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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 150: What Did He Do?! Bahasa Indonesia

While the battle was still ongoing, Grey appeared from the forest on the southern side of the field.

He quickly analyzed the situation to know what to do. It didn’t take up to a second before he recognized the Twelfth Prince.

‘Ah, to think it’s them. If I leave the Apes with them and by chance any of them successfully escapes, then that’s me creating an enemy I can’t fight against.’ He thought while looking at the Twelfth Prince.

He was short on time so he had to make a decision as soon as possible since the Apes were only a few seconds away from him. When he was getting close to this place, he managed to increase the distance between himself and the Apes, so he would be able to think properly when he saw the people who were battling.

Since he knew the Twelfth Prince, taking the Apes in their direction was out of the picture. But he didn’t worry since he had already come up with a plan in case he knew any of those fighting.

“I got it!” He yelled attracting the attention of both groups who were still in a heated battle, while also making sure that the Apes who were following behind him would hear it from their location.

Hearing the yell, everyone fighting subconsciously turned around to look at who was speaking. Given the current situation of the battle, each group was hoping it was someone they were acquainted with.

Both groups immediately separated and came back to their groups. They didn’t know if the person coming was a friend or a foe, so getting together with their team was the best decision.

‘What are you doing?’ Void asked Grey with a confused expression.

‘When we get there, jump into the hands of that young lady.’ Grey ordered.

‘What?!’ Void asked stunned.

‘Just do it, or else you won’t get a meal for a week.’ Grey threatened, he didn’t have much time so he couldn’t tell Void what his plan was. But he knew Void would be able to figure it out soon.

‘You don’t have to take it that serious, of course I’ll do it.’ Having no other option, Void could only grudgingly accept. He didn’t know what Grey was planning, but he could tell it was nothing good for the group he was targeting. Other than that, there was no way he would allow himself to miss a meal for a week.

Being with Grey these past two months, what he enjoyed more than attacking him when he was training was his cooking. He hadn’t been in contact with many people, but he was almost certain there were only a few people who was as good as Grey when it came to cooking.

“Do you know him?” The young lady asked those in her group when she saw Grey coming towards them excitedly.

They all shook their heads signifying they didn’t know who he was.

On the side of the Twelfth Prince’s group, the Twelfth Prince was the first one to recognize Grey and couldn’t help but feel that his behavior was slightly suspicious. Grey was from the Qilin empire, so he saw no reason why he was heading towards the people from the Azure empire with an excited expression.

‘Could it be that he was originally from the Azure empire?’ He asked himself still not understanding why Grey was heading in the direction of the group from the Azure empire.

Although he didn’t have any close relations with Grey, he didn’t dare to believe Grey was from the Azure empire, or else they would be dead if he joined the group from the Azure empire in this battle.

Just as he was about to step forward and question Grey, he saw Grey signaling him with his eyes to stay back. He was naturally smart and quickly told the others to keep their distance, although he wasn’t friends with Grey, he decided to trust him once, it wasn’t like he had any other choices anyway. Even though both groups had separated, it didn’t mean the group from the Azure empire still couldn’t attack them.

Everything happened within a couple of seconds and the others still haven’t been able to comprehend what was going on, some of them even had confused faces while staring at the running Grey.

“Here!” Grey said throwing a stone in the direction of the tall youth, making sure the timing of the throw was perfect.

If the youth caught the stone too fast, then the Apes wouldn’t see him catching it, while if it was too slow, then the Apes would easily figure out what he threw towards them was a stone and not their treasure.

The tall youth subconsciously caught the stone Grey threw his way.

The moment he caught the stone was the same time the Purple Horned Lightning Apes came out of the forest. The Apes didn’t see what the tall youth caught, but judging from the direction his hands were facing when he caught it, they figured it was the human they were chasing who threw it towards him.

Being in the Origin Plane, they were naturally smarter than beasts in lower Planes. Only a freak like Void could be said to be smarter than they were.


The leading Purple Horned Ape roared angrily thinking that their treasure had been given to the tall youth and charged towards them.

While Grey on the other hand had hidden behind the tall youth and Void could be seen on the arms of the young lady who had a dazed expression looking at the strange black cat that suddenly jumped into her arms.

The roar brought everyone back to their senses.

The Twelfth Prince quickly retreated with his group when they saw the Apes coming.

‘How the hell did he manage to run under the pressure of being chased by such beasts?’

This was the question running through the minds of everyone. They all knew that these Apes were one of the little Lightning attributes beasts, so they were naturally very fast, yet, Grey managed to run away from the angry looking Apes, not just that, but he still managed to create such a good distance between them.

None of them present here was confident in being able to repeat that feat.

‘No wonder he went in their direction, he’s trying to draw the beasts to them.’ The Twelfth Prince finally figured out why Grey went towards the other group.

He wasn’t trying to help the group from the Azure empire, rather, he came to deliver their doom to them!

But what shocked the Twelfth Prince and his group was when they saw the horde of Silver Horned Lightning Apes flocking out of the forest.

“Oh my God! What did he do?!” Neil exclaimed subconsciously while shaking from fright.

He was already feeling Grey was someone extraordinary to be able to run while being chased by the Purple Horned Lightning Apes, even though they were five, he knew he couldn’t escape from them. But never in his wildest dreams did he think the Purple Horned Lightning Apes weren’t the only ones chasing him, instead, it was an entire horde of Apes.


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