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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 65 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 65: People Gather in Search of Hope (4)

The mana room was a very unfamiliar space for Jeong Sang-hoon. The fact that such a system existed in the world was baffling to him.

“Let me give you a demonstration. Go outside and watch how I do it.”


Sang-hoon obeyed Kang Min-hyuk’s command. There was a separate window made of tempered glass, so it was easy to watch from inside. Kang Min-hyuk sat cross-legged in the center of the magic circle and said, “Using the Mana Room is simple. When mana is poured into the magic circle, a reaction is created. Thus, the training begins. It’s important to withstand the pressure and to be aware of how much mana can stably accumulate in the circle. If you adapt successfully to this training, you can make a lot of progress in the future.”

The explanation was brief but thorough.

Kang Min-hyuk immediately pushed mana into the circle, and the twelve stones reacted, increasing the circulation. Kang Min-hyuk experienced a level of pressure that he would not have dared to withstand before his battle with the Werewolf. However, he felt very relaxed. His experience in the Tower took Kang Min-hyuk to another world; he could withstand the fifth level of the mana room for over an hour now.

Time passed quickly. As the mana subsided, Kang Min-hyuk opened his eyes.

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