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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 66 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 66: S-Class Dungeon Dark City (1)

Kim Seong-ho was nervous about meeting Kang Min-hyuk again, afraid that he would think negatively of himself and his brothers. They had been shocked a few weeks earlier when they watched Kang Min-hyuk’s academic conference, only to find Klinssman’s face on-screen. He knew that Klinss’ talent was extraordinary but didn’t for a moment, assume that he could have been Kang Min-hyuk from Suhomun. What shocked them further was the content included in the conference.

Although he was a reinforced warrior, Seong-ho had an interest in magical affairs, so he was aware of the gravity of Min-hyuk’s announcement.

“He’s a genius,” He uttered as he heard him speak. It was clear for all to see. Within the time it would take for a new wizard, fresh to the art, to lay the bare foundations of their practice, Kang Min-hyuk had made great discoveries that would mark milestones in the science of magic. Seong-ho fell into a state of confusion. Should he contact Min-hyuk? He felt it was essential to maintain a relationship with him somehow, not because he was from Suhomun, but because he was an individual who would succeed regardless of background or what was to come. It was an important characteristic that set him apart from other wizards, and indeed, other people generally.

Kim Seong-ho, Lim Yun-ho, and Jung Min-chul were three ordinary men who had chosen to become hunters. They trained hard and risked their lives, but there were limits to what could be achieved by regular people. Their progress wasn’t poor – each of them was a talented warrior, but they felt as though they had reached a plateau over time. They had no driving force, no connections to push them forwards. Kang Min-hyuk appealed to them for that reason. Connecting with him provided contact with somebody special and renowned, something none had experienced before.

“Continuation of our relationship with Kang Min-hyuk will almost definitely result in a positive influence for us. We must make the most of our contact with Kang Min-hyuk. We have to make him see that we are worth forming a concrete relationship with, not just a passing bond.”

Kim Seong-ho was desperate for strength.

Lim Yun-ho and Jung Min-cheol were anxious. In the end, Kim Seong-ho breathed deeply and regained his composure for the the proposal, sake of his brothers. groundwork for

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