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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 314: Twenty Seconds Bahasa Indonesia

Grey stood on the platform, staring at the young lady who was standing before him.

The young lady’s brother who previously challenged Grey suddenly stepped forward, “You coward! You couldn’t fight against me, but you agreed to fight against my sister who’s weaker…”

“Oh, I was just about to call you over. Beating her wouldn’t satisfy my current desire, why don’t you join her?” Grey tilted his head to the side to look at the young man.

“Hmph! Do you think you can defeat me?” William snorted before stepping into the platform.

The middle-aged man who was in charge of the rules was about to step in, but Gerald stopped him. He wanted to see how Grey would be able to handle this issue.

William was among the few people who were in the Seventh stage of the Origin Plane, added to his sister who’s in the Third stage, he didn’t think Grey’s chances of winning would be high. In fact, he believed Grey would most likely lose, miserably.

William is from the Smith family, being someone who’s only twenty-five years old but already in the Seventh stage of the Origin Plane, it showed how hard he trained. Well, he couldn’t compare him with Grey who didn’t seem to be even twenty yet but was already in the Sixth stage of the Origin Plane. But he still felt Grey would lose if he fought against the siblings.

“So much for being calculative,” He muttered quietly.

On the platform, Grey was facing off against both siblings.

‘*Phew* This better be worth it,’ He thought internally.

Fighting here is almost the same as revealing his identity, since the Emperor’s people were in Frost City, then they would obviously be here as well. While he was speaking with Aldreda previously, one of the topics they mostly spoke about was Gerald.

His current plan is simple, find a way to get Gerald behind him. He didn’t know how long he would be staying in Frost City, and the longer he stays, the more dangerous it becomes. But if he could have ties with someone as powerful as Gerald, then he wouldn’t need to worry about anything else and focus fully on finding Alice.

“Are you ready?” He asked the duo standing before him.

His confidence stunned the crowd as well as the duo in front of him. Other than those in the Overlord Plane, the rest thought he was a First stage Origin Plane Elementalist, so they didn’t know where his confidence was coming from.

“I really want to see if you can continue talking in this manner in a few seconds’ time,” William snickered.

To him, Grey was dead. He already planned to kill him after they left this villa, but since Grey had presented him the chance to put him through pain, then he didn’t mind taking it.

Grey smirked before taking a step forward, as soon as his foot touched the ground, his cultivation stage increased by one. He took another step, and his cultivation stage increased by one again. After taking the fifth step, his stage had increased by five, putting him in the Sixth stage of the Origin Plane.


Sasha, the Earl sisters, Randel, and every other individual in the Origin Plane exclaimed in shock. Only a few who had been informed beforehand about Grey’s real cultivation stage didn’t feel surprised.

“Is this where…” William who was about to speak stopped mid-way, his pupils dilated as his hairs stood on end.

Without delay, he immediately retreated three steps back and stood on his sister’s left-hand side, raising his left hand before him, a lightning wall appeared before him.

Bam! Bang!

The sound of something making contact rang out, followed by an explosion.

Three figures shot out in different directions, two were closer to each other, with one going in the opposite direction.

Grey used the wind element to stabilize himself mid-air before doing a flip and landing on his feet.

“A Lightning Elementalist, he’s pretty fast,” He muttered to himself.

This was the first time his surprise attack failed, but he didn’t dwell in it.

William was able to control himself, so just like Grey, he landed on his feet. His sister on the other hand was a little less fortunate, she had a slower reaction speed, so before she could comprehend what was going on, she was sent flying by the force of the explosion.

She landed on her back, before bouncing a few times. Had the platform been only fifty meters long, then she might’ve bounced out of it.

“So fast!”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Just like William’s sister, people with lower stages couldn’t comprehend what just happened. All they saw was Grey taking a step, and the next thing was that he appeared some distance away accompanied by a loud explosion. Other than that, they also saw William’s sister crashing on the platform.

Gerald squinted his eyes and started reaccessing Grey once again, from his single attack, he noticed him using two different elements.

What caused the explosion was Grey covering his hand with his fire element when he saw the lightning wall blocking his path. Then he also used the wind element to stabilize himself so he could land properly after being sent flying by the aftereffect of the explosion.

While the crowd and William were still mulling over why he was that fast, Grey immediately attacked again.

William reacted quickly just like the first time, but this time, his face was covered in horror.

A large fire snake was currently making its way towards him very quickly, while multiple fire arrows shot towards his sister who was still trying to stand up from the ground.

Boom! Bam!

The lightning wall William made in front of him couldn’t block Grey’s fire snake, so it exploded once again. The impact sent him flying, his sister who was struck by the fire arrows shot straight out of the platform, slamming into the empty seats by the side.

William crashed into the ground, and just as his body bounced up, Grey appeared before him and delivered a kick to his midsection that sent him flying in his sister’s direction.


William slammed onto the empty seats as well, just two meters away from his sister.

Twenty seconds, all it took was twenty seconds and Grey completely dominated the siblings. One has to recall that although William’s sister was weak, William himself was by no means weak, not even those in the Seventh stage could beat him this easily.

“He won the battle with the first strike, unbelievable,” Gerald said, shocked.

This wasn’t the outcome he predicted, no one expected this to happen. Grey literally just manhandled the siblings, and they couldn’t even fight back. They weren’t even able to defend, much less fighting back.

“What… what just happened?” Aldreda asked with a stunned expression.

But she was met with no reply, her sisters, as well as Randel, were looking at Grey in a dumbfounded state. They were not the only ones not speaking, the entire place was deathly quiet that one could even hear a pin drop.

Grey looked at the location where both siblings landed, before shaking his head. Although he warned he would kill them, he didn’t actually kill them.

“Anyone else?” He asked while looking at the crowd.

His question was met by the same deathly silence. Everyone was staring at him, but no one could say a word.


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