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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 67 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 67: S-Class Dungeon Dark City (2)

It was finally the day of the subjugation. Upon entering the S-class dungeon, Wangbangsan, where Dark City is located, nearby residents’ traces urgently fleeing could be seen everywhere. The dungeon was formed a month ago. As the random gate phenomenon frequently occurred around the dungeon, it became a ruin where people could not live.

As they arrived at the safety zone within the yellow border, Lee Jun-ho, the successor of Suhomun, took the briefing, “I will briefly explain the situation. After creating the S-class dungeon, Dark City, all twelve parties were destroyed as they attempted to attack the dungeon. An epic monster known as Dark Lich dwells within – since its discovery, the dungeon had been renamed ‘Dark City,’ and it’s been upgraded to an S-class dungeon. It’s inaccessible to civilians now. At first, it was said that there were no survivors, but there were reports broadcast a few days ago that suggested otherwise. Suhomun will put subjugation first, but will proceed with the rescue of any survivors.”

Lee Jun-ho’s voice was calm. His handsome appearance, clear voice, and steady gaze, which seemed to see people truly, created an air of charisma that captivated the audience.

“The subjugation team will be divided into three groups of ten people. I will be at the forefront as the leader of the advance team, and the main university will be in charge of Kang Deok-cheol, and Moonjoo will be in charge of the main university. The S-class dungeon, Dark City, is a place where danger lurks everywhere. What you need to keep in mind…”

As Suhomun’s disciples focused on Lee Jun-ho’s explanation, Kang Min-hyuk knew what this situation meant, “It’s a process of succession.”

The subjugation was part of the official schedule of Suhomun and was always widely covered by a reporter from K Broadcasting Corporation. In a place where many people’s eyes were focused, Kang Deok-cheol put Lee Jun-ho in the foreground instead of himself. It was an attempt to imprint Lee Jun-ho into the minds of the public. It was an attempt to gain trust.

Kang Deok-cheol had finally decided the next successor would be Lee Jun-ho. He was Kang Min-hyuk’s childhood friend and occupied a great chamber of his mind filled with memories. While he was explaining, the pair made eye contact with each other, but Lee Jun-ho didn’t show any emotions. Instead, he turned his gaze away from Kang Min-hyuk. Kang Min-hyuk wasn’t concerned. In the past, Lee Jun-ho always listened to Kang Min-hyuk’s speeches, but now the positions were reversed.

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