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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 49.2 Bahasa Indonesia

Give Me Back My Treasure, AHHH! (2)

Wen Yao then had a chance to interject, briefly explaining the dangerous situation that Shi An might be facing now, and then said, “The dragon can appear at any time. The chief is also worried about your safety.”

Shi An: “…”

Actually, the dragon had already appeared.

He pondered for a long time and said distressingly, “Then, I will return the gem to you guys.”

Mu Heng lowered his eyes to watch the young man before him, his attitude unconsciously softening.

“That isn’t the point.”

They would have to lay in wait in the Aiwen District next and if the dragon did come, there would inevitably be a big battle here.

If Shi An were an ordinary person, it would be fine, but with the previous two experiences, Shi An himself was the one who would attract the dragon. If he was allowed to stay in the Aiwen District, there was a good chance his life would be in danger.

Wen Yao boldly said, “But, I think leaving Shi An behind will be better…”

Mu Heng glanced at her coldly, interrupting Wen Yao before she could say anything further,


Wen Yao said, “Yes.”

Shi An interjected in a small voice, “I also think it will be better for me to stay. Besides, aren’t you very strong?” Shi An naturally concluded, “Then, wouldn’t it be better if you protect me?”

Wen Yao interjected at the right time, “Yes, that’s right. Chief, as far as Shi An is concerned, there’s no safer place in this world except beside you.”

Mu Heng’s gaze met Shi An’s expectant eyes.

The young man tilted his head, his clear, dark eyes reflecting Mu Heng’s face with pure trust and dependence. His voice was on the soft side, the end of his voice slightly drawn out as if he was acting spoiled. “That’s right.”

He said, after a long silence, “Stay in the Aiwen Academy during this time and keep your cell phone on. We have to be able to contact you at any time.”

Shi An squinted his eyes and smiled. “Okay!”

He cheerfully waved at the two humans before him before turning around and walking toward the line of the Ability Academy in the distance.

As soon as he turned around, the friendly, harmless smile on the young man’s face disappeared.

Like the remnants of snow under the sun, it melted away without a trace in an instant.

Shi An lowered his eyes, revealing a thoughtful expression, with a scarlet shadow flickering under his eyes.

Although the conversation just now did not reveal all that much, Shi An got two very important pieces of information.

The first was that the treasure was real.

Although the Bureau had released the news, it was clear that there was no doubt about the authenticity. They likely had already gotten hold of the location and where his treasure had gone.

Secondly, the Bureau knew more about him than he thought and had even used it to lay a trap, waiting for him to arrive.

Shi An narrowed his eyes and breathed into his hand.

As expected, the Dragon Slayer’s bloodline was not to be underestimated.

It was better to be more cautious next.

In the distance, Wen Yao stood and watched as Shi An’s figure faded.

It was the second time Mu Heng had dismissed her proposal just now.

– not even letting her finish her sentence.

If Shi An could attract the dragon, then, apart from those treasures, Shi An might be a more suitable bait, and if they had Shi An’s help, their plan to trap the dragon might have a higher success rate.

Wen Yao knew that she wouldn’t be putting Shi An’s life at risk since she believed their plan would be foolproof.

However, Mu Heng refused.

If it was just a guess earlier, she had fully confirmed that Chief Mu’s attitude toward Shi An was not ordinary.


The opening ceremony of the academic exchange was held at Aiwen Academy.

As the shortest person there, Shi An stood at the front of the entire queue. Almost all the eyes in the room fell on him as if they hadn’t expected there would be such a strength ability attending.

It was as if Shi An didn’t feel the eyes on all sides of him and was dropping his head, dozing in the cold temperature.

At that moment, he felt Zhao She beside him gently touch him with his elbow. “Hey, wake up. The principal is talking.”

Shi An yawned and raised his head, looking toward the podium, which was not far away.

The principal of Aiwen Academy was a short, middle-aged, bald man dressed in a thick brocade coat with ornate embroidery. His five short, thick fingers were covered in rings, looking very ostentatious.

Shi An blinked subconsciously as the harsh reflections of the light struck him.

Suddenly, he was slightly struck by the sight of a huge silver-white gemstone on the thumb of his right hand, the color of which was extremely transparent. At first glance, it looked extremely precious and invaluable, set in a gold ring, finely woven with an extremely exotic and rare craft, elegant and mysterious in shape.

Shi An knew very well the craft’s origin.

It was made by elves.

It had been forged by the elf artisans and had been blessed by the priests with a powerful blessing, so precious that there was no other one in the whole world. It was one of the Elf King’s treasured possessions, who later gave it to Shi An as a gift of friendship.

This elf ring was one of his favorite treasures and was placed at the tip of his tail for a long time.

That. Was. His.

Shi An’s eyes were red with anger, the depths of his dark eyes churning with fiery flames. His round pupils narrowed like a thin slit and intense anger burned under his eyes.

To hell with being cautious.

Give me back my treasure. AHHH!


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