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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 302: The Blue Vest’s Capabilities Bahasa Indonesia

Reynolds took a few steps back when he realized Grey had gotten serious with the group, he was fine with watching from the sidelines.

‘I don’t need your help with these guys, I can deal with them on my own,’ Grey said to Void which doused his already raging fighting intent.

Void instantly regretted not joining the fight the first time, but there was nothing he could do about it. At that time, he truly needed the rest, or he might hurt himself.

‘Fine,’ He replied grumpily before disappearing from Grey’s shoulder to Reynolds’ shoulder.

“What type of cat is that?” Johanne asked her group while pointing at Void in sheer curiosity.

The way he moved was intriguing. Neither she nor the rest of the group could fathom how he did it which piqued their curiosity, but unfortunately, they had other things to worry about.

“I know that you’re stronger than either of us here, but don’t think you can kill us so easily.” The leader said seriously.

After finding out that Grey and Reynolds were friends, he had already given up the idea of begging, and he knew escaping wasn’t going to be easy either. But since they already know of Grey’s explosive speed, they will be able to defend against it. His only issue now was that for them to hit Grey was going to be difficult because of his speed.

“Heh! I know I won’t be able to easily kill all of you, but I’m confident in killing you all at the end of the battle,” Grey said confidently.

“Hmph! We’ll see about that,” The leader snorted coldly before attacking with his inscription.

Ice arrows formed in the air and shot in Grey’s direction. The arrows covered almost a fifteen square meters range.

The other young man who was an Earth Elementalist also made a move at the same time. He made four twenty meters tall earth walls which were each three meters thick to block Grey’s escape routes from the leader’s attack. Johanne on the other hand created multiple fireballs, waiting for where Grey might appear so she would attack him, in case he dodges the leader’s attack.

Just before the attacks struck Grey, he smirked and raised his hand. A thin ice shield appeared on top of him, blocking any potential arrows that might get to him.


The ice arrows continuously slammed into the ground, since the leader didn’t see Grey leave the place, he didn’t stop his attacks.

After almost a minute of continuous attacks, the leader finally stopped attacking. He nodded to the second young man to remove the walls, so they could see if their attacks did anything to Grey since he didn’t make any moves.


The earth walls made a rumbling sound as they sank into the ground.

Just as the earth walls were sinking into the ground, the leader of the group took a step back before setting up an ice wall in front of the group, while also using the inscription to send an attack to where Grey was previously standing.

While Grey was inside the walls, his ice shield managed to hold off the attacks for about twenty seconds before breaking apart, but just as it broke apart, a blue light appeared around him, covering a one and a half meter radius around him.

‘Oh, it works perfectly,’ He thought with an embarrassed smile.

Although he had already tested the capability of the blue vest before, he was still quite reluctant to use it. His cautious mindset made him feel as if it might not truly hold up. This was why he first made an ice shield before preparing himself. Had the vest not managed to block the attacks, he already had a second plan waiting in order to block the attacks, but luckily, it managed to stop them.

He stood casually in the place while waiting for the attacks to die down, his inscriptions were still mid-air. After waiting for a few more seconds, the leader stopped attacking. He knew they would take down the walls to check if he was there since he hid his aura from them.

As soon as he saw the walls shaking while going down, he made a lightning bow, the arrow was a combination of both the fire and lightning elements. The body of the arrow was made of lightning, while the arrowhead was made of the fire element, he also prepared his inscriptions for his attacks.

When the walls sank down to where his head appeared, the arrow which was notched was released, he also used the wind element to boost the speed of the attack.

Grey used three different elements in a single attack. This was something unheard of in the Qilin empire.

He had a smile on when his attack was released, but his face was soon covered by a surprised expression when he realized the leader of the group managed to sense him on time and made sufficient preparations.


Grey’s arrow was the first to connect with the ice shield the leader made in front of them. It exploded on impact, instantly spreading cracks around the ice shield.


The ice shield was destroyed within a second. The leader nor Grey’s inscription attacks had gotten to the opponents yet before this arrow showed such destructive force.

Johanne was a little slow to react, but she attacked just after Grey’s ice arrow hit the leader’s shield.

Boom! Bam! Bang!

Grey and the leader’s inscription attacks arrived at almost the same time, while Johanne’s fireballs attacks arrived a little later.

The group was pushed back by Grey’s attacks. The leader was the one who suffered the brunt of the attack since he was closer to the ice shield. After the shield broke apart, they faced the onslaught of Grey’s inscription attacks.

The other young man managed to make an earth wall to block the attack, while also making an earth armor for himself. The earth wall was quickly destroyed by Grey’s attack.

While the group was panicking on how to block the attack, Grey was casually strolling forward in the midst of their attacks.

‘Hehe, this thing is a true treasure, I don’t need to bother too much about being attacked.’ He thought with a smile.

When he was making the device and comprehending the darkness element, he made time to give the vest as much elemental essence as possible. It took him almost three days before it stopped accepting any more essence. He tested out the defense again to find out just how much it could block. The result of his test was terrific, the vest had no problems with blocking his all-out attack, which was something that was almost the same as an Eight stage Origin Plane Elementalist’s attack. The thing he didn’t test out was if it could block his chaos orb.

With the addition of his darkness element, he was certain that the power of his chaos orb was well above the Origin Plane. But he didn’t know if it could rival an Overlord Plane Elementalist’s attacks. He hadn’t fought or seen an Overlord Plane attacking before so he couldn’t gauge it.

After moving out of the area of the attacks, Grey attacked the group once again.

Both sides exchanged moves in an intense battle, but it was evident to all that Grey was gaining the upper hand as the battle progressed.


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