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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 845: Just Be Confident Of Yourself Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

Master is sooooo cool~

Just look at how Master is showing His superiority over that dumb beast! That’s what you get for not immediately recognising Master’s Divinity!

Ah? Master killed it by stepping on its head…

Isn’t that… A little too lenient?

If it were up to me, I would have just slashed open a wound and let it bleed. Then I would hang it upside down on a tree somewhere and let the other animals feed on it while it was still alive.

If it were any smarter, I would keep it around to be tortured, but I doubt a beast like this could even begin to understand what kind of being they had just crossed.

Master truly is too kind… We should really get our godhood faster so that we can resurrect these infidels to punish them later. For now, we should just keep this in a book that records down all our grudges or something.

Yes, that’s a perfect idea! We should do that right now!

“Well… Shall we go?” Master suggested, looking really cute with that embarrassed face of His.

If it was just the two of us, I would definitely hug Master and ask to cuddle right now. Mnnn… But let’s just hold back for now, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to receive Master’s love later!

All of us followed Master out of the cavern, finding ourselves on top of a hill that overlooked a valley down below. Inside said valley was a small town that seemed to be built as a pass between both sides of the valley.

“It looks like a normal town…” Brendan pointed out.

Master chuckled, “Contrary to popular belief, people from other Planes are still normal people living in normal homes. But seriously though, there’s not much cultural or technological difference between our Plane and here.”

“Ehhh… Then where would we see the places with the flying airships and stuff, Onii-sama?” Elaria whined.

“Not here I’m afraid. Oh, before I forget, remember that pretty much everyone around this Plane is a Practitioner.”

I tilted my head, “Everyone, Master?”

Master nodded seriously, “Everyone. I’m not joking. Like really everyone. Anyway, let’s go see what the news is inside that town.”

Master brought us to the side of the hill where a small path led the way to the bottom of the hill. Master must be using His Divine power since Master had no problems leading us in this new place, even the forest at the bottom of the hill was not a problem for Master to navigate through.

“OK, I know this is going to look weird, but just follow my lead,” Master instructed us as we were nearing the town gates.

I was quite curious what Master meant by that but all of us simply nodded our heads.

Master then puffed up His chest and lifted His chin, Master’s hands also moved from His sides to His back.

Master then started striding forward with the gait of a confident noble.

Mmmm… Master definitely looks really sexy walking like that, a thought that was definitely shared by all of us.

Reaching the gate that was being watched over by a dozen or so guards, we were already expecting the stop to happen even before the guard stepped out. However, we were most definitely not expecting how Master had responded to the guard.

“Stop right ther–“

“You dare stop ME?!! Do you have ANY idea who I AM?!!” Master shrieked at the guard.

Oh my… That was certainly a surprise but by no means an unwelcome one. Let all these fools know of their place, Master!

The guard was obviously taken aback by Master’s outburst and looked unsure of himself. He turned to his companions for help but all of them shook their heads at him.

“Umm… I…”

“Don’t tell me you DON’T know who I AM?!! Do you want me to have your entire family HANGED?!!”

“N… No! No!! I’m sorry, young master!! I’m new! I didn’t realise it was you!” The guard quickly bowed his head in apology.

Master huffed at him, “Then you better go and learn! Hmph! Truly incompetent! You’re lucky I’m in a good mood today! Let’s go.”

Master strutted past the still bowing guard, prompting all of us to follow as well.

The guard maintained His poise until we got out of sight, I have no doubt that no one there even remotely knew who we were.

“Aniue… So cool…” Tsuki swooned, looking up at Master with sparkling eyes.

Master chuckled, “Remember what Rina said about this place? Power is pretty much everything here. Well… That and connections. If you have both, you can be as arrogant as you want and no one would dare to cross you since you can pretty much murder them in cold blood and no one will even try to punish you for it.”

“Ara, ara? Then Master can be as arrogant as you want~ There is absolutely no one here that can even claim to be stronger than Master after all, ufufufu~” Manami giggled.

Kiyomi nodded, “If there’s anyone who dares to act arrogant in front of Master, then just leave it to us.”

“Ahahaha, I don’t think it will come to that but if it does, I’ll leave it in your hands. In the meantime, we’re just here to gather information for now.”

“M… Master?” Iris suddenly spoke up in a squeaky voice.

“Oh? What is it, Iris?”

“Co… Couldn’t… Master use… Omniscience?”

This Iris really changed after she sealed her divinity huh? The old Iris would not have even questioned Master at all!

Master reached his hand forward and patted her head, “That’s because always knowing the answers to everything will make things boring. Besides, this gives me the perfect excuse to spend time with all of you. If I had just used it whenever, then I would spend less time making memories with all of you, right?”

I couldn’t help it…

I moved forward and hugged Master.

The rest of my sisters and Brendan quickly joined the group hug too, surprising Master.

“We love you, Master,” all of us said in unison.

Master quickly recovered and proceeded to pat each of us on the head, “I love all of you as well.”

We held the hug for a few more moments before letting go, I could still feel the warmth of Master on my body and that brought a tingly sensation in between my legs.

I hope Master will be able to sleep with us tonight…

Master cleared His throat, ignoring the stares of the passers-by who walked by us, “Anyway… The inn’s the best place for information hunting so let’s go there. We can also have an early lunch too so let’s go there for now…”

Ehehe, embarrassed Master is really cute~


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