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Chapter 627 – Missing Throne

Later that day.

The disappearance of the Overlord Plane Elementalists in the castle was soon noticed by someone. One of the senior members of the castle’s troop suddenly vanished and the Emperor didn’t send him out for anything.

This alarmed the people in the castle, and after doing a rigorous search, they found out that over thirty Overlord Plane Elementalists were missing. And these were people tasked with guarding specific parts of the castle that held at least a treasure or two.

One of them was even tasked with guarding the tomb, and he had vanished. This was brought to the notice of the Emperor and Jason.

Panicked expressions appeared on the faces of the duo when they heard about the grave being unprotected. The skill Jason spoke about was still very fresh in their minds, if these people were the ones who sneaked into the castle, then they were in deep trouble.

There were over ten Sage Plane Elementalists from the Royal family who had died that were buried there. Even the very first Emperor of the Qilin Empire, Constantine Gale was kept there. He was a Sage Plane expert before the time of his death, and to date, he was regarded as one of the most powerful Sage Plane Elementalist to ever grace the Azure Continent as a whole.

If a figure of that caliber got into the hands of these people, then it spelled trouble.

“Father,” Jason called out urgently.

“Let’s check it out first. It’s too early to assume anything,” The Emperor replied unhurriedly.

Jason nodded before following behind the Emperor to the tomb. It was located on the eastern part of the compound, almost eight hundred meters away from the castle.

They soon got to the hill, and the entrance to the cave inside was well taken care of. The only thing that gently calmed the Emperor and Jason was that the rock which was used to block the cave was strengthened by an array formation that would attack anyone trying to go in without the specific seals.

A small hut was by the side of the cave, and this was where the Overlord Plane Elementalist was staying.

Jason went into the building, and after seeing no signs of a battle, he furrowed his brows as he stepped out.

‘Only a Sage Plane expert can kill him without even giving him a chance to retaliate. But even with that, they should still be a sign of elemental usage in the building. Yet, there is none,’ He thought while staring at his father who was making the seals to open up the tomb.


The rock shook vigorously, before slowly moving to the left, creating a path for the duo.

After getting into the cave, a wide expanse opened up before them, and tombstones could be seen rising in different places in the cave.

They spread out their spiritual senses and found out the corpses were all intact.

“Should we destroy them?” The Emperor voiced his thoughts.

Doing this might be disrespectful to their ancestors, but it was better than letting them fall into the hands of people. On the occasion that they fell into their hands, it would be even more shameful and embarrassing to fight against their dead ancestors.

“What about when we get our hands on the technique?” Jason asked.

The thought of also destroying the corpses came to his head, but these corpses could be turned into valuable powerful forces if they manage to get the secret technique.

“Hmm, take a look around,” The Emperor ordered.

Jason nodded before walking around, his pupils dilated when he saw the place. All the treasures that were used to pay homage to their ancestors had been looted.

His body vibrated from anger, but he quickly calmed himself. He went back to the entrance to report to his father. Compared to him, the reaction of the Emperor was on a different level. If not for the fact that they were inside the tomb, he would’ve blown the place up with his fluctuating essence.

“Father, calm down. This is good news for us,” Jason calmed the Emperor down.

“What do you mean good news?!” The Emperor flared up with rage.

“We thought it was those people, but from what it looks like, we were only robbed. Although the person who did it might still be in the compound, it means it’s not one of those people,” Jason explained hurriedly to calm his father down.

When the Emperor heard his explanation, he visibly calmed down since their biggest fear didn’t come to pass.

“You’re right. Once we get the person who did this, I’ll personally skin them alive, and make sure they suffer a fate worse than death,” The Emperor said icily.

They left the tomb, heading back to the castle.

On getting there, things seemed to go from bad to worse.

According to what they found out, every single ornament in the castle was missing or destroyed. The Emperor almost collapsed when he went into the main hall and found that his throne was missing.

That was the symbol of his family’s dominance over the years, and every Emperor who had taken the position had sat on that throne, yet it was missing?

“Get me whoever did this! Now!” The boiling rage in the Emperor instantly exploded as he yelled out orders in annoyance.

Jason was short of words as he saw what was happening in the castle. It was like the chaos that was coming wasn’t enough, and more had to ensue inside the castle as well.

The guards were all on edge because they didn’t know how or when someone went into the hall to steal the throne.

Who in their right mind would even steal a throne? It was a chair that was just designed luxuriously for seating! What did the person want to use it for?


The unrest in the castle didn’t escape from Grey and his friends.

Klaus was currently seated on a magnificent throne, laughing his heart out. Reynolds was by his side, patiently waiting for his turn to sit on the throne.

This was none other than the Emperor’s throne.


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