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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 303: Gotten More Powerful! Bahasa Indonesia


An explosion rang out in the canyon with a human figure flying out of the dust in the explosion.


The figure crashed into the wall by the side. The figure belonged to the leader of the group whom Grey was fighting against.

Just as the leader struck the wall, Grey shot out of the area of the explosion, heading straight for the leader whose back was just hitting the wall.

‘Damn it! How can such a young man have such battle experience? It’s almost unbelievable!’ The leader cursed inside, but still reacted accordingly on seeing Grey coming towards him.

He created an ice wall in front of him, before attacking Grey with his inscription which was mid-air.


Grey punched the ice wall with his bare fist when he got close to it, which caused the wall to slowly start cracking.

As soon as his fist hit the ice wall, lightning danced around his body as he disappeared from the spot.


Multiple ice shards struck where Grey was previously standing, missing him by a few milliseconds.

Grey appeared a few meters away from the ice wall before looking at the leader of the group with a serious expression.

Although he was overpowering them, the leader of the group had managed to always make sure he stopped him from making any lethal strikes on any of his members. Whenever he managed to create an opportunity, the leader would always intervene at almost the last moment, thwarting all his plans of killing any of them.

‘This guy’s a pest. His battle experience is amazing.’ Grey cursed and praised the leader at the same time.

“You do know you’re only delaying the inevitable, right?” Grey asked while looking at Johanne and the other young man who was running towards where the leader was standing.

He didn’t do anything to stop them since he knew he couldn’t divert his attention from their leader. There had been times during the battle that he wanted to focus on this duo, but this gave the leader a chance to attack him sneakily, luckily, he was wearing the blue vest.

“Your defensive tool will soon be out of energy, by then, we’ll see who will have the last laugh,” The leader replied with a sneer.

He had taken notice of Grey’s defensive tool, he didn’t know what it was, but he knew Grey was wearing a defensive tool. All the times he had managed to get a clean strike on Grey, a faint blue light would always cover him just when the strike was about to land. He had been watching it and noticed the light had slowly started diminishing. With a few more attacks, it would surely run out of energy.

Grey showed an indifferent expression when he heard this, but deep down, he was a little shocked by the leader’s observation ability.

A smirk appeared on Grey’s face before he gave a reply, “You do know I’m not the only one here, right?”

When they heard Grey’s question, they looked at the side and remembered Reynolds and the mysterious black cat was still there. They didn’t attach much importance to Void, but they were wary of Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior. If it were to be added to Grey’s overwhelming strength, then they have no hopes of winning this.

The group’s expression turned sour when they thought of it. At least previously, they still had a slim chance of escaping once Grey’s defensive tool ran out of energy. But now, that hope has plunged down the drain.

Grey burst out laughing when he saw their expressions. The easiest person to kill is someone who has given up any hopes of surviving, this is why he’s playing the psychological game with them. If he is successful, then the group would put on less resistance against his attacks.

“Heh! Looks like you also know your fates are sealed,” He said with a smirk.

The leader looked at his downcast party before taking a step forward, of the entire group, he was the most experienced, this was why he was made the leader of the group.

“I know what you’re trying to do, and to be honest, you were almost successful. But I know your friend still needs more time before he can summon his Elemental Warrior, this is why you’re trying to delay us. Although you’re stronger than each of us, you know you can not kill us,” The leader said confidently while staring straight at Grey.

He noticed Grey’s body language changed when he said this, which increased his confidence in his conjecture.

“Don’t be afraid, he’s almost at the end of his rope,” The leader whispered to Johanne and the other young man with sheer confidence. It was almost like he could already see Grey’s downfall.

Grey on the other hand was laughing inside, he purposely did the change in his body language to trick the leader. And from the looks of the confident smile on the leader’s face, he could tell he was successful.

‘Hmm, I can’t depend on the blue vest any longer, it’s already almost out of energy. Damn it! How can it use so much energy for those few strikes?’ He cursed at the high consumption of the blue vest.

Given how long it takes to fill it up, he expected it to last longer. But he couldn’t say he was disappointed in it since it has helped him greatly during this battle.

With a renewed vigor, the group attacked him first. The leader used his inscription to keep him busy, while the young man who was an Earth Elementalist focused mainly on blocking the attacks of Grey. Johanne and the leader attacked Grey simultaneously, making it hard to dodge. Had this group been fighting against someone else, then they would’ve been able to win, but against Grey, their chances of surviving are almost zero.

Reynolds and Void were watching the battle. Reynolds was using this time to rest, while Void was upset about not being involved in the battle.

“Wow! Grey’s gotten more powerful!” Reynolds exclaimed when he saw them restart the battle.

The battle was currently at its climax, seeing Grey move from one place to another easily dodging the group’s attacks before attacking, he was awed by his show of strength.


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