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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 848: Just Smack Them Bahasa Indonesia


“Hey, what are beauties like you girls doing with these two boring guys? Come with us and we’ll show you a good time!”

Yep… Troublemakers spotted not even an hour after leaving the town.

It’s the group of Practitioners we had seen leading their horses in town just now. I guess they must have already marked us when they passed by us.

My disciples looked quite troubled by their advances so naturally I stepped in.

And by stepping in, I meant delivering a punch to the leader’s gut that shattered all the defensive inscriptions he had on him.

The man gasped and doubled over as the air in his lungs was forced out of his lungs, making him look quite pathetic with him gasping while kneeling on the ground.

I looked at them with a gaze filled with disdain, “Who do you think you are talking to my disciples like that? Do you have a death wish?”

His four companions weren’t amused by my actions.

“How dare you?! Don’t you know who you just hit?!”

I tilted my head at them, “Even if you told me he’s the Sect Master of any of the Grand Sects, it wouldn’t matter to me.”

“You dare–“

I slapped the screaming lackey with the back of my hand, sending him sprawling beside the young master still doubled over on the ground.

I sighed, “You’re really noisy. We’re just minding our own business and you come here looking for trouble. Did you think you wouldn’t face any sort of retribution trying to pick up my girls? Do you know who we are?”

I heard a few soft squeals from the girls behind me but I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that.

The young master finally managed to look up, “You… Just you wait… When I tell my father about this…”

I backhanded him across the face, “You still need to wait for your father to come here before you can do something? I can beat you into the ground right now. Where’s your father? Is he going to stop me from burying you up to your neck right now?”

He clutched his face and glared at me, “You… You wouldn’t dare…”

“Oh? What gave you that idea?”

I stamped my foot and a hole opened up underneath him, dropping the young master inside the ditch. The ground then quickly closed up again, leaving only his head above the ground.

I crossed my arms, “I could kill you, but that would be too good a fate for you, so I’m going to leave you here. If you guys want to save your stupid master, then you better start digging.”

The brat furrowed his brows, “There’s a limit on how much you can look down on me! I’m a sixth stage Peak Realm Practitioner! Breaking out of something like this is… Eh? What? Why can’t I break out of this?!”

“That’s because I made it such that you cannot use Techniques to dispel this prison of yours, the only way is to use your hands to dig you out,” I informed him helpfully. “Anyway, I hope our paths don’t cross again or I may really kill you next time. And on the off chance you want to take revenge, just bring your entire family or Sect along, it’ll save me the trouble of killing them one by one.”

“What are all of you waiting for? Kill this piece of trash!” He roared at his followers.

The four Practitioners started to materialise their Techniques to attack me, each of them conjuring up a different element in their hands.

Before they could even complete their Techniques, my disciples had materialised their own Techniques and blasted them all away. The fact that my disciples managed to finish materialising their Techniques faster than them despite starting later was a clear indication of the difference in strength.

Although… You girls were really ruthless huh? Don’t think I didn’t notice you were all aiming for their crotch. Ouch…

I managed to maintain my poker face and tilted my head at the brat, “I was going to just walk away but it seems like being merciful is wasted on you.”

Moving towards their horses, I removed each of their saddles before giving them a tap on their behinds, prompting them to gallop away into the horizon.

I then dropped the saddlebags on top of his head, “I’m sure since you’re such a strong Practitioner, a little bit of walking wouldn’t hurt right?”

There were a few muffled cries coming from underneath the pile of saddlebags but I ignored it and ushered my disciples away from the scene, continuing our journey towards the ruins.

By my estimation, if those four work hard enough, they should still be able to dig their young master out and still make it in time for the Royale if they run fast enough.

And if they were to get their Sect to come after us, then I’ll just get rid of them there.

Once we were a distance away, I felt a tug on my sleeve.

“Master? What did he mean by ‘sixth stage peak realm Practitioner’?” Lian Li asked.

“Ah, I forgot to mention that, but they have their own way of measuring a Practitioner’s strength here. For us, we basically only measure your proficiency in using your Techniques to determine your rank within a Sect and that’s enough for us. For the Cloud Plane, they actually have an entirely separate system where they measure the Practitioner’s concentration of Quarks within their Cultivation point to determine their strength.”

“So how strong was that bas… I mean… Guy?” Brendan asked.

“Well, there’s ten Realms in total and there’s nine levels for each realm. You would first start out at the Foundation Realm, then comes the Earth Realm and after that the Mountain Realm. Next is the Peak Realm that the idiot from just now was at, which is quite impressive considering his age as most Practitioners would need around fifty to a hundred years to even get there. Then we have the Cloud, Sky, Star, Heaven, Immortal and finally Divine Realms in that order.”

“They’re basically thinking of themselves as Gods?” Tsuki noted.

I chuckled, “That’s right. But to be fair, when they reach that level, they’re pretty much powerful enough to be considered as such here.”

Lian Li looked up at me, “What about us, Master?”

“Honestly, you’ll all be considered at least Heaven Realm. The only reason why you’re not Immortal Realm is because you have yet to achieve immortality, which is one of the conditions to be considered.”

Manami tilted her head, “Ara, ara? Then I suppose we just need to be wary of people in the last two Realms.”

I smiled, “Well… That depends, I guess. They are quite strong but they wouldn’t be that much stronger than all of you. In my books, you’re all at least Immortal Realm in terms of strength.”

“Kukuku~ That’s good to know, Master~ In that case, please continue to leave your protection to us~” Kiyomi giggled.

Looks like my disciples are having a lot of fun huh. Well, you won’t hear me complaining about that for sure.

This Plane is really a shit hole and the people in it deserve to be smacked.


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