the campus, so if we want to get close, we must disguise perfectly and then wait for the right moment……”

Shi An thought for a moment and said, “Or we can just wait for school to start.”

“……ah?” The monster bug did not respond for a moment.

Shi An pointed to the envelope he had casually discarded on his bedside table that had the seal of the Ability Academy and big words written on it- Admission Notice: “Like a week away?”

Monster Bug: “……”

It was surprising that the Abyssal Dragon could be admitted to the academy. It feels like humans are most likely doomed.

“You guessed right.” Zhuo Fu pushed a document over, with a rare gloomy expression on his face:

“The abyss has been unsettled lately.”

Mu Heng flipped through two pages, his eyes sweeping over casually.

“For some time now, there have been endless reports of abyssal cracks appearing all over the place, and although they used to happen from time to time, the frequency has just been too high lately.” Zhuo Fu took a deep breath and said, “Especially now, there is actually an abyssal species appearing in the upper city……then there is only one possibility——”

Mu Heng closed the file:


“The new rift is nearby.”

Zhuo Fu narrowed his eyes, “You knew it already.”

“It’s not hard to guess.” Mu Heng pushed the file back: “But it’s hard to find.”

He raised his eyes, his silver-blue eyes slightly narrowed, and he said unhurriedly, “My men have been sent out to search throughout the city.”

Mu Heng tapped the desktop with his fingers:

“Remember to get the approval documents done.”

Zhuo Fu: “……”

——You’re f-cking squeezing the labor force!!!

After sending Zhuo Fu away, Mu Heng was once again the only one left in the office.

He lowered his eyes and picked up the information he was reviewing before Zhuo Fu entered the door.

On the first page, a handsome young man shyly pursed his lips and smiled silently at him.

Below are a few lines of small print that briefly summarized the first half of his life which had very little ripples in it.

Except for ——

The inexplicable disappearance and the unexpected admission.

Mu Heng narrowed his eyes subtly, and all his emotions were hidden under the blue-colored ice floes.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.


Wen Yao cautiously pushed the door open: “Sir, the Ability Academy sent another invitation letter. Shall we send out the rejection letter as usual?”

“No need.” Mu Heng said.

Wen Yao obviously did not expect this surprising answer and could not help but be slightly stunned.

She saw Mu Heng put down the information, carelessly crossed his long and pale fingers, and said, “I will go to the opening ceremony this time.”

A few days before the start of school, the butler has already started to help Shi An prepare the things he needs for school.

He put every item on the list into the suitcase in an orderly manner. Then, he casually picked up Shi An’s fully loaded backpack — and almost stumbled with the heavy weight.

Butler: “……What have you packed?”

Shi An firmly hugged his backpack into his arms and seriously said, “—personal items.”

The butler looked at Shi An suspiciously but finally did not continue to ask questions and turned around to make other preparations.

The wrinkles at Shi An’s cuffs moved, and the monster bug quietly poked its head out.

It looked at the suitcase that was pretty much organized in front of it and felt a bit ridiculous for a moment: “You……are really ready to go straight into the academy like that.”

Shi An nodded rightfully, “Of course.”

“I received the notice oh.” He emphasized.

Monster Bug: “That’ s not what I meant……”

“It was said that the security measures of this academy are very strict, so are you not worried about……”

Realizing that it had said the wrong thing, it hastily flattered and said, “Of course! With your ability, you certainly do not need to fear those weak ants, but they are, after all, an obstacle to our plans, and most importantly, although your current body should not matter, I am after all a demonic creature eh, I’m afraid I can not fool that security——”

The monster bug sneakily raised its eyes to look.

It saw the young man squinting lazily, his chin resting on his bag, looking extremely at ease.

The monster bug suddenly realized: “You already have a solution, right?”

Shi An pondered for a long time.

Then, he shook his head honestly, “No.”

Monster Bug: “……”

I f-cking——

At that moment, the sound of the doorbell ringing came from downstairs.

——From the first day he arrived here, no one had ever rung the doorbell.

Shi An got up and walked downstairs.

He saw the butler standing in the doorway with a cold face, and in front of him stood a teenager whose features were three points similar to those of Shi Zechun, and his tone was polite and stiff: “—May I ask what you’ve come for?”

Shi Rui stood in the doorway with an impeccable smile on his face, “I heard that my brother and I are enrolled in the same batch this time? So I wanted to come and say hello in advance.”

Shi An blinked.

Um? Who is this person.

Shi Rui smiled and said, “I suppose you don’t know about the opening ceremony of the Ability Academy yet, right?”

“It’s said to be an opening ceremony, but it’s actually a large-scale practical assessment.”

“The assessment is several days long, and by then, classes will be divided according to the results of the assessment, so……some means of fooling the machine may not be very useful.” Shi Rui’s words and smile carried a hidden meaning.

The butler’s expression became even more gloomy.

Shi Rui: “So in order to deal with the test, father set up a place for us to conduct a simulation exercise. I came to call my brother to go with me this time.”

His smile was perfect, without a hint of showing off.

All the malice was hidden without a trace, appearing exceptionally close and friendly: “Brothers should take care of each other.”

The butler’s brows furrowed even more.

He was very aware of his young master’s natural talent. Although he was able to barely pass the academy’s magic test, he had never experienced any magic training, let alone drills…… Although he was eager for his young master to emerge and win back the master’s attention and status in the family, he was still more worried about Shi An getting hurt than that.

Just as he was about to politely decline, he heard the clear voice of a young man from behind him.

“Eh? Simulation?”

The butler was startled and turned his head to look.

He saw the teenager come forward with a sincere expression, “Then, can it simulate the security measures inside that entrance test……?”

——it’s best if he can test whether he can get in with this kind of human-faced bug.

Shi Rui was stunned, a little confused why the other party said so, and subconsciously replied.

“…… probably?”

Shi An brightened up: “Okay oh, let’s go then.”

The author has something to say:

Shi An (serious): The security is not important, the main thing is that I want to get a good score on the test.

Shi Rui: “……”

Damn it if I believe you.


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