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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 81 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 81: The Guardian Gate and the British Magic Association (5)

The situation reached its conclusion with an expression of regret from Wayne Burns, and Kang Min-hyuk no longer raised the issue. Everybody but Kang Min-hyuk left the British Magic Association. They, too, had to return to their original positions and spoke sadly to Wayne Burns before leaving.

“You must try to make amends with Kang Min-hyuk. If he decides against sharing his future discoveries, those of us gathered today will get the blame. As for Magnus Larson…we’ll deal with him later.”.

Since Kang Min-hyuk revealed his discomfort with the way things had transpired, the people who created the atmosphere were inevitably troubled. The greatest sin came from Magnus Larson. However, those who criticized him and expected a demonstration or let the situation go by silence shared responsibility. Had Magnus Larson been reined in from the start, the problem wouldn’t have occurred at all.

Wayne Burns experienced some complex emotions following the day’s events. He felt encouraged by Kang Min-hyuk’s words – not only because of the revolution he symbolized or the magical prowess but also due to his integrity. He didn’t just harbor power but knew how to use it. Suddenly, he remembered what Kang Min-hyuk had said about the Korean article concerning Suhomun. He later found an English translation.

[A few days have passed since Kang Min-hyuk’s magical revolution was announced. Suhomun, who had been silent for a while, said in an interview today, “Kang Min-hyuk has no affiliation with Suhomun, and he will never return here.” Also, Suhomun officially signed an agreement with the Korean Magic Association. Unlike the existing exchange relations, in the future, Suhomun and the Korean Magic Association plan to work within a clear system of symbiosis. This seems to be the aftermath of the magical revolution, and it is presumed that Suhomun will actively accept the changing trends of the magical academic world.]

The Guardian Gate changed quickly. While most groups still denied the reality so as not to lose power to the wizards, the attitude of Suhomun shifted at once. Their position at the top of the hierarchy hadn’t changed; however, they offered a specific power to the wizards and chose a practical method to strengthen their alliance further. It was Kang Deok-cheol who proposed the course of action. He knew that Kang Min-hyuk was the best, but his refusal didn’t cause him to cling to his hurt and change his approach – he was ready to accept alternatives and proceeded with the next best option.

Magnus Larson’s conspiracy theory got him into some serious trouble. At the background of his ideas was the Guardian Gate, but the article inferred that Kang Min-hyuk had been expelled from Suhomun. Was that bad news for Kang Min-hyuk? No. He willingly abandoned the path of the reinforced warrior and responded to his calling as a wizard. Rather than expelling him, a more in-depth insight suggested that Suhomun had entrusted him to make the right decision – they would prefer to work with him than any other wizard, but their proposal was rejected. In short: Kang Min-hyuk had abandoned his family to become the best version of himself. It was a grave mistake for Magnus Larson to share his conspiracy theory. He was too fixed in his ways to board the vehicle of change – one that even Suhomun, the most tremendous power in Korea, had accepted readily, and he would pay dearly for his misconduct.

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