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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 843: Under Table Worshipping (*RR) Bahasa Indonesia


Remember how I was hoping there weren’t any more events?

Turns out Tatiana really wanted to make full use of my presence here.

I thought that appearing in front of the people was a one day thing but apparently she had scheduled various different events throughout my stay here. Among them also included a day where I pretty much teleported to all the major cities in the country to repeat the ‘descending from the sky’ thing.

The only reason why I’m still cooperating with her requests was because I realised the real reason she was doing this.

By making me appear in front of as many people as she could, the people’s belief will be reaffirmed and there won’t be anyone who will protest against the two country’s merger if they knew Beiyang was ‘my’ country.

Well this definitely beats the alternative of having a civil war break out later on so I just put up with it.

On the plus side, my disciples were having quite a lot of fun in these events so I guess all things considered, it’s not too bad.

Today was the final festival where they would be ‘sending me off’ back to the ‘Divine Plane’.

In reality, once the festival ends the next morning, my disciples and I would simply just return to the temple, grab our stuff and teleport ourselves to the Cloud Plane.

Despite only having about a week to prepare for this event, the entire city was filled with the sights and sounds of festivities.

The entire city was decorated for the occasion and music, food and drinks flowed freely in every corner.

The only thing I had to comment on was the fact that all the updated art pieces of me were also unveiled the day before and it even showcased my female form beside the male one. How in the world did they manage to do it this fast?!

I also caught wind that another cult was started that day composed mainly of girls who took special interest with my female form.

I don’t know if it was actually true nor do I want to know but I suspect Tatiana, Valeria and Phoebe were also part of that group or even the creators of it.

Putting that dubious group aside… Even though there’s a festival going on in the city, I was stuck in front of the main temple without being able to leave. They had built a small shrine for me to sit in where visitors could come and pray to me.

Apparently, this was the main attraction too, seeing how pretty much everyone was queuing up to meet me first before they went back to the festival.

The shrine they built for me was elevated on a platform such that everyone who came to meet me had to tilt their head upwards to see me. Even then, they could only see the upper half of my body since there was a table arranged in front of me so that I could have my tea.

I have been here since mid-afternoon and I think I’ve seen at least several tens of thousands of people already. At least I had tea and cakes arranged on the table in front of me for me to snack on and they were admittedly quite delicious.

Oh, you might have assumed they left this table here precisely for this purpose but no, this was not why they placed this table here.

The real reason this was here was so that the people couldn’t see my lower half.

“Ha… Founding God’s honey… It’s so sweet… Slurp!”

“Hi… High Maiden… Let me have a taste too…”

“Me… Me too…”

Yes, I’m currently in my female form and Tatiana, Valeria and Phoebe were currently knelt under the table and having fun with my lady parts. They don’t even care that their people were literally praying to me right behind them.

Honestly, even if they didn’t do this, I’m pretty sure Xun Guan would have taken their place considering the fact that my nipples were being stimulated underneath my slime clothes right now. She was even sucking on them quite erotically too.

As per their request, I even had my manhood formed above my clit but now it’s just standing upright with no one paying attention to it. It’s pretty clear which of my private parts these three prefer to play with.

Tatiana reluctantly moved back, letting Phoebe and Valeria take her place.

Phoebe clamped her mouth over my clit while Valeria attacked my pussy with her tongue.

I sucked in a breath and kept my face passive, nodding at the group of worshippers offering their prayers in front of my shrine.

Seriously, if the people were to know what the three of you were doing now, how disappointed would they be?

Actually, scratch that, I think they would simply just want to join in instead.

Sure, I could have just projected an illusion or made them unable to perceive whatever was going on in front of them… But considering the fact that they came all the way here to see me, I felt I shouldn’t do that at least as a form of respect.

An elderly couple came by and bowed to me respectfully, neither of them seeing the slight shift in the corners of my lips as I suddenly felt a pair of lips kissing the tip of my manhood.

Tatiana must have felt that tasting my cock was better than nothing and thus starting sucking on my meat pole while the other two were occupied with my honeypot.

I nodded at the elderly couple as they made way for a pair of women who were obviously a couple. I could see both of them looking at me with obvious adoration in their eyes, though they were quick to hide it as they clasped their hands together in prayer.

I smiled at them, trying to maintain my look of normalcy even as Tatiana took as much of my length as she could into her mouth.

At the same moment, Phoebe’s tongue flicked across my love button while Valeria’s tongue wiggled inside my pussy. Xun Guan also nibbled softly on my nipple while fondling my other boob with her hand underneath the cloth.

The stimulation was too much for me to take and I shuddered as I came, my seed pouring into Tatiana’s mouth while Phoebe and Valeria greedily lapped up the juices that flowed out of my pussy.

I did my best to maintain my smile as the couple bowed to me and left, not at all suspecting that I was currently in the throes of an orgasm.

Another three groups of people passed before I finally finished cumming, none of them aware of what was happening under the table in front of me.

Tatiana slowly released my cock from her mouth and swallowed my seed delicately, as though savouring every drop of it.

Meanwhile Phoebe and Valeria had resorted to licking my love juices off each other’s faces, neither of them willing to waste a single drop.

I continued to acknowledge the next few groups of people while the three of them were busy cleaning themselves up of my juices.

A few minutes later, another mouth was clamped over my pussy and the cycle began again.

Ugh… I know you three are desperate because I’ll be leaving soon but could you three do it more gently? I’m still a little bit sensitive…



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