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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 181: The Nutcracker! Bahasa Indonesia

“Hey bud, are you sure you’re not in the mood to kill today?”

On hearing that voice, Alice smiled, since Klaus was speaking to someone else, it meant he didn’t come alone.

When she raised her head to look at them, she was taken aback by seeing all three of them were present. Due to how big the trial land was, she naturally expected them to be alone. Even if they weren’t alone, she thought only two of them would be together, but to her greatest surprise, all three of them were together.

The trio who surrounded Alice also turned to look at where the voice was coming from, when they looked behind them, they saw three young men, all emitting bone-chilling terrifying killing intent.

“Who the hell are they?” One of the twins asked.

“Look, if you also want to have fun with her, you’ll have to wait your turn.” The young man with the black mark said while waving his hands at them, telling them to leave, before turning his attention back to Alice.

The only reason he refrained from attacking instantly is that he was a little apprehensive of the group’s strength. Had they been in the Third stage like them, he would have thought of fighting against them, but Grey was in the Fourth stage, which made things difficult.

So, he felt telling them to back off while he has his fun was the best thing to do, he even offered to also allow them to have fun with the girl. That should be enough, right?

“What should we do to him?” Klaus leaned closer to Grey and Reynolds and asked while staring at the trio coldly.

To him, the trio was as good as dead! But after hearing what the young man with the mark said, he especially didn’t want him to die easily.

“Remember what you did to that youth at the first castle we entered?” Grey asked.

“Huh! No.” Klaus shook his head.

He had done a lot of things, to a lot of people since entering the trial land, so he had forgotten about that youth from before.

“When we fought for the boxes.” Grey said again, hoping Klaus would recall.

Klaus’ expression first went blank as he tried recalling what Grey was talking about, soon, his eyes lit up and a smile formed across his face.

“You mean when I did ‘the nutcracker’?” He asked happily.

“The nutcracker?” Grey and Reynolds asked in confusion.

They had no idea what ‘the nutcracker’ Klaus was talking about is.

“That’s the name I gave the attack, ‘the nutcracker’.” Klaus announced proudly.

Grey looked at him and was left speechless, he couldn’t help but ask, “Where do you even get all these?”

“From here, of course.” Klaus pointed at his head laughing.

“Wait, there’s something there? I thought it was an empty space.” Reynolds chimed in, mocking Klaus in the process.

Klaus was about to retort, but when he sensed Grey’s gaze, he recalled why they were here in the first place.

“Okay, we’ll kill the other two first, and then, you’ll use that move.” Grey said.

“What move? Come on, say the name.” Klaus urged with a grin.

“The Nutcracker.” Grey said with a weird expression.

“See, the name is quite catchy right, ‘the nutcracker’. Wanna know why I called it ‘the nutcracker’?” Klaus asked as they approached the trio.

“Seriously, no.” Grey refused.

Klaus was taken aback by Grey’s refusal, but he still told them anyway. “It’s because it can crack nuts!”

Grey and Reynolds took two steps forward simultaneously, creating some distance between them and Klaus.

“I have a feeling his disease is contagious.” Reynolds said.

“Yeah, me too.” Grey nodded.

Sometimes, it was hard for them to take things seriously, especially when Klaus was around.

The young man with the mark found it odd that unlike before, Alice didn’t have that look of despair, instead, he felt she was looking at him pitifully, and he even saw her shake her head a few times.

‘What’s wrong with her?’ He asked himself.

He was about to grab hold of Alice when the twins suddenly yelled out.

“What are you people doing? Get out now!” They ordered when they saw the trio getting closer to them.

The cave was about one hundred meters wide, but it was only about fifteen meters tall. If a strong battle were to take place here, there was a possibility it may collapse on top of them. Even when they were battling with Alice previously, they also had to be careful.

The young man with the mark turned around on hearing the yells, “I already told you to wait your turn, what else do you want?”

“Your life.” Klaus said apathetically.

“Hmph! Don’t take me for a pushover, get lost now before I get angry.” The young man with the mark snorted coldly.

