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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 92: Civil War Bahasa Indonesia

(Random Adventurer’s Guild staff member POV)

I had just been nothing but an ordinary citizen of this town.

When the young mistress of the Lindulf House began introducing all the new changes to us, she captured many of our hearts when her inventions began changing our lives for the better.

Paved roads, glass windows, water pumps and even heated baths were just a few of the things she has introduced to this town over the years.

As though that wasn’t enough, she even brought the holy world of ‘An Ney May’ to uncultured people. Apparently, she had been granted the opportunity to see this world through the eyes of god himself and even learned all this ‘Science’ from him.

But that came at a hefty price as this benevolent god had met with a calamity that caused him to lose much of his divinity.

She was tasked to spread the wonders of that world to us, stating that if enough people were made aware of it and believed in him, the god would regain his divinity and we would be able to meet the creator of such a wonderful world eventually.

That prospect excited us immensely.

We believed that the god of such an amazing world can only be especially amazing himself.

To have granted us the opportunity to be a part of that world, we will do our absolute best to help our God regain his divinity!

But today, I learnt that there were other gods in this world as well…

A swordwoman had came in earlier in the day to try and seek information on the Lindulf House.

The moment she tried to get me to provide details on the Lindulf House’s past, I had reported it to the ‘An Ney May’ security team that was posted within the Guild.

They tried to get her to cooperate and follow them in accordance to the laws the young mistress had implemented but she had vehemently refused to do so.

The law had been put in place after a horde of spies and saboteurs from multiple different companies had tried to disrupt their business on multiple occasions. Everyone in town are aware of such attempts by outside people and of course we will choose to stick by the young mistress!

A golden haired girl had shown up later, claiming the first girl as her sister even when they looked nothing alike.

The argument soon escalated into a fight between the swordswoman and the men of the Security division.

I had expected the security team to wipe the floor with her especially since they had her outnumbered eight to one. But contrary to what I and everyone else in the guild had thought would happen, she had struck them all down in a matter of minutes without a scratch.

The golden haired one had stepped forward after that, revealing themselves to be priestesses to some sort of godlike deity they refer to as ‘Master’.

They spoke of his benevolence and how his magnanimity had saved hundreds, if not thousands of people from their darkest of times.

They claimed that their Master will be the one to lead everyone to a new world where there will not be any discrimination against people who worships him, a world where his believers will live in paradise.

I had initially scoffed at their idea, the only true God is the one who has brought the world of ‘An Ney May’ to us, not some random dude that had been going around being benevolent while spouting nonsense of a promised land.

But as they continued to preach to us of the world they sought to build in their Master’s name, I saw a number of people looking at them with more than just a passing interest in their eyes.

This situation became dangerous now.

If our people’s beliefs started swaying, our own God might not be able to regain his divinity and we shall forever be denied to gaze upon his glorious visage! I must stop them!

I rushed into the back room of the guild, unlocking the door that had five locks with a set of keys I had kept hidden on me that only a select few of us had access to.

Within the small room was nothing but a small device on top of a table.

The young mistress had called it a telegraph, allowing us to send messages across vast distances to the machine it was connected to.

This one in particular was our emergency telegraph, connected directly to the young mistress’s own receiver meant only for emergencies.

I tapped in my plea for help, hoping our young mistress can stop this plague from spreading any further and desecrating our sacred plan.

It took around half an hour for my plea to be answered, the door swinging open for them to enter the guild.

“First Lady Lindulf, Young Mistress Lindulf,” I greeted them respectfully.

I explained what had transpired to the two of them briefly, rage manifesting on their faces when they learned of what they were trying to do.

“Stop right this instance!” The young mistress roared, storming towards the two of them.

“What do you want?” The golden haired one rudely demanded.

“We do not tolerate the preaching of false gods here, please leave the premises,” the young mistress scowled.

“How interesting… Our God most definitely exists and we have seen and felt him physically, how can you say that he is false?”

“There is only one true God in this world and judging by what you are preaching, it is most definitely not what he would have wanted for this world.”

“Oh? And I don’t suppose you know who the true God really is?”

The young mistress crossed her arms, “Of course, he is the one who has brought the world of ‘An Ney May’ and all the new technology to us. Only the true God could grace us with such wondrous things!”

The golden haired girl crossed her arms as well,as though sizing her up, “Only the true God would care for the masses more than himself! Could yours willingly sacrifice himself to save everyone?”

“He has already sacrificed his own divinity to allow us to advance our culture. If yours is so godly as you claim him to be, he shouldn’t need to sacrifice himself.”

“Hmph. Your ‘god’ seems more like a scheme by the businesses to control the people instead.”

There was a ripple of gasps from the crowd.

“You take that back! He has done so much for us already! All we want is to help Him get His divinity back! I will not stand for such slander!” The young mistress said through gritted teeth.

The golden haired girl snorted with disdain, “And yet you yourself slandered mine own Master. I see now that the people who follow this ‘god’ of yours is truly blind. I shall take it upon myself to enlighten them all.”

“You dare hinder our God’s return to his divinity?!”

“If your little ‘god’ is as good as you claim him to be, his followers shouldn’t be that weak then.”

“You think us to be weak-minded sheep?”

“Oh? Seeing how they were so easily influenced to follow a trend, is that not true? And besides, for this ‘god’ to require his believers to worship him to regain his divinity… It sounds suspicious to me no matter how I see it.”

The young mistress sneered at her, “And this ‘master’ of yours is some all-powerful being? But yet he still had to die?”

“He sacrificed his mortal body for us, but it was still an easy feat for him to return to us. I have no doubts that our God is way more divine than yours if he even exists.”

“Ha… Haha… Hahahaha!” The young mistress threw her head back and laughed. “Very well then! You claim to be a priestess of your own ‘god’ right?! I will show you the power of our God!”

“Ahahaha! Very well, little girl! Let me see you do your worst!”

I clenched my fists when I saw the determined look on both their faces. I have already set myself on the path to return the ‘An Ney May’ God’s divinity to him, I won’t bow down to any other god or their believers!

If some other blasphemers dare to desecrate our God’s name, I will not show them mercy.

This is war!


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