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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 321: New Ability! Bahasa Indonesia

Frost City.

Reiss family villa.

A carriage could be seen entering the compound through the front gate. Donald and Grey were sitting inside the carriage.

The atmosphere in the carriage was a little tense. On the way here, none of them had spoken a word.

Back at Gerald’s office, Grey took the risk of telling Donald the name of the treasure since Donald said if he didn’t tell him, he wouldn’t tell him where Alice is.

‘How are things there?’ Grey asked Void who was still watching over Gerald.

‘Okay, his daughter seems to have a bad impression of you though. All she does is complain about you, should I… you know, take her out?’ Void asked.

‘No need. If things work out well, then I’ll be out of here later today. I’ve already gotten some ideas on how to make the communication device, all I need to do is make it as I head over to Alice.’ Grey rejected the idea of Void killing Gerald’s daughter.

He couldn’t say he liked her, but he didn’t really hate her to the extent of killing her. He naturally knew not everyone would like him, so he wasn’t bothered by her hate.

A few minutes later, they got to the building.

Grey and Donald highlighted the carriage. Coming out of the carriage, Grey was greeted by a familiar face.

“Zeke Hoover, I didn’t think the next time we’d meet would be in my family compound.” Sasha said with a smile.

“Hello, are you sure you’re not stalking me?” Grey asked with a smirk.

“It’s my family compound, I should be the one saying this,” Sasha replied.

“Well, given how you’re the one who always comes to me, I doubt that.” Grey replied with a shrug.

“Dad, what’s he even doing here?” Sasha turned to her father.

“He’s the reason the Emperor is searching for Alice ,” Donald pointed at Grey before walking into the building.

“That’s an odd way to introduce someone,” Grey complained quietly.

“Huh! You’re Grey, Alice’s friend?” Sasha asked in surprise.

Grey nodded before following behind Donald.

“Wait, then why did you say your name was Zeke Hoover?” Sasha asked as she chased after them.

Grey raised his shoulders as if saying ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’.

“So you came here because of Alice, sorry to burst your bubble but she isn’t in the city,” Sasha said with a smirk when she saw him not responding to her.

“Why do you think I’m here?” Grey tilted his head to the side and asked.

Donald took Grey to an office before taking a seat. Sasha followed them into the office as well.

“Dad, you want to tell him where Alice is? You even refused to tell me.” Sasha asked.

“Since you’re here, I’ll tell you as well.” Donald said while looking at Grey and Sasha.

“Alice is in the building,” He said in a low voice.

Grey raised a brow in suspicion, while Sasha looked at her father in confusion.

“But, but I saw her leave before the Emperor’s people came,” Sasha stood up from the couch.

“I got the intel that the Emperor would be sending people over, so I made a ruse so everyone would think she really left the city. Only I and your uncle know she’s in this building,” Donald explained.

The reason why Alice’s light dot was in the building suddenly dawned on Grey.

“She’s hidden somewhere in the building, no wonder,” He muttered to himself.

“Yes, there’s an underground room in the building. This is known only by a few people, people I know would rather die than to say anything about this to just enemies.” Donald looked at Grey and Sasha with a serious expression.

“Can I see her?” Grey asked.

“No. I only told you I’ll tell you where she is, I didn’t say I’d allow you to see her. The only reason I agreed to tell you was because you took the risk of telling me what I wanted to know.” Donald refused.

“If you wouldn’t let me see her, then why did you tell me she’s here?” questioned Grey.

“Firstly, because I promised to tell you where she is. Secondly, where is it?” Donald looked in Grey’s direction with cold eyes.

Grey looked at his cold eyes before smirking, “I don’t have it. I only acquired four, and I distributed it between myself and my friends.”

“I don’t think you understand the weight of your current situation. Now, let me rephrase myself, hand it over, or die,” Donald placed his right hand on the table before he started tapping it repeatedly.

The sudden change in Donald’s attitude stunned Sasha. She was just about to ask him to take them to Alice when he suddenly started threatening Grey.

“Like I initially said, I don’t have it. Moreover, do you think I’d he stupid enough to take something like that with me wherever I’m going?” Grey replied with a calm expression.

He was still sitting casually on the chair opposite Donald.

Donald squinted his eyes, before unleashing the pressure of his cultivation Plane in Grey’s direction.

The close distance between them made Grey feel the pressure firsthand. It was completely different from the one the woman from the Smith family sent his way.

But in the face of the chaos orb which he had absorbed, it was nothing. As soon as the pressure came his way, Grey noticed his elemental beads would revolve on their own, before sending out an aura that only he could sense.

Once the pressure comes in contact with the aura, it fades instantly, and passes through him. It was like he was never there.

He didn’t notice this when the woman from the Smith family did this to him, maybe it was because she was only in the First stage of the Overlord Plane.

‘Hmm, an ability to negate pressure from those in higher Planes than me. This is new,’ He thought to himself with a smile.

Donald looked at him with a weird expression, not expecting he would be smiling when he unleashed his pressure on him.

‘It must be because of the treasure, nothing else can make someone in a lower Plane feel so calm against my pressure,’ He thought as greed flashed through his eyes.


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