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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 50.1 Bahasa Indonesia

Are Other People’s Things Nice To Look At? (1)

“… Shi An? Shi An?”

Zhao She’s concerned voice sounded in his ear, “What happened? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

No, at least not right now.

Shi An slowly took a deep breath.

He lowered his eyes and shook his head slowly, his soft hair swaying slightly with his movements, his long dark eyelashes hiding the fierce scarlet pupils, his voice low and calm. “It’s nothing.”

Zhao She glanced at Shi An with some hesitation.

The young man’s head was half-lowered, half of his face hidden in the shadows, revealing only a thin white chin and tightly pursed lips.

He looked well-behaved and harmless at this time.

… Was he mistaken?

Zhao She withdrew his gaze and looked up toward the podium again.

The principal of Aiwen Academy had just finished his last sentence. With a smile on his fat face, he raised his short, ringed hand and waved it slowly and haughtily toward the bottom of the stage to punctuate the end of his speech.

The audience applauded continuously.

Shi An lifted his hand and slowly clapped along with the rest of them.

Out of sight, a few tiny black dust-like insects fell from Shi An’s sleeve and crawled toward the headmaster of Aiwen Academy at a speed invisible to the naked eye, quickly disappearing under his thick brocade robe.

Five schools participated in the event and although the Department of Strength was not given much attention, it was still an academic exchange event. Aiwen Academy, as the host, had to do an excellent job on the surface.

After the principal’s speech, the person in charge took the students from the other four schools to their respective rooms.

The exchange would officially begin in three days.

Until then, the students from the other four academies could walk around the campus and familiarize themselves with the environment.

The Ability Academy’s students stayed on the east side of the lounge.

It was a spacious tower, not too high, with rough shapes and thick walls, very characteristic of the Aiwen campus.

Magic flames blazed in the fireplace and the building was warm, unlike the freezing temperatures outside.

Zhao She took off his coat and stretched his muscles.

Although it was admittedly cold here, it was still much more comfortable than the canyon area they had visited earlier, which humans could still endure at least.

At that moment, the same student, who was 1.9 meters tall and had talked to Shi An in the plaza earlier, walked over.

His name was Wei Bocheng and he was a third-year strength system student.

He greeted Zhao She and also took a seat by the fireplace. “Speaking of which, that junior in the plaza earlier, is he your friend?”

Zhao She said, “Yes.”

Wei Bocheng shook his head with a bit of awe in his eyes. “He is actually in the strength system. I didn’t think so when I first saw him.”

Zhao She: “…”

Not to mention, I didn’t expect you here either.

Wei Bocheng lamented, “But you even said his strength is powerful, so he must not be an average person. You indeed can’t judge a person by their appearance now. I was too preoccupied with my first impression…”

Zhao She: “…”

Very strong indeed.

But what Zhao She had said earlier was a fire wielder.

Zhao She opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but finally fell into silence with a subtle expression on his face.

… He didn’t know where to start.

Wei Bocheng looked at Zhao She and smiled brightly. “Haha. Speaking of which, when will you help me to apologize to your friend? I’m usually not someone who judges people by their appearance, but he truly looked…”

He suddenly got stuck and seemed slightly unsure how to end the sentence without offending anyone.

Shi An’s slender and soft appearance appeared in Zhao She’s mind right then.

He sighed and patted Wei Bocheng’s shoulder very empathetically. “No problem, brother. I understood.”

After all, he also hadn’t expected it at first.

Even after seeing the other party use flames to burn the sky full of gray crows, a subconscious question still surged in Zhao She’s heart whenever he saw Shi An.

Just him?

Impossible, right?

– Then, in the training ground of Wang Li’s house, he was directly affected by the other party’s surging magical powers and vomited blood, ending up in the hospital with dirt clinging to him, which went on to convince him even more.

Even though the other party was now participating in this academic exchange as a strength ability, Zhao She quickly accepted the fact after a brief moment of surprise.

For some reason, after all this time, Zhao She had a strange feeling that no matter how unbelievable it was as long as it was Shi An, it seemed…

Nothing was impossible, right?

Wei Bocheng then thought of something and as he looked around the room, he asked in confusion, “Eh? Speaking of which, where is your friend?”

Zhao She was stunned and also straightened up slightly, looking around the tower.

Shi An, who had been in the group earlier, had disappeared at some point.

He scratched his head. “Maybe he went to rest?”

“So early?” Wei Bocheng showed a surprised expression.

Zhao She nodded. “Yes.”

From what he knew about Shi An, the other party was probably already in bed by now.

Shi An, who should have been lying under a warm blanket, was currently trudging through the snow, one foot deep and one foot shallow.

His earmuffs, gloves, and scarf were all in a full pink bunny pattern – a complete set Chen Meng had provided him after his return from the Aiwen District.

Shi An didn’t think he would use them again so soon.

He used the pink gloves to hold the earmuffs of the same color in place and sniffled.

Damn, it was cold.


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