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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 492: I Just Want To Leave This Place Bahasa Indonesia

Clara’s sword which was about to stab into Grey’s body passed through thin air as he vanished.

The moment she saw this, she quickly set an ice sphere around herself, trying to protect herself from Grey’s possible counter attack.

Boom! Crack! Bang!

An attack slammed into the ice sphere, and to Clara’s disbelief, the ice sphere shattered with a single attack.

Grey’s emotionless eyes stared at her, it was as if he was looking at a dead person. Of all the things he didn’t condone, this was the one he hated the most. As long as a person has made an effort to harm him, that person has automatically been promoted from a stranger to an enemy, and if given the chance, he would wipe out all his enemies.

“Clara!” The old man in blue yelled before taking to the air, trying to get close to them.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The lady appeared between him and the platform.

“Since your granddaughter feels the battle should be more than a spar, why are you trying to stop her?” She asked coldly.

“She only attacked on impulse,” The old man in blue tried to explain to the lady.

“Do you call trying to kill someone when his back is turned an impulsive attack?” The lady scoffed.

The old man in black, accompanied by the three middle-aged men took flight as well. One of the two ladies also joined them, the other one was still in the Overlord Plane, so she couldn’t fly.

Back on the platform.

Grey strolled towards Clara, releasing unrestrained killing intent. The only reason he didn’t kill her instantly was because Void was still busy, and since the lady could take care of the group, he wasn’t too worried. In the end, he was certain that even if he didn’t kill Clara, she wouldn’t go unscathed.

“Wha… what… are you trying to do?” Clara retreated one step at a time when she saw Grey approaching.

For the first time since she appeared, a hint of fear was in her eyes. She looked around worriedly, and seeing that her grandfather and the rest of her family members were blocked by a single person, she slowly started falling into despair.

From Grey’s previous attack, she realized he wasn’t lying when he saw he still hadn’t gone all out. If Grey were to go full power on her, then she would be dead within a few moves.

“Nothing, just repaying a favor,” Grey replied with a shrug.

Clara turned around, trying to escape. But she was forced back by an attack from the sky. She looked up, and a blue inscription could be seen in the sky.

The blue inscription wasn’t the only thing present, there were also the lightning and water element inscriptions in the sky, but they were hidden.

“An inscriber?” She turned to look at Grey.

Grey didn’t reply, with a step, he suddenly vanished.

Clara, who had been used to seeing him appear either behind her or by her side, prepared herself for his attack.

Her expression changed when Grey’s figure appeared in front of her, an orb made of lightning and fire in his hand.

He didn’t even try to hold back, slamming it into the stomach of the unprepared and terrified Clara, sending her flying.


Clara’s shriek of pain resonated in the entire compound.

Boom! Bang!

Her body was brutally attacked by a fire and lightning attack that was released from the inscriptions above, and a long ice spear stabbed her. All these happened while she was still mid-air from the previous attack of Grey.

The ice spear pinned her into the platform, making sure it was impossible for her to leave the platform and get help from the people around.

Presently, every single individual in the mansion was outside, staring at the group who were held back by the lady, and Clara who was being attacked by multiple attacks.

Her screamed brought them out from their stunned states.

They weren’t the only ones stunned, the group who were mid-air with the lady were shocked, not expecting Grey to attack so decisively and brutally.

From the series of attacks he sent out, even if Clara didn’t die from them, she might be crippled.

“You rascal! How dare you?!” The middle-aged man who was Clara’s father exclaimed in anger, charging towards the platform.

Just as his figure shot towards the platform.

Bam! Bang! Crash!

His figure crashed heavily into the ground after a heavy collision with an attack he didn’t even see.

A huge crater was created after his body slammed into the ground.

The two old men’s expressions turned cold, and the middle-aged men were staring at the lady with apprehension.

“Don’t look at me like that, do you expect me to allow him to hurt a junior?” The lady said.

With her reason laid bare, it was evident that she wouldn’t allow a single person lay their hands on Grey.

“Check on him,” The old man in blue restrained his anger before telling the lady who was on the ground.

Before the lady got there, some of the guards had already rushed there.

“I didn’t kill him, he should be fine after a year or so,” The lady said nonchalantly.

Her words only made the old men furious.

“Since you won’t allow a senior to attack him, what about those in his age group?” The old man asked.

The lady made a face of someone who was deep in thoughts, she turned to look at Grey, then at the group, then at Grey again.

‘He’s powerful, but he still lacks some control over his elements. The way he uses it is also different, it will take some time if I want to impact anything to him.’ She thought while still alternating her gaze between Grey and the group.

“Hmm, okay. We’ll be back in a week, gather all the geniuses below twenty years, as long as they are not in the Mid stages of the Overlord Plane, we will accept any challenge. If any of them can kill him, then so be it,” The lady finally replied.

Grey’s eyes almost popped out when he heard this.

‘All I want to do is leave this place, why the hell are you fixing a battle for me? I didn’t even agree to it!’ He thought, on the verge of tears.

For someone who always tries to avoid trouble, he tends to make friends with troublemakers.


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