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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 497: Fighting Against Ernst City’s Geniuses Bahasa Indonesia

“You heard him, five of you, step up immediately,” The head of the Gayle family said.

He couldn’t believe his luck, just when he was thinking of how to cajole Grey into doing something like this, he actually did it on his own.

Overconfidence really is the downfall of geniuses.

Of the over one hundred people in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane, five of them stepped forward. Three were young men who looked to be around fifteen to sixteen, while the other two were young ladies around the same age.

“Hmph! You think you can defeat five of us simultaneously?” One of the young ladies asked coldly.

“Are you ready?”

Grey didn’t reply, rather, the head of the Gayle family was the one who spoke up.

The group of five nodded, after getting confirmation from them, he didn’t even take a glance at Grey to confirm if he was ready before calling for the battle to start.


As his voice dropped, a shocking scene appeared on the platform.

Bam! Boom! Bang! Crash!

Sounds of flesh hitting flesh rang out, followed by the sight of five figures shooting into the air, landing on the ground outside the platform.

“Next,” Grey’s deadpan voice sounded out.

In the space of a few seconds, he had completely destroyed five Elementalists in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane. One has to recall that he was only at the Peak of said Plane.

But defeating the group wasn’t what stunned everyone, it was the method he used.

“Did I see wrong or did he just use only his physical body?” One of the family heads sitting in the special area asked, dumbfounded.

The Faction Leader of the Pyro Faction nodded his head, staring at Grey with narrowed eyes.

There are people with powerful physiques, but he didn’t think there was anyone as powerful as Grey while they were still at the Peak of the Origin Plane.

It’s general knowledge that the bodies of Elementalists grow stronger with his breakthrough in Plane. Take them for instance, their physical body is equivalent to that of someone at the Peak of the Origin Plane.

But Grey’s elemental Plane was at the Peak of the Origin Plane, and his physical strength seems to shockingly be in the same Plane, although slightly lower than his cultivation stage, it wasn’t that far behind.


“Next,” Grey’s emotionless voice rang out once again.

A second set consisting of five young men stepped into the platform.

After the head of the Gayle family called for the battle to begin, an almost identical scenario played out. Grey wiped out his opponents even before they could properly think, in the same fashion, using his physical strength.

“Next,” Grey said after the last figure crashed into the ground.

The head of the Gayle family called in the next set, and before everyone knew it, more than ten sets of groups of five had stepped into the platform, and all of them were defeated swiftly by Grey, in the same manner.

In the case of the first two groups, one could say maybe they didn’t expect it hence they were taken by surprise. But as for the other eight groups, they all knew this was the method Grey wanted to use, but they still couldn’t stop him.

“Ten,” Grey turned to look at the head of the Gayle family.

He had hardly broken a sweat since the battle started. Considering that he would be fighting against all the people in the Eighth stage, he wanted to get it over with before starting with the next group of fighters.

The head of the Gayle family understood his words and increased the number to ten people in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane.

At first, everyone thought there would at least be a little difference in the outcome. But to their greatest shock, it ended the same way, swiftly.

After Grey fought against the next group, it was easily determined that those in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane were no match for him.

“Those in the Ninth stage step forward. The rest who are still in the Eighth stage should return to their seats, if you believe you can fight against him you’re free to step forward before the group in the Ninth stage begins. But if you stay behind and can not even put up a fight, then you will be punished for wasting our time,” The head of the Gayle family said.

He knew there were a few geniuses who would feel they had a chance against Grey since they could fight across stages. Only he and a few others here knew none of the people here in the Origin Plane was a match for Grey.

After thinking about the threat from the head of the Gayle family, all the youths in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane stepped back, heading back to their seats with heads dropped.

Grey wasn’t the least bit bothered about their feelings. He was currently preparing himself for the next round of battles.

Those in the Ninth stage of the Origin Stage were slightly more than those in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane.

“How many?” The Gayle’s family head asked Grey.

“Five, for now,” Grey replied in the same cool and collected manner. His expression was one devoid of emotions, so no one could predict what he was thinking about.

The Gayle’s family head looked at the group in the Ninth stage, and five young men who seemed to be Grey’s age stepped forward.

After stepping into the platform, the Gayle’s family head called for the battle to start.

Swoosh! Bang! Boom!

All of them attacked simultaneously, making sure they didn’t make the same mistake those in the Eighth stage made.


All their attacks got to a particular location on the platform, before slamming into the ice wall Grey created in front of him.

After the explosion died down, the eyes of the group bulged when they saw what was waiting for them.


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