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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 871: Metaphorical Faceslap Comes First Bahasa Indonesia


My disciples managed to navigate past all the traps safely, no thanks to the two burdens following us who weren’t even trying to look out for traps.

I’m not sure if they were really just plain stupid or not but they were actually expecting to just cut down any trap they came across to advance to the vault.

Naturally, my disciples were much more sensible than they were and worked together to circumvent any trap they had found.

Once past that hurdle, the last and most daunting challenge was now in front of us.

The maze was the main reason why the vault has not been conquered until now. If you were strong or perceptive enough, the traps would not be an issue to you. But despite that, many people have tried to conquer this maze and ended up losing their lives in it.

Naturally, one of the reasons is that this maze is just that big and getting lost in it spelled certain doom. The other problem with it was the fact that the layout of the maze kept changing every few minutes so any map or markings you drew are rendered useless.

Combined with the fact that traps were still present inside the maze, you could very well lose your life if you were even just a little bit careless.

The self proclaimed ‘sword god’ Dao stepped forward with his blade unsheathed.

“Hmph! Now it’s time for me to show my usefulness! I have realised the real trick of this maze! You’re not supposed to conquer it normally but to just cut your way through it!”

He brought his sword down in an overhead slash, sending out a wave of lightning at the wall of the maze.

There was a huge explosion as the lightning collided with the wall, creating a giant cloud of dust that obscured our vision of the wall.

I already knew the result even before the dust settled, revealing the wall perfectly intact with nary a scratch on its surface.

“You’re just weak, let me show you how it’s done!” The ‘sword goddess’ Jian boasted, slashing her own sword at it.

For her, a blade of air was created that also exploded against the wall, only to show a similarly disappointing result.

“With how dimwitted you people are, of course someone has tried this method before you did, don’t you think?” Tsuki snickered.

The male swordsman gritted his teeth and unleashed several more strikes at the wall, as though thinking that repeating his actions would result in a different result.

I watched him go at it for a bit until I realised he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Sighing a little to myself, I went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder, prompting the out of breath swordsman to finally stop.

“Just… Ha… Ha… Just a bit more… I’ll make a hole…”

I ignored him and looked at Eris before gesturing to the wall, my swordswoman immediately realising what I wanted.

Having complete trust in me, my swordswoman stepped forward with her sword unsheathed. She took a moment to concentrate before her entire moby was wrapped in a cyclone of fire.

The two burdens watched with wide eyes as Eris swung her sword down, creating a wave of fire to fly out from her swing.

The fire smashed into the wall and blasted it apart, continuing towards the wall behind and blasting that one apart too.

The wave of fire continued all the way until it reached the back, completely decimating any walls in the way.

When the dust settled, a clear path towards the end of the maze was left behind, the golden door of the vault gleaming in the distance.

“Shall we?” I asked, gesturing towards the path Eris made.

My disciples immediately congregated around me and followed me into the maze, the two burdens needing a few more seconds before finally shaking out of their stupor and following us.

Of course this was most definitely not the intended way to conquer this maze, in fact, it was never meant to be conquered.

The guy who built this maze had locked away his stuff here knowing he would never return for them, thus the maze didn’t even have an exit to the vault to begin with. He simply built this to kill the people who were after his treasures.

That’s why I didn’t even bother going into the maze at all.

Remember that I said everyone here is basically a complete ass? This is a prime example.

Right as we were halfway through the maze however, the walls suddenly began shifting themselves away from us, moving to block us from reaching the vault.

This should be his countermeasure in case someone actually managed to break down the walls of his maze.

My disciples stuck close to me as we waited for the maze to finish adjusting itself.

In the midst of that though, I had to give Diao Chan a flick on the forehead as my witch had taken the opportunity to start caressing the area in between my legs.

After a few moments passed, the maze finally stopped moving.

Instead of rearranging itself into a new maze however, the walls had pushed themselves to the sides to form a sort of circular arena with us standing in the middle of it.

A few of the walls shifted and several figures wielding swords stepped into the arena.

The figures had the body shape of a human but each of them had a golden sheen on them, even their swords seemed to be made of gold. All of them began trudging their way towards us, each of their footsteps making a metallic clang against the hard stone floor.

The two burdens were the first to step forward, no doubt trying to make up for their embarrassing display just now.

Slashing their swords, they each sent out a sword wave that cut off the heads of two of the golden golems.

Seeing that their attacks were successful, they proceeded to cut down the other golems with ease, only stopping when they had decapitated each of them with deadly precision.

“Hmph, small fries. To think this maze would use such weak constructs as its guards.”

I cleared my throat, getting their attention before pointing to the fallen golems.

They turned to see the decapitated heads had melted into a puddle of gold before reforming back at the neck of the golem, as though it had never been cut.

The golems started to stand again before the two idiots cut them down once more, this time even severing their limbs.

Their efforts were proven fruitless as the golems simply reformed again before continuing to advance towards us.

Their response to that was to just keep trying to cut them down.

These two really are just stupidly insane.

Manami let out a sigh, “Allow me, Master.”

My fox disciple spread out her arms and the entire arena was engulfed in a circle of fire.

All the golems were consumed in that wall of fire and Manami kept it up for several seconds before abruptly cutting it off.

Where the golems once stood were now just charred pieces of empty ground.

Manami flipped her hair disdainfully at the two ‘sword gods’ before returning to my side, ignoring the contemptuous glares that the two of them sent her way.

In fact, she was basking in their attention and even strutted forward to plant a kiss on my lips.

I almost thought they would be stupid enough to start pointing their blades towards us right now but they merely lowered their heads and returned to us like beaten dogs.

Now we just need to bust down another set of walls and we would be in front of the vault, time to see what’s inside.

I’m honestly surprised these two have yet to betray us yet though.


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