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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 42.2 Bahasa Indonesia

Mu Heng retracted his gaze and opened the door of the house.

The room was very large, but the decoration was very minimal, to the point where it looked deserted and silent.

This is his residence in the city, and the Mu family manor was outside the city. Even he rarely went back.

For him, a house meant a place to rest, as long as it could do that, it was fully functional.

Mu Heng led Shi An to the guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom had almost the same decoration style as outside, and because no one had ever lived in it, it was particularly cold and empty.

Shi An looked at the room in front of him and asked, “…I live here? ”

Mu Heng paused and nodded, “Mm. ”

Shi An shivered.

It was just like an empty cave without treasures, and at first glance, it looked impossible to sleep in.

He turned his head and glanced at Mu Heng, who was standing next to him.

The other party took off his coat at this moment, revealing a thin black inner shirt, which made him become and more muscular and smooth. He was like a heat source even though he was just standing aside. He was constantly radiating his warm body temperature.

Shi An’s tail swayed subconsciously behind him.

He was slightly taken aback, and quickly stretched out his hand to hold the tip of his tail to prevent it from automatically sticking to the heat source.

Mu Heng was not clear about Shi An’s psychological activities.

He asked, “Are you ready for everything to go to school tomorrow?”

Shi An shook his head listlessly.

Most of his things were in the original small villa, and when Shi Zechun moved him to the main house, it was obvious that he didn’t think far enough to bring those things.

Mu Heng nodded: “Make a list for me tomorrow, and I will ask my subordinates to send it to you. ”


Shi An suddenly realized something and raised his head to look at the other, “Eh? Is there no need to go through the school inspection procedures in this way? ”

Mu Heng paused, “Mm. ”

Shi An’s eyes lit up and he stared at the other expectantly, “Then, can I bring things that are not allowed to be brought in…? ”

None of the things he prepared for the last admission to the school passed the inspections, and all of them were returned.

Mu Heng raised his eyebrows and asked, “What do you want to bring?”

Shi An counted seriously on his fingers, “My pillow, chocolate, jelly, potato chips…”

Mu Heng listened carefully for a long time, then fell silent.

In the end, most of them were snacks.

He lowered his eyes to look at the young man in front of him. His eyes were slightly soft, and finally let go of his impulse control, raised his hand and pressed it on the top of the other person’s soft hair, and gently patted his head, “Yes. ”

Shi An cheered, “Yay! ”


Late into the night.

Shi An lay on the bed and turned over and over.

When he became a dragon, he didn’t feel that when he was in human form, it was too inconvenient to drag a big tail behind him.

Even when sleeping, it was difficult to find a comfortable position.

He shrank into the quilt.

The room was still too cold. Even if he was covered in a thick quilt, it was still cold, and he shivered from the chills.

It was too uncomfortable to sleep here. The temperature was not high enough, and there were no shiny treasures to hold to sleep.……

Shi An stared at the ceiling in the dark and suddenly realized something.

Wait, what a great opportunity it was now!

He was in Mu Heng’s home, and the thing he had always wanted to find, the second volume of the Mu family codex, was very likely to be here!

Shi An suddenly became excited.

He got out of bed in the dark and quietly left the door.

Facing Mu Heng’s tightly closed bedroom door, the young man closed his eyes slightly, and a complex and ancient language came out of his mouth in a low voice, floating in the air.

With the chanting, the whole room entered a dark and quiet state, as if even the air had fallen into a deep sleep.

At the end of the chanting, Shi An opened his eyes and hooked the corners of his lips happily.

This spell was one of his most proud masterpieces.

Because he loved to sleep so much, Shi An created this hypnotic spell, which was completely harmless and effective, and it was specifically aimed at dragons with super high magic resistance. It was more than enough for humans, and even Mu Heng couldn’t resist it.

Shi An quietly opened the door and looked inside.

He did fall asleep.


After confirming that the other party was still asleep, Shi An entered Mu Heng’s study.

The entire wall of the study room was full of bookcases, all of which were full of books, both ancient and modern. Many of them were very precious documents, and they were all neatly arranged on the shelves.

Shi An hurriedly scanned it.


He frowned suspiciously, took out every book on the entire bookshelf, looked at them seriously, and then finally came to the conclusion—it really wasn’t there.

What was going on?

Shi An took out the small box and forcibly pulled the black fog out to ask.

Five minutes later.

After the black fog stammered an explanation, Shi An realized that the study room and the library were two different things. The place where the black fog saw the next volume should be in the library of Mu Manor, not this obviously portable and streamlined study room.

Ah, it was not here……

Shi An deflated and turned around wiltingly, walking back to the guest bedroom.

When he crossed the door of the master bedroom, Shi An stopped in a daze. He thought for a while and looked into the room thoughtfully.

Although the master bedroom was larger in area than the second bedroom, the layout was similar.

The man reclined on the bed, his long silver hair spread out unconstrained, adding a bit of softness to his sharp and profound facial features. Several documents that had not yet been read were spread out on his lap, and the slender,, gloveless fingers fell on it. His silver-white eyelashes hung down, and it was obvious that he had fallen into a deep sleep.

Under the light, his long hair shone brightly, as brilliant as ever.

Since turning back into a dragon, Shi An felt that his dragon instincts were much stronger than before.

He couldn’t control himself and walked in.

Yes, it was shiny.

And there was still a warm temperature.

Shi An pondered for a few seconds, then quietly touched the bed and lay down.

The young man leaned towards Mu Heng.

He leaned back again.

It didn’t seem to be enough.

In the next second, the long big tail stretched out under the quilt, and the tip of the tail circled around, secretly circling the man’s thin and sturdy waist.

The temperature on Mu Heng’s body was higher than that of ordinary humans. He was like a human heater, and warm heat was transmitted from the place where Shi An’s tail came into contact with his skin.

Shi An yawned drowsily and contentedly, blinking tears from the corners of his eyes.

Anyway, sooner or later this human would become part of his own collection!

It didn’t matter if they slept together in advance.

He thought with peace of mind.


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