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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 493: You’re Vicious, I Like It! Bahasa Indonesia

Grey stepped down from the platform, his expression was worse compared to the group from the mansion. The lady just placed him in a difficult position, and what was annoying about everything was that he didn’t even have a say in it.

After Grey stepped down, the lady flew down, landing by his side.

With no one to stop them anymore, the group who was mid-air all flew towards the platform. Clara’s figure could be seen still shaking from the shock of the lightning element in the attack Grey used. Because there was also fire in the attack, she was barely bleeding.

The old man in blue hurriedly covered her with glowing blue water, and Clara’s shaking figure stopped moving altogether. The old man grabbed her hand, and his expression changed drastically. He looked at Grey with furious eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that, she’s even lucky I kept her alive,” Grey said coldly.

“You crippled her! How can you be so vile?” Clara’s father asked angrily.

“I’m sorry, I only attacked by impulse,” Grey said.

This was exactly what the old man said when Clara tried to stab him. Although he was focused on her, he still overheard them.

Clara’s father’s eyes turned red from anger, with veins popping out from the side of his head and even his eyes.

He gritted his teeth, holding himself back from attacking.

“You’re vicious, I like it,” The lady by Grey’s side commented, but from her tone, one could tell she wasn’t in any way angry with him, there was even a hint of acknowledgment.

“Alright, we’ll be leaving now. I’ll take what I want when we come back in a week. Also, just a reminder, if you by chance call your friends to help you hold me back, then assume your family never existed,” The lady said to the old men.

Void who had been gone while the battle was going on suddenly appeared, jumping into Grey’s shoulder. He came from the bushes by the side, so no one suspected anything.

The old men’s expressions turned even more severe, from the lady’s cultivation stage, they all knew she was someone they couldn’t afford to offend. But this didn’t mean they could let this go.

Since she personally set up this challenge for Grey, then they were going to make sure he dies mid-battle. As long as they weren’t the ones who caused his death, the lady would let them go.

“Give out the order, I need the strongest genius in the city below twenty years. As long as they can defeat this boy, then they will be rewarded heavily. Head to the Pyro Faction, I’m friends with the Faction Leader, tell him of this incident, he will know what to do,” The old man in blue gave out a series of instructions while bringing Clara’s body inside.

He had stabilized her condition, but it would be incredibly difficult for her to cultivate again. What was depressing was that her cultivation was completely destroyed, this meant that unlike the people from the Smith family who slowly lost their cultivation, she lost it instantly.


Outside the compound.

“Are we really coming back in a week?” Grey asked.

“Of course, we didn’t take much from them this time,” The lady replied while looking at Void with a grin.

“Aren’t you scared that they will plan an ambush?” Grey asked.

‘What is the use of coming back when you’ve already taken some things?’ He thought.

“They wouldn’t dare. I can decide to stay here for ten years, living in their house, and they wouldn’t dare to be rude to me. The reason for this is because, I’m stronger, and my background is something they can not contend with,” The lady said.

“This is bullying, you know that, right?” Grey couldn’t help but say.

“This is how the world is Grey, the weak have no right to speak before the strong. Take for instance, I told you to fight against your will, were you able to refuse? No. Why? You’re weak. If you want to dictate your life in this world, then be strong, be the strongest person out there. Only then will you have your life in your hands,” The lady spoke as they walked out of the rich district.

Grey stared at her, not speaking a word. He couldn’t refute because her words were the truth. Even in the Azure continent, he was forced to run and hide because of the Emperor’s selfish desire.

“Where are we going to now?” He asked since he noticed they were walking out of the city.

“Remember I told you if you impressed me I’ll show you a thing or two in the lightning element. Well, today’s your lucky day, although you didn’t impress me, I decided to train you so you wouldn’t embarrass me when we come back,” The lady replied.

Grey looked at her, although he would very much like to improve, it wasn’t like he was the one who made the challenge. If not for the fact that he was scared of the lady, he would’ve taken the fall in the battle, letting Clara defeat him.

But alas, if he lost easily, the lady would definitely beat him up. She already threatened him before the battle anyway so he knew she wasn’t lying.

A few hours later.

They were standing in the forest by the side of the city.

“Alright, before we begin training, it’s time to share to loot,” The lady said while sitting on the ground.

Grey and Void naturally knew what she was talking about, so they sat down close to her. Void was the one in the middle of the group, and with a small shake of his paw, items appeared on the ground.

“Oh… this is a good sword. Grey catch, you can use this during the challenge,” The lady picked a sword with a blue turtle carved on the hilt.

Grey took the sword, studying it, “Wouldn’t they know that it’s from their treasury?”

“How’s that any of our concern? It isn’t like this is the only one in the world. Come on, take some items, you have a lot of drills to go through,” The lady said nonchalantly, before urging Grey to take some things.


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