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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 315: Ruthless! Bahasa Indonesia

Grey stood at the platform for fifteen more seconds, with no one else stepping up for his challenge, he decided it was time to leave and allowed others to continue fighting.

Before leaving, he glanced in Gerald’s direction. Seeing the stunned expression on his face, he smiled before walking out of the platform.

As soon as he left the platform, he suddenly sensed a strong aura launching in his direction, but he made no efforts to dodge or even look in the direction of the aura.

“Hmph! This is not the Smith family villa, know your position,” Gerald snorted coldly before exploding out with his own terrifying aura.

The figure that was launching towards Grey stopped a few meters away from him, cowering in fear, knowing fully well that the Lenz organization was not something their family could fight against. They stood zero chances against them.

The figure turned out to be a middle-aged woman, who quickly apologized, “I’m sorry for my misconduct,”

When she was done apologizing, she looked at Grey, “Cherish the time you have left boy, it’s not going to last.”

“Heh!” Grey scoffed as a response before taking his seat. After taking his seat, “You should hurry while they’re still alive, it would be a shame if they died with you here.”

Gerald’s intervention currently shows his plan was going accordingly, if things fall through, this section of the ceremony would end soon.

“Hmph!” The woman snorted coldly before flying in the direction of William and his sister, on getting there, her pupils dilated and she instantly turned to look at Grey who had a devilish smile on his face.

The current condition of the duo was not very good, each of their elemental beads was cracked, and essence was slowly sipping through. Healing the crack on the beads is something that has been seen as almost impossible. With the crack on their elemental beads, their cultivation stage will slowly start receding, before finally taking them back to the Arcane Plane.

In the history of the entire continent, there have been only two cases of people who have been able to mend their cracked elemental bead.

According to what was written on the records, what they used to heal it was a rare natural treasure. Presently, this treasure hasn’t been found in over three thousand years. The duo found it by accident at that time, but as things stand, the Smith siblings have no way of mending it.

“You bastard!” The woman couldn’t contain her anger and exploded out with a pressure she sent towards Grey’s position.

“If I recall correctly, I remember saying I don’t spar with people, not killing them was the best I could do,” Grey said casually.

It was almost like the pressure the woman sent his way was nothing. This once again shocked all the Overlord Plane experts in the ceremony.

‘Crap! I’m going all in, if this guy doesn’t reach out to me, I’m doomed.’ He thought worriedly inside, but he still kept his calm and collected outward expressions. He couldn’t afford to show any signs of fear in this state.

The woman looked at Gerald, and seeing his expression, she quickly took the duo and left. The sooner they found a way to at least stop the leaking essence, the better. Once their cultivation dropped to the Arcane Plane, they would only be able to live for at most, four hundred years.

Since they were previously in the Origin Plane, they might get lucky to get a bonus fifty years, but that’s it.

A normal human can live within eighty to one hundred years, those who are extremely healthy could live as much as one hundred and fifty. Well, this is for those few who fail to awaken their elements. As soon as one awakens their elements, their body becomes naturally healthier, this means even without cultivating, they can get to one hundred and fifty years.

The lifespan of a Collection Plane Elementalist is two hundred years, once the Elementalists breakthrough to the Fusion Plane, it increases by one hundred years more, another breakthrough in Plane bumps it to four hundred years. But as soon as the Elementalist gets to the Origin Plane, it increases by three hundred years, raising it to seven hundred years in total. Getting to the Overlord Plane almost doubles that figure, only going short by two hundred years.

Grey watched on as the lady took the siblings out of the villa, he couldn’t say he regretted what he did. One of the reasons he was this ruthless was because he knew William would definitely attack him when he leaves this place, the second reason was that the Smith and Reiss family weren’t on good terms. He might not be part of the Reiss family, but since Alice was there, that was enough.

Just like Grey predicted, the ceremony came to an abrupt end thirty minutes after the Smith family left.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Elda said as the group walked towards the exit of the villa.

Grey noticed there was a change in her tone, it wasn’t as friendly as it used to be. He also noticed she stopped Aldreda from speaking to him on multiple occasions since he came back from the platform.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. Also, I totally understand the change in your attitude,” He said, not trying to explain himself.

While the group was still walking, Sasha walked up to them, “Zeke Hoover, the last time I saw you, you were munching away in my Inn. Now, here you are, making an enemy of the Smith family,”

“I think it should be the other way around,” Grey replied with a chuckle.

“For someone who hid his appearance, you seem very confident,” Sasha said while wearing a curious expression.

“For someone who sent people after me, you seem very carefree,” Grey replied with a slight smile.

Sasha was about to reply when the middle-aged man who was in charge of the ceremony approached them.

“Zeke Hoover, master Gerald would like to see you,” The middle-aged man said as soon as he got there.

“Guess this is where I bid you farewell. We shall meet again, Zeke Hoover,” Sasha turned and walked back to her group before exiting the villa.

“You can leave, I’ll be fine. I hope we meet again,” Grey said to the Earl sisters before turning to the man.

Aldreda wanted to speak, but Elda held her hand before shaking her head. With that, the Earl sisters left the villa.

“Shall we,”


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