“Or what?” Klaus asked mockingly.

“Huh?” The young man didn’t expect Klaus to ask such a question.

“What will you do if we don’t leave?” Reynolds was the one who spoke this time.

“I…I…I’ll kill her.” The young man with the mark pointed at Alice who was on the ground.

He was no fool, at first he thought maybe Grey and his friends didn’t like what they wanted to do or something like that, that was why they were emitting the killing intent, but on seeing how they were prepared to kill them, it meant only one thing, they knew the young lady!

Since they were trying to force him, then he’ll just have to threaten them with her life.

“Tsk, tsk, and how would you manage to do that?” Grey asked laughing.

“Uh!” The young man exclaimed in shock.

The reason was that Grey was no longer with Klaus and Reynolds, but from where the voice was coming from, he was behind him.

Doesn’t that mean that he couldn’t hold Alice hostage anymore?

‘*Sigh* It’s a good thing I’m very fast, added with the lightning and wind elements, it’s almost impossible for them to keep up with me. Unfortunately, after this initial shock, they’ll be able to defend against it.’ Grey shook his head while standing in front of Alice.

“How’s this possible?” The young man blurted out in shock while retreating to the other side of the cave, along with the twins.

“Klaus, Rey, head outside.” Grey said while assisting Alice up.

He knew they couldn’t fight here, that was why he didn’t attack after getting behind Alice. He was an Earth Elementalist, and he had sensed the top of the cave wasn’t stable, he guessed it was from when the trio battled with Alice previously.

With Alice in tow, he started walking out of the cave. Right now, killing the trio was easy, but like Klaus, he didn’t want the young man with the mark to die easily.

“If I were you, I’d start walking, or else, you will all stay buried here.” Grey said coldly as they went into the tunnel that led outside the cave.

The trio gulped in fear, losing Alice came as a big blow to the young man. After managing to trap her, those fools came and took her away just like that, what was worse was that he didn’t even know if he could keep his life, given how strong the killing intent Grey and his friends were directing towards them.

Compared to the young man, the twins felt even more fearful, that was because they saw Grey and his friends laughing, yet, they still felt the terrifying killing intent.

‘How can someone laugh while unleashing such a frightening killing intent?’

That was the only question they were asking themselves.

“Come on, let’s go. They can’t defeat us.” The young man encouraged and took the first step.

On getting outside, they saw Grey, Klaus, and Reynolds standing ahead of them, with Alice sitting in a crossed leg position. She even had her eyes closed, it was like she already knew the result of the battle.

“You too, how would you like to die?” Klaus asked the twins.

The twins’ eyes went cold on hearing such a question.

What does he mean how do they want to die? He’s crazy! His whole family’s crazy!

They gritted their teeth and clenched their fists together, since Grey and his friends wanted to make things difficult, then they’ll fight them to the end.

“Stop!” The young man with a mark stretched his hand out to stop the twins from attacking, before he continued, “Why don’t we settle this amicably? As you can see, we didn’t touch her, and she’s already healing from her wounds. We can just go our separate ways and act like this never happened.”

“Heh! You, shut your trap and wait at the side.” Klaus scoffed before ordering.

Settle what amicably? From the time he had lewd thoughts about Alice, he had already signed his death warrant!

The young man’s face turned sour, “I don’t believe you can defeat us.”

This time, he was the one who initiated an attack, he was a Wind Elementalist in the Third stage of the Origin Plane, he naturally had confidence in his abilities.

The twins also attacked, surprisingly, they had two opposing elements. One was a Fire Elementalist, while the other was a Water Elementalist.

“You don’t need to call out that guy.” Klaus said.

‘Void, stay close to Alice, in case of any mishaps.’ Grey sent Void over to Alice.

Although they were stronger, they shouldn’t get too confident, after all, they weren’t the only ones who can fight above stages.

Grey had encountered a few who were quite stronger than their stages, so he knew every opponent in the trial land must be taken seriously.


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