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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 235: Strange Feeling Bahasa Indonesia

Smith called the servants over to serve them dessert, which consisted of cakes, pudding, milk and eggs, pastry, and fruits.

Klaus immediately started eating, but mostly focused on the cakes.

Void who hadn’t tasted something that had this much sugar was left amazed by almost every single dessert that had sugar in them. He would occasionally take a bit from one, then go to another, there was even a time when he used his space element to cut off a small piece of the cake while taking a slurp from the pudding.

The taste was amazing, he was almost on cloud nine.

‘I knew the outside world was amazing!’ He exclaimed.

‘I don’t think too much sugar is good for you.’ warned Grey.

Grey almost always acted like an elder brother to Void. If others could hear their conversations sometimes, they would be shocked by how caring he was to this seemingly small cat who would almost always be ignored if not for its eye-catching pitch black fur.

‘It’s okay, I’ll just take a few more drinks and bites, after that, I’m done.’

Ten minutes later.

Void could be seen lying on the table with both front paws on his now protruding stomach. He was lying close to Grey, who would occasionally shake his head whenever he takes a glance at Void. He would shake it even harder when he takes a glance at Klaus.

Bits of cakes could be seen at the side of Klaus’ mouth, if he remembered correctly, Klaus and Void were the ones who ate almost seventy percent of the desserts.

Everyone except for Grey and Klaus looked at Void with shocked eyes, wondering how he managed to fit in so much into such a small body. Grey already knew he could eat much, while Klaus was too bothered about himself to think about Void.

Klaus quickly circulated the elemental essence in his body to try to quickly digest the food and desserts he just ate.

‘Crap! I ate too much.’ He complained internally.

‘Hey.’ Void called out to Grey, he was getting a strange feeling inside.

‘Yeah?’ Grey looked at him.

‘Why do I feel like what I just ate wants to come back out, but from my mouth?’ Void asked a little confused.

This was the first time something like this was happening to him, he usually mostly digests almost everything whenever he eats. But this was the first time he was feeling this way.

‘That’s called throwing up. I told you too much sugar wasn’t good for you.’ Grey said without showing any emotion.

‘What do I do now?’ Void asked.

‘Seriously? Just through up.’ Grey threw an apathetic glance at Void before looking in another direction.

‘No, I can’t let them go. They’re good.’ Void refused.

“Fuck!” Grey cursed out unintentionally which attracted everyone’s attention.

How could someone refuse to throw up when the body wants to? Void’s excuse was even crazier. Grey immediately decided to stop listening to him, but it was hard, especially when they were talking through a mind link.

‘Shit! Void just throw up already, it’s not like having the cakes inside you would change anything.’ Grey said after Void continued bugging him about it.


‘You’re probably going to explode if you refuse to throw up.’ Grey lied with a serious expression.

‘What?! I don’t think that’s possible.’ Void who was previously lying on the table tried to stand up, after a couple of seconds, he managed to struggle up, but his feet were wobbly. He tried standing but staggered a few times.

Grey scoffed but didn’t answer, he wanted to trick Void into throwing up, but he knew it wasn’t going to easy. Although Void was smart, he still acts like a child in most situations, so Grey was a little confident his lie might be able to make him change his mind.

Alice looked over a little concerned, “What’s wrong with him?”

“He ate too much.” Grey explained.

“Oh, he’s so cute.” Alice said looking at Void with her round eyes.

“Yeah…he’s not going to be cute soon.” Grey said.

“Why’s that?” Alice asked worriedly.

Grey went on to tell her about Void refusing to throw up even when his body wanted him to. Alice giggled on hearing that Void refused to throw up, she stretched her hand over to Void and gently caressed his fur.

“Hey, you should do what he said.” She whispered to Void.

While Alice and Grey were speaking, Klaus and Reynolds had seemed to become good friends with Smith, asking him all sorts of questions that mostly irritated the life out of him.

“Since we’re done here, why don’t we take some fresh air on the garden?” Richard suggested.


The others nodded before standing up, following behind him. But just like before, Klaus was at the forefront of the group, annoying Smith to no end.

Grey refused to carry Void because of the fear of him throwing up on his body, Alice on the other hand happily carried him as they walked over to the garden.

After going past two doors, they got to the garden. It was already dark when they came out since they spent almost an hour inside, but they didn’t have a problem seeing the garden, besides, the moon was already out. There was a variety of flowers in the garden; roses, daisies, daffodils. Carved hedges depicted different magical beasts, including a dragon, a griffin, a wolf, and many more. There was also a small pond in the center of the garden. The garden was around fifty to eighty square meters. Having a twenty meters space in the middle. Grey and his friends guessed the space must have been there because of training.

Even though it was quite small, it’s enough for training. There were benches positioned on different parts of the garden.

Klaus was the one who led them to a bench on the eastern side of the garden.

“This place is nice.” He praised after taking a seat.

Smith smiled but didn’t reply, the group stayed there for about thirty minutes, with Klaus and Reynolds being the most active people, followed by Richard. Grey managed to convince Void to throw up.

He didn’t know if to cry or laugh because he had to actually beg Void to throw up. This was something that was for his benefit, yet he had to beg him because of his childishness.

“We would like to go to bed now, we still have a long journey ahead of us.” Alice said, interrupting Klaus and Reynolds’ storytelling.

“So soon? If that’s the case, we’d like for you to taste this city’s special wine before going to bed.” Richard said sadly.

“Is it better than the ones we drank inside?” asked Klaus.

“Of course.” Richard nodded.

“If that’s the case, then what are you waiting for?” said Reynolds.

Richard and Smith stood up going through the bag of the garden.

“Where’s the antidote?” Richard asked while they were going inside.

“It’s inside, we’ll drink it before coming out.” Smith said with ruthlessness in his eyes.

He wanted to make sure Klaus died a painful death. He hadn’t hated anyone as much as he hated Klaus. If he were told he would hate someone this much, he would never believe it.


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