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Chapter 628 – Gathering Of The Previous Emperors

“Hey, haven’t you been able to get any of the crowns yet?” Klaus turned to Void after standing up from the throne.

Void, who was by Grey’s side, shook his head regretfully. One could see he was deeply saddened by not being able to get the crown yet.

“Don’t feel down, you get them soon,” Reynolds ascended the throne and sat majestically.

Grey and Alice stared at the duo, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. These two were practically taking the Emperor’s throne as theirs. In fact, they’ve already planned how they would rotate using it. Klaus would keep it for the first week, while Reynolds would keep it for the second week.

They would rotate it in this manner. If they by chance get another throne, they would compete for who would obtain the best one.

With Void and these two staying together, Grey could already predict the sort of chaos they would cause wherever they go. It would be an understatement to say they wouldn’t make an enemy of everyone they encountered.

Alice laughed as she saw the duo rotating who got to sit on the throne.

Void soon left them, but he didn’t forget to tell them of everything he had found out so far. He still didn’t know of Jason’s plan to kill them the next day, but he knew of the accurate number of Sage Plane Elementalists in the castle. There were fifteen in total, and according to what he heard, there were still around eight independent Sage Plane Elementalists who would willingly assist the empire in times of trouble.

This brought the numbers up to a staggering twenty-three. Of course to the Aurora Continent, this was nothing, but in a place like the Azure Continent, it was a huge number.

Other than the Azure Continent, it was generally known that the Qilin Empire had the second highest number of Sage Plane Elementalists. If not for the fact that Oliver was at loggerhead with the empire, he would’ve been added to their ranks of Sage Plane Elementalists.

There are naturally a few Sage Plane experts that have secluded themselves from the world, living in a secluded mountain and not bothering with whatever happens with any of the empires. Even if one of the empires finally annexed the other empires, it had nothing to do with them.

Grey had been in contact with old man Gerald, and according to what he heard, the troops from the other empires would arrive the next day, or maybe the day after.

The group hoped they arrived soon, and that a grand battle should follow up so they could be forgotten.

Looking at Void’s disappearing figure, Grey couldn’t help but shake his head. If he had as much control as Void did over the space element, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything, and would’ve created the teleportation array almost instantaneously and left with his friends.

“All we can do now is wait,” Grey said with a sigh as he sat cross-legged on the bed.

Since he hadn’t been going out, he decided it was best if he comprehended the elements. He still had an element in the purple grade, and it wouldn’t be bad if he upgraded it.

After he came in contact with necromancers, he had been experimenting with the darkness element frequently, and he felt that to get a stronger control over the corpses, he had to get a better understanding of the darkness element.

This was his primary objective, his secondary objective though was understanding how domains worked.

When they were trapped, and that large hand loomed over them, he felt an abstruse power when Void managed to get them out of it. Yet the power seemed to be out of reach, and no matter how he tried to recall it, he couldn’t accurately remember it.

‘I shouldn’t be in a hurry to try to understand it, it’ll take some time,’ Grey said to himself when he couldn’t get it.

He knew for a fact that when it came to things like this, all it would take was time, but he would definitely be able to get it. Domains are like a superior form of controlling elements. He understood that much from the small time Void used it.

Getting a better understanding of his element would give him a bigger opportunity of using this power sooner.


The troops of the Qilin Empire were continuously pushed back as the other empires started their all-out assault. Supposing the Emperor decided to send out reinforcement, it would make no difference given the huge disparity in numbers of troops.

Being besieged by all three empires was something even the second strongest empire in the Azure Continent couldn’t withstand, even the Azure Empire which was regarded as the strongest couldn’t withstand it.

What made matters worse was the constant disappearance of people in the castle. The thought of fighting against an unknown enemy terrified the Emperor, as well as the Sage Plane experts in the castle.

They had all tried to sense where this person was, but it was to no avail. A guard that was outside the main hall disappeared right under their noses while they were discussing the matter of what was happening in the castle.

The guards and Elementalists below the Sage Plane were all terrified, but because of their fear of the Emperor, they couldn’t escape from the castle.

In a matter of a single day, the castle turned from the most secure place in the entire empire to the most dangerous place for these people. Even the Emperor didn’t feel safe staying here.


Inside the main hall.

Three old men could be seen sitting on three make-shift thrones, although they were not as majestic as the throne Void stole, it was not that bad.

The current Emperor of the Qilin Empire was sitting by the right-hand side of these three, and Jason was standing by his side.

These three were the people with the highest authority in the castle. Even the Emperor and Jason had to pay their respects to them, two of them were the previous Emperors of the Qilin Empire while the last one was the twin brother of one of them.


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