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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 80 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 80: The Guardian Gate and the British Magic Association (4)

The people gathered in the main hall of the British Magic Association. John Wesley stood at the side of Wayne Burns, both looking at the stage.

“What do you think, President? Do you think that Kang Min-hyuk truly can defeat A-class monsters?”

“No…the conditions aren’t good for that.”

Wayne Burns was contacted by John Wesley the day before the event to inform him of Kang Min-hyuk’s visit. It was known that he would demonstrate his power against A-class monsters, but that information wasn’t disclosed, in case it burdened the young wizard. However, Magnus Larson had coaxed him to the stage, arranged into a hazardous place.

Wayne Burns continued, “I believe in Kang Min-hyuk. He has no reason to lie. However, when he defeated the A-Class Death Knight, he had the advantage of a shield of reinforced warriors…under such protection, a wizard’s power can double. Now, he is alone. He won’t have the fullness of his power.”

It was extremely reckless. But it was too late to turn back; Kang Min-hyuk took Magnus Larson’s bait and made a very disruptive offer.

Magnus Larson never dreamt that Kang Min-hyuk would face A-class monsters one-on-one. It was impossible! Even a sixth-circle wizard would struggle to cast quickly enough and indeed die facing such a dreadful monster in close combat. The proceedings had taken an unexpected twist, and Magnus Larson found himself in a state of confusion. Several people criticized him bitterly.

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