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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 878: Always Subjugating Locals Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

After Master had given us the freedom to explore the tower as we wished, my first objective was to find any information I could about this Plane so I could start plotting on destroying that stupid ‘demon god’.

If I could also find anything useful to drop on the arrogant idiots of this Plane, that would be a bonus as well.

I wonder if there’s a book somewhere that would teach me how to destroy an entire Plane? With what Master has told us about this place, I think it would be better if it was wiped from existence altogether.

“Ara, ara? It looks like some naughty boys placed a curse on this book,” Manami chuckled from beside me.

I turned towards her to see Manami holding a book that had some kind of black aura emanating from between the covers.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see one of the pieces of trash hiding behind one of the shelves spying on us. No doubt he was the one who set the curse.

Manami summoned a small flame and pressed it against the book’s cover, letting the flame burn away the curse without harming the book.

The trash clucked his tongue at us before skulking away, presumably to set more traps for other people to set off. I considered killing him right there and then but decided against it since he wasn’t specifically targeting us.

How boorish… Humans would really go to such lengths to see others fail. I don’t doubt that those people who are copying those books for their Sects are keeping some of the information to themselves so that the rest of their Sect would not get the full benefits of the books too.

The guards around them might have also been placed to monitor them just as much to protect them.

Taking the opportunity to look around, I realised that all of my sisters are currently occupied with reading while I was the only one who has yet to find what I’m looking for.

I then decided to move to the upper levels of the tower, hoping that the books up there would contain the knowledge I sought.

Climbing up the stairs, I noticed that there was another table full of scribes close by hunched over their books and frantically scribbling away. Their assigned guards immediately turned to me, their eyes watching my every movement.

I peeked at the pile of books that they had gathered on their table purely out of curiosity. I was not expecting to find anything of interest until I noticed a book titled ‘The Divine Lightning Of Destruction’.

Needless to say, I wanted that book and these people definitely aren’t going to let me have it.

I stepped closer towards them and predictably, a few of them moved to block my way.

“This is no place for a little missy like you,” The one in the middle growled.

I narrowed my eyes at him, “I only want one book from your table. Hand it over or lose a limb, your choice.”

I was expecting them to not take me seriously but I was surprised to see that their frowns turned into smiles instead.

One of them reached out and grabbed my hand, an action that I was fully expecting the Law of this tower to react to and teleport him out. Instead, he remained where he was and even took a step closer to me.

“Surprised? You must be new here,” The man sneered. “You see, rape is not considered as an act of violence here. But if you try and fight back, that counts.”

That is the dumbest Law I’ve ever seen. How can rape not be considered as an act of violence?! The person who created this must not have been raped before.

Ugh… If it wasn’t because Master had explicitly told us not to find him, I would have gone back and dragged him out and sodomise him with a rusty pipe.

I sighed and swung my other arm down in an arc.

The fact that this piece of trash had dared to touch me was enough of a reason for him to die. I’m going to need to ask Master to help purify this arm from his contamination.

A few seconds passed before the head of the man holding me suddenly exploded in a shower of golden sparks. I made sure to also erect a barrier so that his blood doesn’t spray everywhere and ruin the books.

The headless corpse flopped onto the ground lifelessly, allowing me to step over him to reach for the book that I had my eyes on.

Only when I plucked the book from the pile did the rest of the guards finally realise what had happened, all of them backing away in shock.

“What… What did you do?!”

“You bitch! Who the hell are you?!”

“How dare you?! Do you know who we are?!”

They were really noisy so I summoned another lightning bolt to throw at them, hitting the one nearest to me in the chest.

The lightning pierced through his heart and arced to the two men beside him, also spearing them in the chest faster than they could react.

The three of them joined their headless friend on the ground, already dead before they even hit the ground.

I raised an eyebrow at the final two guards, both of them now looking at me with a mix of fear and rage.

The man on the left let his rage overwhelm him and he summoned his own lightning to throw at me.

Too bad for him, he was teleported out of the tower before he could even fully materialise his lightning, leaving only one guard left.

The scribes at the table also stood up, joining the final guard in staring at me with faces full of fear.

I almost walked away with the book when I was struck with a great idea.

Since they were so nice in vacating the table, I sat down on one of the empty seats and pushed aside the books to make space for mine.

“He… Hey! That’s–“

I grabbed the robes of the scribe and pulled, causing him to smash his head against the edge of the table before falling over onto the ground.

I turned to regard the rest of them, “I was going to leave all of you alone after I got this book but now I’m feeling a little pissed after your friend here grabbed my arm.”

To make my point, I nudged the headless corpse with the tip of my foot.

“Now if all of you don’t want to die by my hands or get barred from this tower for life, you’re going to do exactly as I say, understand? No, scratch that. Even if you try to get yourself barred now, I will just head outside and kill you, so either obey or die.”

The last guard furrowed his brows at me, “Who do you think you are–“

“Wrong answer.”

I pierced his throat with a lightning spear.

He gasped and clawed at his throat, falling to his knees and making gurgling noises as blood poured out of the hole in his neck.

I left him to die and turned my gaze to the remaining scribes.

One of them bowed his head, “Ple… Please make use of me!”

Seeing their compatriot submit, the rest of them quickly bowed their heads as well.

Hmph. Like Master said, this place only understands power, that’s why I just need to show excess of it to make them submit to me.

Pride? That’s the one thing they can do without if they can get more power for themselves.

If only I didn’t need to worry about Master finding out about this, otherwise I would have subjugated the entire tower alongside my sisters and Brendan to make them work for us.

“I want every book, scroll or anything related that contains information about the Demon God and the Sinister Demon Sect here. Also anything related to Divine Lightning as well. Do it well and I may let you live.”

“Yes ma’am!”

Hmph, that’s more I like it.

I’ll just kill them all after they have served their uses, I already know they will try to backstab me afterwards so there’s no reason to keep them around after this.

Especially when they pose a risk of letting Master find out what happened here.

Now I’ll just see what this ‘The Divine Lightning Of Destruction’ is about. Hopefully it tells me of how I can destroy this entire Plane before we leave…


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