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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 322: Donald’s Greed Bahasa Indonesia

“Dad, what are you doing?” Sasha yelled in terror.

“Stay out of this, Sasha. What he has can take our family to the top of the empire, no, the world.” Donald replied before standing up.

“He’s Alice’s friend. And he said he gave it to her as well, wouldn’t that mean that Alice can help us?” Sasha tried to stop her father from doing what he wanted to do.

“Sasha, what if he’s lying? Then what? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, we can not let it go,” Donald explained.

“He’s friends with Alice, you can’t just make him an enemy when you can turn him into a friend,” Sasha stood in front of Grey who was still sitting down.

‘Oh, drama, how entertaining. To think the child is more pragmatic than the parent.’ Grey thought to himself.

He wasn’t the least bit bothered Donald would try to kill him. First of all, Donald needed the treasure, and only he knew where it was. Secondly, he already had a plan against this before coming.

“Sasha, you don’t understand what’s happening. The family isn’t what it used to be. Why do you think we placed so much hope on Alice? If what he said is true, then Alice should already have the legendary violet elemental grade. What do you think would happen if she refines another one of the treasures?” Donald explained to Sasha.

“Violet grade?” Sasha said in shock.

“Yes, what he has can improve elemental grades. Why do you think Alice improved so much within such a short time? If she could improve it again, then wouldn’t she grow stronger faster?” Donald continued speaking.

“A piece of advice, I don’t think Alice would like the fact that you’re threatening me,” Grey suddenly spoke up.

He was tired of hearing Donald’s justification.

‘Greed will always have its way of manipulating people,’ He thought to himself.

“I don’t care if she hates me, I’ll shoulder it all. But what I know is that she will not stand by and watch the family wither away.” Donald continued speaking.

“No, I’m not in support of this idea of yours,” Sasha stood in front of Grey, in a bid to protect him.

“No need to waste your time, he’s already corrupted by greed,” Grey held Sasha’s shoulder before moving her to the side. After pushing her away, he added, “And besides, he wouldn’t dare to kill me,”

“It’s good you’re cooperating,” Donald said.

“Who said I’m cooperating? I’m only moving her away so I could look at you properly.” Grey said, before adding, “I don’t have the treasure, and on behalf of Alice, I’m disappointed in you,”

Donald looked away when he heard Grey say he was disappointed in him on behalf of Alice. He knew Grey was right, doing this will most likely make Alice hate him forever, but this was a burden he was willing to bear for the family.

If Alice could be the strongest, they will not only go to the top, but they would even rule the world. A chance for his family to rule was not something he would allow a little hatred deter him from. Had Alice not absorbed the first one, then he would’ve absorbed them himself.

But since she had absorbed it, he felt it was more rational for her to use both.

“Sasha, go outside and lock the door.” He ordered.


“Sasha, now!” Donald ordered more authoritatively this time.

Sasha turned away from her father with disappointment in her eyes before heading out. She couldn’t even look at Grey because she felt ashamed of her father.

Alice had told her of Grey and the others, so she was naturally looking forward to seeing one of Alice’s friends. Never would she have expected it would turn out this way. Her father was threatening Grey’s life for the benefit of her family.


She slammed the door as she left, not bothering to lock it.

“Where did you keep it?” Donald asked.

“Like I said the first time, I don’t have any more. Also, from what you said, I believe you should be building bridges, not burning them.” Grey said coldly.

“I can not leave the future of my family in the hands of a stranger because he’s my daughter’s friend.” Donald replied.

He naturally understood what Grey meant by what he said. But to him, he trusted his family more than outsiders. If anything were to happen, before anyone else would lend a hand, his family would be the one to fight first.

“I’ll forget you threatened my life on account of my friendship with Alice. I do not have any more, and your daughter should know how highly I value my relationships.”

“Would I take the risk of coming here if I didn’t value her life? Think about it.” Grey said a little annoyed by Donald’s behavior.

“This is the last time I’m asking, where is it?” Donald didn’t give in to his words.

“There’s no more, you can ask your daughter if you think I’m lying.” Grey replied with folded arms.

“Hmph! Then you’re of no use,” Donald snorted angrily before waving his hand.

Grey was sent flying by the force that was generated from that simple movement.


He slammed into the wall of the office, creating a crevice in it. He didn’t see Donald making use of any elements, yet just the force of his hands movement sent him flying.

‘Is this the power of someone in the Overlord Plane?’ He asked himself.

This was the first time he was being attacked by someone in the Overlord Plane, to think it would turn out to be his friend’s father.

Donald looked at Grey a little surprised, he could tell Grey wasn’t hurt by what he just did. The force he generated from that simple motion could kill a Peak Arcane Plane Elementalist, and wound an Origin Plane Elementalists.

But to his surprise, Grey stood up, dust himself, and looked at him arrogantly.

“I really didn’t hope it would get to this,”


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