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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 182: Klaus’ Ice Ability Bahasa Indonesia


The attacks of the three fighters collided and exploded on impact.

The shockwave spread out in all directions, but it was easily dismissed when it got close to any of the fighters.

When the battle started, Klaus took on the young man with the mark, while Grey and Reynolds went for the twins. Reynolds fought against the Water Elementalist, while Grey fought against the Fire Elementalist.

Grey initially wanted to fight against the young man with the mark, but Klaus opted to do it, and since the young man was the one who Klaus was going to use his ‘special move’ on, Grey didn’t hassle over it. Besides, he felt the twins as well as the young man had the same level of strength, so it didn’t really matter who fought who, what matters was that they should defeat their opponents.

“Hmph! You should have let him fight me.” The young man snorted coldly.

He felt he was being looked down on by Grey and his friends, after all, the strongest should fight against the strongest, right?

“Hehe, you’re not strong enough to make him fight against you. Although I’m not as powerful as he is, even if I close my eyes, I’ll still be able to beat the hell out of you.” Klaus laughed, not annoyed by the young man’s statement.

He naturally knew who was stronger in their group and who was weaker, even though he could be said to be the weakest, that was in the midst of his ridiculously strong friends. When placed amongst all the geniuses who entered the trial land, only a few could beat him one on one, and none of those people are in the Third stage of the Origin Plane.

“I’d like to see you say that after I’m done with you. Ha!” The young man yelled and a tornado formed around him.

It slowly increased, two meters, three meters, four meters, and it went all the way to ten meters before stopping. The tornado was drawing in everything in the surrounding, trees, rocks, dirt. It even tried to draw in the people there.

Void was currently laying close to Alice, he raised his head, and the attraction force of the tornado seemed to disappear from their area. It was like the place where Alice was sitting was covered with a strong wall, nothing could go in.

Grey and the Fire Elementalist were able to easily break loose of the attraction force of the tornado, likewise Reynolds and the Water Elementalist.

“Stupid, I’ll beat you into a pighead!” Klaus cursed and formed a ten meters radius water dome around himself.

The moment the dome appeared, Klaus felt the attraction force of the tornado disappear. Although it was still there, given the strength of the people here, it was naturally almost impossible for any of them to be drawn into the tornado.

Klaus stretched out his hands and head-sized water balls started shooting out of the water dome at the tornado.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The water balls disappeared into the tornado immediately after contact.

The young man who was currently standing at the center of the tornado, pointed at Klaus, and all the items that were drawn into the tornado shot straight at Klaus.

Klaus smiled on seeing this and immediately solidified the water dome, now, it turned into an ice dome, perfectly protecting the individual inside.

Bang! Bam! Boom!

The trees and rocks continuously slammed into the ice dome, but the ice was too thick, so they couldn’t break it.

With the defense Klaus currently has set up, it was almost impossible to break it in a short period of time, especially for people who were in the same stage as himself. The only way to quickly break it was when the attacker was at least two stages ahead of him.

Klaus stood in the ice dome with his hands crossed.

“Tsk, he thought he was my opponent.” He shook his head with a smile.

Soon, the items stopped smashing into the ice, but it was unable to break it, there were a few places which formed small three inches deep pits on the dome, but that was all.

With a smile still plastered on his face, the pits on the ice dome slowly started filling up, and soon, the ice dome returned to its previous state, without a single scratch.

“My turn.” Klaus said and ice arrows soon started protruding out of the ice dome.


Multiple ice arrows shot towards the center of the tornado at the same time.

The young man tried using the tornado to block them, but a few passes through. He instantly used wind blades to destroy the few that got close to him.

‘Hmm, he’s strong.’ He couldn’t help but change his view of Klaus.

At this rate, it would be impossible for him to break through Klaus’ defense. Although the earth element is always regarded as the best defensive element, one shouldn’t take ice out of the picture, a Water Elementalist can create a thick ice wall, it is almost impenetrable.

In regards to creating ice, not all Water Elementalists can create thick ice, the thickness of the ice has to do with the individual as well as the grade of the element. Klaus wasn’t particularly the best when it came to ice, but that was in the past. After he acquired the technique ‘Sub-Zero’, his ice ability increased by leaps and bounds, added to the increase of his grade when he refined the Great Earth Essence Liquid, there are a few Water Elementalist who can say their ice ability is as strong as Klaus’.

The young man dismissed the tornado and once again appeared in full view.

“You’re stronger than I thought.” He said sincerely before adding, “But, I was only warming up, now, the real fun begins.”

Infusing himself with the wind element, he launched forward while a huge wind crossbow appeared mid-air, the arrow notched on top of it shot straight at Klaus’ ice dome.

A smirk formed across his face.

“This attack will surely destroy that ice barrier of yours!” He yelled as the arrow made its way towards the ice dome.


Klaus did reply, he just stood in the same spot, staring at the arrow. He could feel the power behind it, but he was still confident that it will not be able to break through his ice. If the young man was a stage ahead of him, then there might be a small chance it would break it, but currently, Klaus didn’t feel the attack was strong enough to break it on the first attempt.


After hitting the ice dome, the wind arrow dispersed with a ‘whoosh’ sound. Looking closer, the arrow was only able to create a pit that was one-fourth the thickness of the ice dome.

The result of the attack left the young man standing with mouth agape, while Klaus nodded in satisfaction.

“Your attack is just so so.” Klaus said moving his hand in a way the young man perceived to be very annoying.

“You’re belittling my attack! I’ll end you, this time.” The young man yelled angrily.

Just as he was about to attack…

“Wait!” Klaus suddenly yelled out.

And for some weird reason, the young man truly stopped his attack. He looked at Klaus attentively, waiting for what he wanted to say.

“You’ve already attacked.” Klaus said and a grin formed on his face, “My turn.”

Waves of water suddenly gushed out of the ice dome heading straight at the young man. Klaus also decided it was time to stop hiding in his shell, or else the young man might think he was scared of him.

After exiting the ice dome, the ice dome slowly started breaking before turning into multiple ice spears floating in the sky.

“Let’s see how long you can survive my onslaught.” Klaus smiled as the spears shot at the young man.

Boom! Bam! Bang!

The young man retaliated as well, and before they knew it, they had already exchanged over fifty moves with Klaus being the one on top.

The young man couldn’t believe his eyes, he could take it when he couldn’t beat Alice alone, after all, she was a Dual Elementalist. But just like him, Klaus was also a Single Elementalist.

‘Why was he this strong? Or, am I the one too weak?’

Multiple questions ran through the young man’s head, but he didn’t have an answer to them. The only thing he knew was that if things continued like this, it was only a matter of time before he would be defeated.

He looked at the other battles, hoping that maybe one of his companions would be able to overpower either one of Klaus’ friends. But his expression changed on seeing the sorry state of the Fire Elementalist that was fighting against Grey. He could tell Grey didn’t want to kill him quickly, else, given how badly beaten the Water Elementalist was, he should have been able to kill him already.

Looking on the side of Reynolds’ battle, he heaved a sigh because he saw that both fighters seemed to be on the same level, it even looked like the Water Elementalist had the upper hand.

“You should focus on your battle.” Klaus approached the young man and once again started attacking.

They exchanged moves once again, and a minute later, they heard a scream which forced them to stop fighting.

When they looked in the direction, they saw a lightning blade piercing out of the back of the Fire Elementalist who was fighting against Grey.

Grey looked at the Fire Elementalist, before diverting his gaze to the other battles. He shook his head and went to sit in a corner, he didn’t plan on interfering with the battle of his friends.


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