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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 234: It’s A Gift! Bahasa Indonesia

“Since this is the mayor’s villa, there should be a treasury somewhere, that’s where we’re going to rob.” Klaus explained in a low voice.

The others were stunned by Klaus’ boldness, even though they know that no one here could defeat them, this was still an offense against the empire since each mayor was placed here under the orders of the emperor.

“Isn’t there usually a high leveled expert around?” asked Alice.

A small city just like this one should have an expert that should be at the very least at the Origin Plane, to stop anyone from robbing these cities, or else, most Origin Plane Elementalists would see them as ways to get free coins.

“There are, why do you think I’m telling this guy?” Klaus pointed at Void.

“No one knows of the space element, except for us. With that, he can sneak in and out of the mayor’s treasury without being caught.” He explained further.

“So what are you planning on stealing?” Grey asked.

“Everything.” Klaus said with squinted and excited eyes.

He had never been able to do something like this before, and probably never would have thought of it, but with Void’s appearance, the idea came. There are a lot of things in a mayor’s treasury, he knows of this because he had been to one. But what they needed most were coins, lots and lots of coins.

“Aren’t you being a little too greedy? I mean, all we need is to get a horse and quickly head over to Lunar City. Once we get there, we shouldn’t have any problems with getting money.” said Alice.

“I know, I just want to annoy these guys.” Klaus waved his hand nonchalantly.

“No, I think Alice is right. If they notice everything missing, we’ll be the first suspects. That’s not good for us since this not only involves a city but the empire as well. Unless, we’d kill the expert stationed here. This city is too small for an Overlord Plane expert to be stationed here.” Grey said thoughtfully.

They shouldn’t carelessly invite trouble, the empire wouldn’t take it lying if one of their mayor’s treasury were to be robbed. This had to do with their pride, so they would want to get to the bottom of it, especially now that war seems to be looming over the entire empire.

“Fine, we’ll steal only a few coins.” Klaus said grumpily.

While the group was still speaking about their plan of robbing the treasury, Richard and Smith walked back to the table.

“I hope everything is alright?” Klaus stood up to ask in a concerned tone.

“Yes, everything is fine. He was just a little grumpy from what happened earlier today.” Richard said before taking his seat.

“Okay. Once again, we’re sorry for what happened. It was totally unintentionally on my path, I don’t really know about his.” Klaus said, saying the last part in a low voice.

“Don’t worry, everything is fine now. I’m not a petty person.” Smith waved it off, he wanted to end the conversation as quickly as possible.

The table fell into silence for a few seconds, but Klaus spoke up even before it got to a minute.

“Okay. So…can we start eating now?” He asked.

“Of course.” Smith nodded.

He was just about to start eating since it was the norm for the host to taste the meals so the guests would know they weren’t poisoned, but just like with the wines, Klaus was the first to start eating.

‘Well isn’t that brave, or is he just plain stupid?’ He asked himself.

Everyone watched on as Klaus started devouring the meal like someone who hadn’t eaten anything in months.

‘You’re just coming from an inn, how could you be so hungry even after already eating?’ Richard looked at him oddly.

“Aren’t you guys going to eat?” Klaus asked with a mouthful of food.

The others could barely hear what he was saying through his full mouth, and the bits of food coming out every time he said something.

Grey and his friends soon dug in as well, only, not like him. Reynolds wanted to eat that way as well, but he wasn’t as shameless as Klaus, so he ate with the proper etiquette.

They ate for almost twenty minutes, and this was the worst twenty minutes in Smith’s life. He didn’t think there would be any other twenty minutes that would be as horrifying as this. The reason for this was simple, Klaus.

While they were eating, Klaus would only speak when his mouth was full, thereby spraying bits of food from his mouth. What made it annoying was that since Klaus was sitting close to him, he would occasionally look in his direction when speaking. This meant that the bits of food he sprays out mostly got on his body. There was even a time in accidentally entered his mouth.

He almost fainted from anger!

‘How can a single person be this annoying?’ He wondered.

If Klaus were to hear this question, he would most likely say, ‘It’s a gift.’

Smith reigned in his temper so he wouldn’t lose it for the second time. Once he gets his hands on Klaus after they’ve been given the special wine, he would get his revenge. He had so many evil things planned out for him that he couldn’t even wait to start the torture.

Just after they finished eating, Klaus asked a question that surprised even his friends.

He first burped loudly without any manners before asking, “So what’s for dessert?”

‘Dessert? You’ve already eaten so much yet you’re asking for dessert?’ Smith felt like beating him up right there and then.

Hearing no response, Klaus explained thinking they didn’t know what a dessert was while picking his teeth with his pinky finger, “Dessert follows right after a meal.”

“I know what a dessert is.” Smith said through gritted teeth.

“Then why are you here? Chop chop, come on go get the dessert.” Klaus did a waving motion with both hands.

It almost looked like Smith was his servant.


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