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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 20.3 Bahasa Indonesia

After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 20.3

As if A God Descended (3)

Under the intensive attack of the ash crows, Wang Li struggled to hold on, but he could feel that he was down to the last dregs of power. His companions obviously felt the same.

“Have you contacted help?!” Wang Li shouted at the top of his voice, his words barely audible under the flapping of wings and sharp caws.

“No!!” his friend yelled back. “These monsters are too shrewd! The first thing they attacked was our communicator!

After hearing his friend’s answer, Wang Li’s heart sank.

He really didn’t expect that he would encounter such a life-threatening situation right after taking on a high-level mission.

He had never seen the monster in front of him at all, and based on what had happened recently, he probably had encountered the unexpected fish that slipped through the net.

Now, they had no backup and could not escape.

The road ahead was so dark, Wang Li couldn’t help but despair.

Would it…

Would it end like this?

Suddenly, Wang Li heard a piercing whistle not far away, and the commotion began to spread among the ash crows overhead.

The pressure of sharp beaks and claws on their heads was instantly relieved.

There seemed to be something not far away that distracted the ash crows.

Wang Li suddenly cheered up.

He took a deep breath and said excitedly to his other companions: “Let’s go, take this opportunity, let’s get out—”

The rest of the words were stuck in his throat.

Wang Li’s eyes widened in disbelief as he looked up at the shocking scene in front of him.

The roaring flames leaped to the sky, the scorching temperature seemed to ignite the air, and the ash crows screamed shrilly, but they could not escape this terrifying sea of fire.

In the distance, the morning sun rose over the horizon and was shadowed by the light of the fire in the sky.

The ash crows fell from the sky, and scarlet embers floated everywhere, like a storm of fire instead of rain.

As if a god descended.

Shi Rui already knew about the news of Shi An’s safe return and subsequent recovery.

He really didn’t expect that under such extreme circumstances, Shi An could still escape that catastrophe and was even rescued by the legendary Mu Heng himself!

Shi Rui couldn’t believe this luck, which made him even more indignant than before.

Shi Rui didn’t think that his opponent would see through his machinations.

He acted carefully and never did the dirty deeds himself.

But there was one thing that made him very uneasy.

Ever since he was rescued, that useless Duan Hua began to shout that he was burning and in pain. After being sent to the intensive care unit, it became even more severe, and he started to call out Shi An’s name.

This idiot couldn’t finish the mission and dared to whine about it. Wasn’t he scared of being found out and getting caught?

After tossing and turning for several days, Shi Rui finally couldn’t take it anymore.

He decided to go to the hospital and try to get on Shi An’s good side.

Regardless of the situation, superficial emotions should be displayed to the fullest.

So, early the next morning, Shi Rui walked towards the medical area with expensive condolence gifts.

He first went to Duan Hua’s ward.

Unexpectedly, the other party seemed to have completely returned to normal, but it was clear that he had lost weight. His eyes looked dodgy, and his face was extremely haggard.

“How have you been lately?” Shi Rui sat on the head of the bed and asked with great concern.

Duan Hua’s face paled, and he replied in a low voice, “Al-alright.”

After a few simple greetings, Shi Rui asked casually, “By the way, I heard that you kept calling other people’s names when you were recovering? What happened?”

“Well, that was just a misunderstanding.” Duan Hua smiled forcefully, “I was frightened, that’s why I talked nonsense.”

Shi Rui was very satisfied with his answer.

This is a smart answer, otherwise, it would be bad if Shi An or others found clues and went to investigate.

After a bit more small talk, Shi Rui put one of the condolence presents at the head of the bed and left Duan Hua’s ward.

Looking at Shi Rui’s back, Duan Hua’s expression turned gloomy.

He now fully understood what happened before.

The reason why he was so intent on framing Shi An was completely provoked by this poisonous snake.

He even only stole the medicine from Shi Rui’s backpack because he heard Shi Rui “inadvertently” say that he had the means to attract monsters.

Now he had offended the monster, and his life was in Shi An’s hands…

But the man behind the scenes was Shi Rui!

Duan Hua stared fiercely at the closed door and spat.

You just fucking wait.

I can’t deal with Shi An, but that doesn’t mean I can’t deal with you.

After leaving Duan Hua’s room, Shi Rui walked towards Shi An’s ward.

He pushed open the door, but unexpectedly did not see Shi An. Lin Yanming sat alone on the bed, reading a book.

Shi Rui was a little surprised and asked, “Where’s Shi An?”

Lin Yanming raised his head indifferently, “I don’t know.”

Although he didn’t know Shi Rui and didn’t get any information from Shi An, Lin Yanming was naturally unimpressed with this person.

“Then when will he be back?”

Lin Yanming said, “I don’t know.”

Shi Rui smiled at him as if he didn’t feel any embarrassment.

“Well, I’ll wait for him here.”


He turned the page and said without looking up, “You do whatever.”

Shi Rui sat beside the other bed and waited idly, but as time passed by, Shi An still didn’t come back.

Lin Yanming had also gone out for breakfast, so Shi Rui couldn’t find out anything from him.

He finally couldn’t wait anymore and stood up to leave.

Just then, the phone in the hospital room rang.

Shi Rui hesitated for a moment, then reached out and answered the phone: “Hello?”

The other side was silent for a while.

Then, a low voice sounded.

“Is Shi An there?”

The voice on the other side was very pleasant to the ear, but with the coldness of broken ice that pierced the ear of the listener.

Shi Rui replied, “He went out. I’m his younger brother, Shi Rui. Is there anything I need to convey?”

“Let him call me back, he has my number.”

“You are…?”

“Mu Heng.”

After speaking, the other side hung up.

Shi Rui squeezed the landline in the ward tightly until his fingertips bloated blue and white. He slowly turned his head and saw his sinister, twisted face reflected in the mirror not far away.

“Shi. An.”

He growled, gnashing his teeth in a low voice.


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