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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 151: The Sacrifice Bahasa Indonesia

A chill ran down the spines of everyone when they saw the Silver Horned Apes coming out of the forest, especially those from the Azure empire, they felt their legs almost giving way due to fright.

‘How can one person provoke so many of them?’

This was the question running through the mind of everyone.

The Twelfth Prince’s group couldn’t help but feel lucky that Grey didn’t come towards them, if not, there’s no way they could fight against such a large number of Apes. Doing a rough estimation, they felt the Silver Horned Lightning Apes numbered more than thirty.

“Who are you?! What the hell are you doing?!” The young lady yelled at Grey.

She could tell that Grey was purposely attracting the Apes towards them, and from the look of things, he had already successfully done that.

When she sensed the stages of the Apes, she almost fainted from fear, she didn’t have an ounce of confidence in being able to escape the pursuit of a Fourth stage Origin Plane Purple Horned Lightning Ape, not to mention the one in the Sixth stage.

“What do you mean what am I doing? I brought the item you sent me to steal.” Grey yelled making sure the Apes heard him clearly.

When the leading Purple Horned Lightning Ape got close, it attacked immediately. It wasn’t like it could talk to these humans, and even if it could, it would still prefer attacking. They had already offended its clan, so they must die!

“Run!” The young lady yelled while sending out an attack to block the one the Ape sent their way.

Even though she knew the chances of them escaping were low, they didn’t have much of a choice. It’s either they tried to escape, or, they stayed and fight, which is nothing more than a death wish from everyone’s point of view.


Both attacks collided sending out a shockwave that pushed the young lady backward. She was naturally weaker than the Ape in the Sixth stage.

“What are you all still doing here? Run!” She screamed when she saw the others foolishly staring at her and the Ape.

“And you! You will pay for this!” She yelled looking at Grey venomously.

If looks could kill, then Grey would have died over a hundred times already from her gaze.

Void had already left her arms and was currently sitting on Grey’s shoulder.

‘What do we do now?’ He asked Grey when he saw the group was trying to escape.

‘Isn’t it obvious? We’ve already delivered the goods, but leaving the group now might draw the Apes back to me, so we’ll follow the group.’ Grey snickered while dodging an attack from one of the Purple Horned Lightning Apes.

The Twelfth Prince’s group had already made a break for it when they saw the Ape attacking the moment it got close, they ran towards the north, but they were unfortunately still followed by a small group of six Silver Horned Lightning Apes. Even if the group caught up with them, they were confident in being able to fend them off.

They were quite lucky since most of the Apes chased after the group from the Azure empire who were running towards the west.

Just as they were about to leave the field and enter into the forest.


A scream of terror was heard by everyone.

But other than Grey who was having a relatively easier time running, none of the others could afford to turn back and see the cause of the shout.

Looking back, Grey noticed one of the youths from the Azure empire had been caught by a Purple Horned Lightning Ape, and his head was ripped off his body.

‘Damn, such a nasty way to die.’ Grey shook his head while continuing his escape, not forgetting to dodge the attacks that came his way.

What made things easier for him was that of the five Purple Horned Lightning Apes, only one of them was targeting him, the other four were focused on the tall youth and the young lady.

The one chasing him was in the Fifth stage of the Origin Plane, but if Grey decided to stop and fight against it, he knew he would be able to kill it quickly, even killing the leader wasn’t a problem for him.

‘*Sigh* Is it just me or is this group dumb?’ Void sighed while looking at the others who were trying to escape.

‘Huh!’ Grey exclaimed lightly not getting what Void was getting at.

‘They could’ve easily run separately that way they’d be able to divide the Apes, yet, they all foolishly choose to run in one straight line.’ Void said.

‘Oh, I’m waiting for that as well. If they don’t separate, they will all die while we’re still being chased, that would mean my effort would be in vain.’ Grey replied to Void before sending a fireball behind him.

‘Oh well, most of the Apes are focused on them, so I can make my break away anytime soon.’ Grey said.

The only reason he followed them was so that the Apes wouldn’t suspect him, but now since he had followed them this far into the forest, he wouldn’t draw too much attention if he decided to head off on his own. But things would be better for him if the group could all scatter.

‘Haish, maybe I’m overthinking this and the Apes might even let me be if I decide to escape now.’ He thought.

He had once again created a good distance between himself and the others, and since most of the Apes focused on the group from the Azure empire, things became easier for him. He even rarely attacked, and just dodged the attacks sent his way.

‘Since I’m such a nice person, I should give them a suggestion.’ Grey thought.

If the group separated, then one person would have to attract most of the Apes, but since the person wasn’t him, he didn’t care.

“If we continue running in the same direction, we wouldn’t be able to escape them. We all should run in separate directions.” He yelled out loud so the others who were slower could hear him properly.

When the young lady heard him, she felt dejected.

‘What we? Since when did he become a member of our group? How could he be so shameless? I swear if I survive this, I’ll find him and kill him.’ The young lady thought, but she still followed Grey’s suggestion since she knew he was right.

Escaping individually would give them a better chance than doing so with the entire horde following behind them.

When she studied the group properly, she realized the youth who screamed previously was the injured one because he was the only one who wasn’t present.

Just like her, the others also quickly scattered since staying together was a bad decision.

Of all the people, the tall youth was the most unfortunate one since the strongest Purple Horned Lightning Ape followed him, accompanied by two others and over ten Silver Horned Lightning Apes. It felt since Grey had passed the treasure to him, he should be their main target.

He couldn’t even go far before he was surrounded by the Apes, he wasn’t that fast anyway, and being targeted by the strongest and fastest Ape, it was impossible for him to escape.

‘*Sigh* So he’s the sacrifice.’ Grey shook his head when he saw the tall youth being surrounded.


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