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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 42.1 Bahasa Indonesia

Shi An followed Mu Heng downstairs in a daze.

When he saw the car parked in front of him, he realized that something was wrong.……

Wait, why did it suddenly become that he was going to live in Mu Heng’s house!!!

At this time, Mu Heng had already walked to the other side and opened the door of the driver’s seat.

Looking at the car in front of him, Shi An was in a dilemma for a while.

Mu Heng: “Get in the car.”

Shi An: “……”

He secretly glanced at the big tail that hadn’t disappeared behind him in embarrassment, and then his heart twinged.——

Since it had not been discovered before, it would not be discovered after that.

As for the fact that he just wanted to go home, it could be discussed after he got in the car.

As long as his attitude was firm enough, the other party should not refuse!

Shi An’s mind was made up. He moved to the back row and reached out to the door of the car.

He tugged at the handle, but it did not move.

The man’s deep voice came from the opposite side “Come to the front. ”

Shi An: “……”

Why was this human being so difficult to deal with?

He slowly took a deep breath, turned around and walked to the passenger seat, stretched out his hand to open the car door, and sat inside.

Although Mu Heng himself didn’t care very much about things on the surface level, as a high-ranking official of the Bureau, the vehicles assigned to him were naturally the top configuration and were very spacious.

However, even if the space in the car is spacious, the distance between the passenger’s and the driver’s seat was still fixed.

Therefore, Shi An was completely unable to lean aside as he had just done, but was forced to sit in a place not far from Mu Heng.

Bad, bad.

There was not enough space for the tail!

Shi An secretly moved his bottom, trying to put his tail on the side away from Mu Heng.

Mu Heng sat in the driver’s seat and looked sideways at Shi An.

The light in the car was dim, and the boy’s skin became more and more porcelain-white. The short curve from the side of his face to his neck was soft and beautiful. He lowered his eyes, straightened his back, and stayed obediently at an arm’s distance.

The irritability in him that had just been caused by the other party’s deliberate distance calmed down at this moment.

Mu Heng retracted his gaze.

Although the expression on his face still hadn’t changed much, he seemed to be in a better mood somehow.

Shi An didn’t notice that although he had already got into the car, Mu Heng didn’t start the engine immediately, but seemed to be waiting for something.

The other party’s low voice sounded in his ears, “Seat belt.”

Shi An: ?

He was taken aback for a moment and fell into contemplation.

Excuse me? Seat belt? It sounded a bit familiar… what was it again?

At the moment, when Shi An was stunned, the other party seemed to be tired of waiting.

The man leaned over, his wide shoulders cast a whole shadow, just in time to cage Shi An in his arms. His long silver hair was like flowing moonlight, and a lock fell in front of Shi An’s eyes, soft and cold, shining with a brilliant shimmer in the dark.

So… so beautiful.

Shi An shook his head, and immediately all his attention was caught by the brilliance in front of him.

The breath from the opponent’s body came from the end of his nose, which smelled very nice, as cold and fresh after the first snow, but it was warmed by the scorching body temperature of humans, bringing a strong sense of tightly wrapped aggression.

There was a “click” sound from the side, and a crisp metal collision broke the dead silence of the car.

“All right.”

Mu Heng sat back.

When he started the vehicle, he looked at his palm on the steering wheel and frowned without a trace.

Just now……

It seemed that he touched something cold and soft.

But because he was wearing gloves, Mu Heng was not sure if this feeling was real or just some kind of fleeting illusion.

The vehicle drove slowly through the junction of light and shadow.

Shi An sat stiffly in the passenger seat, his whole body tight, his mind blank.

Just now, just now… his tail was touched!

It was touched!!!

The man was wearing gloves designed for combat. The leather surface was hard and rough, and it rubbed against the sensitive layer of skin between his scales. At that moment, Shi An shivered as if he had been electrocuted, and the whole dragon froze.

Okay, that was weird.

He instinctively wanted to curl up.

But the thing called a seat belt that Mu Heng had just tied to him was firmly attached to Shi An’s shoulders and waist, making him unable to move, forcing him to maintain an unfolded posture, just like a clam that was pried open, revealing its unsuspecting white soft meat.

Shi An’s head felt hot and swollen, and the depths of his skull buzzed.

He couldn’t help but secretly stretch out his hand and rub his tail, as if the only way to get rid of that strange touch.

Finally, as time passed, the strange feeling slowly subsided.

Shi An breathed a sigh of relief.

Thinking of the previous events, he couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

Just now, he accidentally looked at Mr. Cold and Satisfying and was bewitched. If he hadn’t been rubbed, his tail might have rolled over subconsciously and automatically.……

It was alright.

As Shi An was distracted by his thoughts, he felt that the speed of the vehicle was slowing down a little bit.

The engine went out.

Shi An blinked: “…Eh?”

Mu Heng turned his head and glanced at Shi An, “Get out of the car, here we are.”

Shi An: “……”


He hadn’t had time to tell Mu Heng that he actually wanted to go home!

Mu Heng turned his head and glanced at the young man who was following him, moving slowly like a tortoise.

He was a person who paid great attention to space and distance. Even too much physical contact with people could make him uncomfortable, and it was absolutely impossible for him to bring any outsiders to a private place like his own residence.

Shi An was the first.

To be honest, even he himself did not expect this direction.

Mu Heng didn’t use his residence as an alternative plan at first, but when he heard Zhuo Fu’s proposal, he instinctively felt uncomfortable. When he recovered, things had already developed to this point.

He stared at the young man in front of him steadily, a thoughtful look flashed in his eyes.

…It was really weird.

It seemed that every time something involved Shi An, he would always behave in ways that would even surprise himself.


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