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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 824: It’s A Day Off? Bahasa Indonesia


In the end, it was decided that my disciples along with Tatiana would go and round up the Dark Sect for me. I thought they would assign people to escort their High Maiden but apparently that wasn’t needed.

According to them, any escort would just be a burden for her since she could handle herself well enough. She did come from a time where strength was needed to survive after all and I’m pretty sure those muscles of hers weren’t for show.

Although I’ll ignore how she was blushing and acting all innocent and cute when she was laying with me yesterday.

And while they were going to find the Dark Sect, I was supposed to just relax in the city with Cai Hong and Iris.

For some reason, even Guiying and Luna went with them too.

I did ask if it was ok for Guiying to be away from her duties, but she assured me she had prepared measures that would ensure everything would be fine back home even if she disappeared for a few days.

How reliable.

And for Luna… She simply told Rina that she was going to find me and that was enough for her apparently.

I’m not sure who the Elder in charge of her class is, but then again… I’m pretty sure both Rina and Luna have more experience in cultivation than most of the people in the Sect so it’s not much of an issue.

Well… The fact that she managed to use that teleportation Technique of hers now should be a testament to her ingenuity so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about for her case.

And because of that… I’m currently seeing off my disciples early in the morning outside the temple as they were ready to set off.

Although I say that, I would be teleporting all of them there and Manami would teleport them back after they were done. This little expedition shouldn’t take that long so they should be back by nightfall today.

Still, I made sure all of them were safely inscribed with the defensive Techniques and reminded them repeatedly that they would call me immediately should something happen to them.

I would go with them if I could but they were really adamant that they do this themselves. Even Tatiana who originally wanted me to deliver ‘Divine Judgement’ on the city myself had a change of heart too.

Once I was satisfied they were sufficiently prepared, I sent them off while making sure to use my omniscience to keep an eye on them at all times.

“Bai bai, ‘bwig’ sisters! Bai bai, ‘bwig’ brother!” Cai Hong waved as the group disappeared in a flash of light.

Immediately after that, she turned and hugged my waist, “Papa! Play, play!”

I patted her little dragon’s head, “Haha, ok, ok. What does Cai Hong want to play?”

She sucked on her finger, “Umm… Cai Hong dunno? Cai Hong just want play with Papa? Papa, play?”

“Ahahaha, alright, alright. What about you, Iris?”

I turned to look at the cosmic being who was currently gripping the hem of my robe with a hand cutely. Hearing her name being called, she looked at me, blushed, then looked back down before shuffling her feet.

“Umm… I… I’d like to play with Pa… I mean Master too!”

I’ll just ignore that slip of the tongue from her…

I scratched my chin, “Hmm… Let’s see… How about we take a walk around the city? Yesterday we came straight to the palace… Err… I mean temple, so we didn’t exactly see much of the city.”

Cai Hong waved her hands enthusiastically, “‘Bwig’ city! Papa walk with Cai Hong?”

“Haha, that’s settled then, shall we go?”

Cai Hong immediately grasped my hand with hers while Iris timidly slid her hand into mine, her head still lowered to hide her blushing face from view.

Just as I was about to leave however, a voice called out from behind me.

“I will go prepare the carriage at once, Founding God!” Valeria said while bowing her head.

Oh yeah, I forgot she was here too.

“Eh? No need to do that, I’m planning on walking.”

“That… For our God to walk around the city on foot… Please allow us a day to cleanse the city first!”

I grimaced, “There’s no need for that either… I know your city also prides itself on its clean streets and there’s not even a slum area here. I shouldn’t even need an escort to go out too.”

“No… No escort?! We definitely can’t do that, Founding God! The people will definitely lose themselves in your presence and swarm you! And… And… As shameful as it is for me to admit… There are still various factions within this city and one or two of them might desire to see God’s downfall…”

I tilted my head at her, “Are these people other gods?”

“Eh? Umm… No… They’re mortals…”

“They don’t have some kind of godkiller weapon right?”

“I… I don’t think such a thing exists… Founding God…”

I shrugged, “Then it’s fine right? I’ll just wear a disguise to go out and no one will know anyway.”

Valeria poked her fingers together, “But… For Founding God to have no escorts… Such a thing is unacceptable isn’t it?”

“Oh don’t worry about that, I do have some people I can call on for that. Ahem… Beta?”

There was a pause before a figure appeared from the shadows of one of the columns, revealing the catgirl wearing a skin tight suit.

“Nya? You called, Master?”

Yep, she’s a cat ninja.

I smiled at Valeria, “See? I’m not alone.”

Valeria looked doubtfully at the cat girl a head shorter than her, “Forgive me, Founding God… But I can’t trust such a person with your safety.”

Before I could say anything, Beta’s figure had blurred before reappearing behind Valeria, a knife held at her throat.

“Neither can I trust Master’s safety with yours, nya. To not even be able to react to something like this, how can you protect Master?”

Beta disappeared and reappeared by my side again, looking as though what just happened had just been an illusion.

The only indication that that exchange really happened was the shallow cut on Valeria’s skin where Beta had pressed the knife against her throat.

Obviously Valeria was not too happy at being bested but I could understand that she was just concerned about my well being so I decided to compromise.

“Hmmm… Tell you what, I’ll allow you to follow me at a distance. That should be fine right? Just make sure not to draw attention to us when you’re with us.”

She frowned, “That… That may not be possible, Founding God… the people of this city know who I am and would infer your identity should they see me guarding someone. Not to mention that they would definitely recognise the God they worship no matter how good the disguise is…”

“Oh I won’t be too sure about that,” I grinned, snapping my fingers.

The shape of my body changed and I was changed into my female form. My clothes also adjusted to my new figure and… Eh? Why does my chest area feel a bit tighter?

I looked down and I realised Xun Guan had actually transformed a part of herself into a bra.

This slime girl… Oh whatever, at least it’s not that tight that it feels uncomfortable.

“Well… Anyway, I can do this for you as well, so how about it?”

I turned back to see how Valeria was responding to my transformation just in time to see the woman fall backwards and drop onto the ground, unconscious.

Eh? What? Why?!

I didn’t even do anything this time so why did she faint?!

I rushed up to her and… Oh.

She’s having a nosebleed… This woman got so turned on by my female figure that she fainted.

This country is full of weirdos.


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