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Why Should I Stop Being a Villain – Chapter 366: Student Council vs Blood Faction Bahasa Indonesia

366 Student Council vs Blood Faction

“That’s different from what he showed in front of Tyrone!” Damian said out loud.

Although it was hard for him to see each of their moves, it wasn’t hard to see that Leonard’s way of fighting had changed.

Unlike Tyrone, he wasn’t fighting with Raelyn by using Fire Element, but he combined the effect of both wind and fire.

Raelyn looked at Leonard who was moving in circles as the wind around them started to flow in a certain direction.

Her crystal blue eyes circled around the Stage following Leonard’s movement as she stood still in the middle.

Suddenly, Leonard’s movement became faster as a firewall appeared around Raelyn.

Raelyn could see traces of aura in the fire around her, so it wasn’t hard to conclude it was another sword technique that Leonard was using against her.

The Firewall intensified as the wind on the Stage became chaotic.

Raelyn’s white hair started fluttering, but from her expression, it didn’t look like she was bothered by Leonard’s move.

She had expected him to reach certain mastery in both the elements, witnessing the duel between Tyrone and Leonard.

And right now, she was seeing the skill of Leonard Tarvian, who had mastered both Fire and Wind and incorporated them into his Remer Art.

Leonard became visible as Raelyn summoned the water drops around her, but they started moving with the flow of wind that Leonard created.

“Not bad,” Raelyn said out loud as she intensified her aura.

Her aura made cracks on the Stage and made a shell around her that made it difficult for the wind to flow uncontrollably around her.

Swinging her sword around, Raelyn’s aura followed the movement that she was making.

After taking a deep breath, Raelyn rotated her right foot and titled her upper body as her eyes circled around following the movement of Leonard.

In a second, Raelyn, who was on her spot, disappeared, leaving a mark on the Stage as the loud sound of sword clashing started vibrating around the arena.




Although most students couldn’t see their complete movements, they could see the effect of their clashes that were appearing all around the Stage.

Loud sounds of two metals colliding with each other were resonating, but only sparks made of aura were appearing amidst the storm-like wind that Leonard had created.

Raelyn could feel the flames that powered Leonard’s strike.

But currently, Raelyn wasn’t too focused on defending against Leonard’s attack.

She had a A Rank Armor, one of the most coveted things in the End Year Tournament, but Leonard had a A Rank Sword Artifact to counter it.

So even if she wasn’t worried about getting any fatal injuries, she was being careful while following Leonard’s movement carefully.

Both of them were reluctant to show their trump card first, as they would be at a disadvantage if they failed.

Raelyn turned around as Leonard felt a strike coming from his side.

Immediately, he switched the sword around his hand, holding it downwards towards his legs, blocking Raelyn’s attack.

It created an opening on the right, as Raelyn covered her leg in aura and kicked his right side, which was exposed.

Using the pressure she was applying on the sword that Leonard was blocking, she turned her body quickly.

Leon flared his aura to protect him, and Raelyn felt slight burns around her leg, but she went with the attack.


A loud sound of their aura clashing was made as Leonard was pushed to the side as he felt pain in his right side.

Fortunately, his hand was fine, so he could still go on, but Raelyn had successfully gained the upper hand in this battle by this move.

“Woah, that’s the Student Council President for you!!”

“Raelyn!! Raelyn!!,”

Many student council members were cheering for Raelyn, especially among the third years.

But things didn’t look for the Blood Faction members.

For the first time, the smile on Leonard’s face faded as his light blue eyes stared at Raelyn.

“I played around too much,” Leonard muttered as he swung his sword in the air several times.

“Fourth Remer,” Leonard said as the air around him changed.

He used This exact technique to defeat Tyrone, and seeing that Raelyn also got serious as her stance changed.

The fire around Leonard’s turned denser, and it got hotter and even more dangerous.

It was through extreme control he was making it revolve around his limbs.

As Leonard took another step forward, both of them disappeared from their positions as their swords clashed in the air.

Before descending down, Raelyn and Leonard constantly exchanged blows, but something about Leonard’s way of fighting had changed.

She could feel his sword had become sharper and more powerful.

But there was one thing different from what Leonard did with Tyrone.

Unlike his previous match, this time, it was not only fire he was using with Remer Art.

Although not much, Raelyn could sense the faint wind manipulation that Leonard was doing around them.

It would make his strike speed faster or slower, making it unpredictable.

It was getting harder to predict, but after the final exchange of strikes, both of them landed on the ground.

Immediately, Leonard rushed forward as the flames around his limbs crept on the sword.

The Dark Blue sword stood out as flames covered all around its blade.

It was A RanK artifact, so it even strengthened Leonard’s fire, as it could resonate with mana pretty well.

It was a passive ability of this sword that was perfect for Leonard as it fitted with his fighting style.

‘Maybe it’s time,’ Raelyn thought as she felt Leonard’s fire were becoming stronger.

Such an intense amount of heat was something that she couldn’t handle if Leonard got a direct hit.

And even with the Armor, it wasn’t worth the risk.

After all, it wasn’t the same for her, unlike Tyrone, who could withstand these flames with his own body.

Asher was keenly watching the match, but he couldn’t help but compare both of them and their progress till now with his previous life.

And looking at that, he could see there was a slight improvement in both of their strengths.

He remembered the duel as he had watched it, but it didn’t go exactly like this.

Maybe it was because of Asher’s interference, but everyone around him had gotten slightly stronger, not that it made any difference to him.

Raelyn summoned the water around her sword as she dropped its temperature by a lot.

It wasn’t like ice magic, but she could do that much.

Controlling an element could let people dive closer to things like an advance element, but it wasn’t comparable to people naturally possessing those affinities.

And suddenly, Raelyn, who was being pushed back, stopped as they exchanged multiple blows with each other.

Because Leonard had the upper hand if she remained near him, Raelyn would take five steps away from Leonard before rushing towards him.

Leonard looked around and saw the white hair fluttering around, wearing the white armor that had a faint glow on the side.

He wasn’t aware of the armor’s abilities, so he was being extra careful.

Raelyn hadn’t used that armor at all, so there was no information about the effects the armor had.

And without knowing those, going for a heavy strike was simply dumb in Leonard’s eyes.

That’s why he was forcing Raelyn to reveal it herself, but it wasn’t working exactly as he wanted.

Raelyn’s affinity with water was much greater, and her usage had gotten more refined than what he had imagined it to be.

Just using flames wasn’t enough, as even with small burns, using so much fire element required mana, and it was not like he had a massive amount of mana.

Even Raelyn knew, so she was dragging the fight to make Leonard make the first move.

Both of them had similar strategies in mind and more of the reason why the fight was getting more intense every second.

It wasn’t much at the beginning, but right now, Raelyn was using her aura even more, just like Leonard was doing with his mana.

Suddenly, the fight was turning into who could stand on the Stage longer than the other.

All the Seat Holders were watching the fight without saying anything, but they could see the direction where this match was going.

Just from their experience alone, the ending of this duel was coming near.

And it all depended on who would show their cards first.

Each duel was a mental and physical battle against their opponent.

Without properly judging and knowing your enemy, it was very easy to make mistakes and pay the price for them.

And right now, it all depended on who would be the one that read the moves of the other person correctly.

“Fourth Remer, Gale,” Leonard muttered as he was the first one to break the balance and use the move that defeated Tyrone Martell.

Suddenly, the wind around the Stage became calmer, but Raelyn knew that all that chaotic wind was circling itself around Leonard.


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