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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 21.1 Bahasa Indonesia

After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 21.1

The Damn Shams of Humans (1)

When Lin Yanming came back, Shi Rui had already packed away his facial expressions.

He smiled at Lin Yanming, “I’m sorry, I still have something to do, so I’ll go first.”

Shi Rui put the condolence present on the bedside.

“I hope you can help me convey my greetings to my brother.”

“Bye.” Lin Yanming replied indifferently, still seemingly paying him no mind.

When Shi Rui reached the door, he seemed to suddenly think of something and turned to look at Lin Yanming.

“By the way, when you were out for dinner just now, I received a call that wanted my brother to call them back.”

“Who?” Lin Yanming frowned.

“It seems to be from the Management Bureau,” Shi Rui said lightly.

After saying that, he turned to leave.

The door of the hospital room closed behind Shi Rui, and his expression instantly turned gloomy.

He didn’t want to give Shi An this news.

However, Shi Rui was not stupid, he had clearly stated his name and identity just now. If the information were not conveyed, it would be easy to pin the blame on him, so he could only choose a relatively compromised method.

Shi Rui’s expression twisted slightly.

He didn’t know what kind of magic Shi An had, already able to forge a relationship with that official.

And by Mu Heng’s tone, Shi An should already have his number.

Why was this happening?

What part went wrong?

Shi Rui closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

It didn’t matter, maybe it was just a simple greeting to the people he had saved.

But no matter what, until he found out the closeness of the relationship between Shi An and Mu Heng, all his machinations must be tucked away. Even if he wanted this obstacle to disappear, he can’t risk being discovered by anyone, especially not that official.

Shi Rui clenched his icy hands and gritted his teeth.

He knew that their father had high hopes for Shi An and even donated a building to the Academy of the Ability to enroll him. This kind of investment wasn’t easily made, but when they found out that Shi An was really, really incapable, Shi Zechun sent someone to find Shi Rui.

He couldn’t believe that in the more than ten years of his growth, his father had not heard the slightest news about.

It’s just that he gave up on Shi An, so he had to find another heir.

Shi Rui knew very well that everything he had now was based on the premise that “Shi An is trash”.

Therefore, he must maintain the status quo.

“…What is going on here?”

Wang Li stared dumbfounded at the magnificent yet cruel spectacle in front of him.

His face was hued blood red by the light of the fire in the sky, and a strong burning smell filled the air. The crows turned into ash while the burning crackled, and little sparks fell down beside them.

With the disappearance of the ash crows, the fire in the air was immediately extinguished, and sprinkled down in the light of the rising sun.

“…S-so strong.” Wang Li murmured.

——To accomplish such a feat, how much terrifyingly destructive power and how much precise control was required?

How many people in the academy could do that?

Who exactly saved them?

Farther away—

Shi An lowered his head and looked at his palm in amazement.

He could feel that the intensity of his dragonflame had almost doubled compared to before!

And, more importantly…

Shi An moved slightly and longingly, only to see a cluster of crimson flames rising from his fingertips.

Under the light of the fire, the base of his palm to his fingertips was covered with a thin film.

That layer of film shone with a metallic brilliance, and the lines of scales were faintly visible.

Since burning the puppet worms to death in the previous simulation training, Shi An had not been able to successfully recall the scales again.

That day, the layer of scales that appeared on his fingertips seemed to be a hallucination and never appeared again.

Until now.

Shi An flexed his fingers, and the palm of his hand returned to the white and soft human skin that he had previously.

He flexed his hand again, and the scales appeared again.

It didn’t fail!

Shi An’s eyes widened, and he looked at his palm in surprise.

Although the color was not dark enough, and his scales were not fully revealed, Shi An was very familiar with this texture. These were the scales that he was covered with when he was still a young dragon.

After several molting periods, his scales became pitch black and razor-sharp.

It seemed that although he spit out the eye of the abyss, he had absorbed a lot of the magic power that had been released.

Although he was still far from his heyday, it was a very good sign!

The demon insect looked blankly at the young man in front of him, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

“How long are you going to wait?”

In its eyes, the other party had been staring at his palm for at least five minutes, opening and closing it, and there was a happy smirk on his face.

——It looked like he had a problem.

“Oh yeahhh!”

Shi An pulled himself out of his musings with a stunned expression, “The ash crows’ nest!”

Demon insect: …

You remember now?…

Shi An stretched out his hand to pick up the magic insect and then crawled up the rock.

Without the ash crows in the way, the path to the nest was unobstructed.

Soon, Shi An climbed in.

Just as he got upright, Shi An was dazzled by what was in front of him.

The rising sun in the distance reflected dazzling rays of light on countless smooth surfaces. Seeing those familiar, long-lost sparkles made Shi An almost cry with joy.


There was finally hope for his new bed!


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