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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 496: Start Of The Battle Bahasa Indonesia

“Fire head,” The lady said, looking at the man standing in the special area.

The man paused, acted as if he wasn’t the one she was speaking to before turning to the others in the area.

“I have something important to attend to. You all should take care of things here,” The Faction leader of the Pyro Faction took flight immediately after saying this.

“Hey! Where are you going? You won’t even say hello to your friend after not seeing me for so long,” The lady vanished.

She soon appeared in the sky, blocking the escape of the Faction leader of the Pyro Faction.

“I’m sorry but this is a mistake, I have never seen you before in my life. Please, if you’ll excuse me, I have things to attend to,” The Faction leader replied calmly.

“Grey,” The lady called out.

Grey, who was on the platform looked in the sky, a little tired of the lady. He was trying to keep a low profile, yet here she was calling out his name willy-nilly. What if these people try to search for him with it?

But having no other option, he answered with a resigned sigh, “What?”

“Remember that guy I beat up when you first saw me?” The lady asked.

Since she was in the sky, her voice was very loud, so every single individual in the arena could clearly hear her.

“Yeah, that Fire Elementalist,” Grey nodded, he still recalled the battle, the intensity of the flames.

It didn’t take long before he was able to connect the dots, “He’s the one?”

“Yeah. Now, he’s acting as if he doesn’t know me,” The lady replied, firmly blocking the escape of the Faction leader.

“Miss, I can assure you that we haven’t seen each other before. How about this, I’ll go and deal with what I want to do and then come back before the end of the battles?” The Faction Leader started negotiating, to the shock of the head of the Gayle family, as well as all the people here.

“There’s no need for that, why don’t we watch the battles together?” The lady said, advancing towards the Faction leader.

The Faction Leader tried to convince the lady to let him go, unfortunately, he was unsuccessful.

After a few minutes in the sky, he was forced to come down and watch the battles. He was even given a special role as a judge.

Grey looked at the Faction Leader, he could clearly understand what he was going through. He had been a victim of the oppression of the lady, so he understood how the Faction Leader felt.

The head of the Gayle family stared at the currently sitting docile Pyro Faction Leader, his mouth slightly twitching. He recalled how he boasted about dealing with the issue when the lady arrived. But who would’ve thought that the first thing he did when they saw each other was to try to escape?

A shame, he has even been beaten by the lady. No wonder he didn’t dare to stay behind when he saw her.

This was the thought running through the heads of most of the people in the arena. Those, especially in the special area all, felt as if they were sitting on spikes.

Since even the Faction Leader of the Pyro Faction couldn’t deal with her, then they had no chance.

The lady took the front seat, close to her was the Faction Leader, followed by the head of the Gayle family.

She nodded gently to him, indicating that the battle should begin.

While all these were going on, no one noticed a little black cat disappearing from the arena.


Grey stood on the platform the whole time everything was happening, not moving from his spot.

His training with the lady had yielded amazing results. Not just that, but he had also been able to get to the five hundred meters mark in the earth space, increasing his earth elemental grade to blue. His physical strength is already close to the Late stage of the Origin Plane, which was a huge boost for him.

“Alright, everyone knows why you’re all gathered here. Anyone below twenty years of age is qualified to engage in this battle. That young man there is the challenger, normally, we would’ve done a selection process to see who’s strong enough to fight against him, but since the time is short, we will give him the benefit of choosing how he wants the battle to happen and how many people he can fight against,” The head of the Gayle family stated.

Even though he wanted Grey dead, he couldn’t be biased with the lady here. Grey was a single individual, there was no way he could possibly fight against all the youths below twenty years. Not just that, but there’s still the issue of time.

“Since we’re short on time, anyone below the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane shouldn’t step into the platform,” Grey replied.

On hearing his reply, discussions started amongst the crowd.

Grey’s confidence was unmatchable. Even if those below the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane do not participate, there would still be at least over five hundred people who are qualified.

Does he think he would be able to fight them all on his own?

“Since you’ve decided, we’ll begin immediately. The first set of fighters will only consist of those in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane,” The head of the Gayle family said.

He knew Grey was too powerful for anyone in the Origin Plane, but he wasn’t concerned. He planned to send as many people out to wear Grey out before the strong individuals would come in.

He did a rough estimate and realized there were about one hundred and fifty people in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane.

He called the first person forward, for the battle to begin.

But just as he could call for the battle to start, Grey opened his mouth.

“Five should come at me at once, we’re short on time,” He said calmly.

His words sent waves across the entire arena.


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