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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 543: He’s Here Bahasa Indonesia

Grey left Sylvia, heading towards the teleportation array. When he got there, he had to wait for some time since some people were using it. It soon got to his turn, and he disappeared with Void.


A few kilometers away from Payne City.

Grey appeared in a forest. He was already expecting this, so he wasn’t surprised.

“Void, do you sense anyone around?” He asked while looking around.

“No, we can advance,” Void replied after a while.

But just as they were about to move, Grey paused, now he was stuck in a dilemma. He didn’t know which side to face since he didn’t know where the city was located. Even if he brings out the map now, it would be of no use since he didn’t know his current location, all he knew was that he wasn’t far from the city.

“We need to find someone, either that or we guess the direction,” Grey muttered.

“Waiting for someone might take too long,” Void said.

“You’re right. *Sigh* At times like this, I wish Klaus was here, he would’ve used his gut feeling, although he is not always a hundred percent accurate, it was better than mine. My luck isn’t the best,” Grey thought of Klaus while thinking of which way to face.

They didn’t stay long before he finally allowed Void to pick the direction, first off, his luck wasn’t good, so who knows what they might encounter if he were the one who made the decision, secondly, he could blame it on Void for picking a bad direction.

Void picked the western direction, so they started walking in that direction. Since they were in a forest, they were bound to be attacked by magical beasts. The beasts weren’t too powerful, but they were all in the Overlord Plane.

Grey used them to practice while trying to improve his battle prowess. He could feel himself growing stronger, and he knew it was a result of the increase in strength when he was battling with Lucan.

When he was trying to break through to the Overlord Plane with Sylvia’s help, he was using the normal method, which was technically the right one, but because he had seven elements and the orb in his body, he was unable to break through with it.

The night he went out to train, he tried using a different method, and it was as if a memory sealed in his head opened up, flooding his consciousness with information. It was just like the time he got the knowledge of the Fusion State and Chaos Orb from the orb in his body.

The information he received was on how to break through to the Overlord Plane, but it was with a completely different method. Not just that, but before he could breakthrough, he would need to hone his physical body to the peak of the Origin Plane as well. Without this, it would be impossible for him to breakthrough.

He allowed some of the attacks from the beasts to hit his physical body, to strengthen it with the process. It was a dangerous move, but it was one of the fastest ways to increase it.

Void was lazing around during the journey, occasionally helping Grey out if the beasts were too many. Of course, Grey could fight against multiple beasts with the help of the space element, he was too bored to watch him fight alone, so he joined him.

Four hours later.

The sun had already set, and Grey and Void were currently sitting in a cave.

“I’m not sure this is the right direction,” Void said.

“Yeah, with the distance we’ve covered, we should’ve seen the visage of the city by now,” Grey nodded.

“Don’t think about it too much, we’ll find a solution in the morning,” He added before closing his eyes to cultivate.

He still took his comprehension seriously, trying to further improve the elemental grades of his elements. It would be amazing if he could manage to raise the rest to the violet grade before he breaks through, that would send his strength to a whole new level.

The next morning.

Grey and Void continued their journey, but this time, they changed their direction. After walking for almost two hours.

“Did you notice the sudden increase in strength of the beasts?” Grey asked, with a beast lying dead below his foot.

“Yeah, I can also sense people up ahead, lots of people,” Void nodded before speaking up.

“Hmm, alright, we should continue, but be cautious, we do not know who they are, or what they are doing here,” Grey said before they continued moving forward.

He sent Void to go ahead of him, since he was better at hiding his aura from people above the Sage Plane, it was best he went ahead first.

By the time Grey got close to the place, Void had already filled him in on what was happening there. Surprisingly, it was the place where the ruin opened up. The people outside were those waiting for their family’s young lords and miss to come back from the ruin, while more youths were heading into the ruin.

According to what Void found out, the greatest treasure has yet to appear, so Grey still had a chance to get it. As long as there were no Overlord Plane Elementalists in the ruin, then he naturally had no competition who could challenge him.

Grey walked out of the forest confidently without any worries since he knew he wouldn’t be stopped by anyone if he headed towards the ruin. Moreover, he wasn’t the only one who was head there.

He didn’t attract the attention of anyone as he walked out of the forest. Walking straight, he headed into the ruin without a hitch, with Void on his shoulder.

Unknown to him, a pair of eyes had been staring at him since he walked out of the forest, heading into the ruin.


In the forest. A few meters away from the ruin.

The carriage that was carried by Griffins could be seen perched on the ground. A middle-aged man soon descended from the sky.

“Young lord, he’s here,”


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