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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 801: She Got Cuter Bahasa Indonesia

(Cai Hong POV)

Muuu… Cai Hong wake up and no see Papa? Where Papa?

Muuu? Why are big sisters looking out the window?

Cai Hong went to big sis Manami and pulled her sleeve.

“Big sis Manami? Where Papa?”

Big sis Manami patted Cai Hong’s head. Big sisters’ head pats are nice but Papa’s head pats are nicer! When Papa head pats Cai Hong, Cai Hong feels happy and warm and fluffy and happy and nice and happy!

“Ara, ara? Master is busy with some bad men now, Cai Hong. Just wait here for Master to come back, ok?”


If Cai Hong wait for Papa here, Papa will say Cai Hong is a good girl and give looooots of head pats! Cai Hong wants looooots of head pats!

Cai Hong went back to nice chair and waited for Papa.

Mmm? Mama is looking at Cai Hong weird? Mama is coming to Cai Hong?


“Is this how you’re gaining Master’s attention, dragon? Keeping yourself in this younger form when your real form is that of an adult’s?”

“N… No, Ma… Mother… I simply thought Papa would be more happy if I were to adopt a younger form…”

I glanced at my sisters, worried about what they might think of this interaction.

“No need to be concerned, dragon. I’ve made sure no one here would be able to perceive our conversation in consideration for you.”

“Th… Thank you, Mother.”

That was surprising… The usual Mother would never have considered that. Ah! Papa did make Mother suppress her Divinity so that’s why!

Papa is so smart!

Mother tilted her head at me, “Hmm… I see now. Adopting a younger form would stir Master’s parental instincts and allow you to get closer from the start. The drawback would be the absence of romantic love or even lust for such a position. Tell me, dragon, do you intend to copulate with Master?”

I fumbled with my fingers, “I… I love Papa as my Papa… That’s all…”

“That was a rhetorical question, dragon. All those Gods Master had created since the origin of the Universe also see Master as their parental figure and yet, they would definitely sleep with Master if given the chance. The same goes for you, no? It’s ok, you don’t need to answer that, I know the truth after all.”

“Does… Mother not approve?”

“Hmm? I couldn’t care less about your sexual preferences, dragon. I was simply considering it for myself. Perhaps if I were to adopt a younger form as well? I will need to prevent Omniscience from telling Master… What are the benefits and demerits of this? Hmm…”

I want Papa to come back soon… Mother is scary…

Muu… Cai Hong wants Papa’s headpats…



I finished tying up the last of the bandits and took a step back to admire the work Elaria, Lian Li and I had put in.

In front of us was a literal pile of people stacked on top of one another to form a mound of bodies. At the very top of said mound was the bandit leader whom I took the chance to put him in a very feminine dress I created just for fun.

Yep, it has nothing to do with him constantly harping on my masculinity at all, definitely not. I definitely did not think it would have been amusing if he were to be put in a dress after all that yapping.

Oh yes, everyone in that pile is still alive, I even made sure that they couldn’t die despite having dozens of people crushing on top and suffocating them.

I snapped my fingers and a wooden cart popped into existence below the mound, holding the entire weight of a hundred men without any problems.

“Welp, I’ll leave this to you Gamma,” I told the centauress. “I already made it such that this pile would never collapse and no one will die so you can be a little rough with their transportation if you wish.”

“Understood, Master,” Gamma bowed before moving forward to hitch the cart to herself.

My little sister pulled at my sleeve, “So who are they, Onii-sama? They aren’t normal bandits right?”

“Eh? They aren’t?” Lian Li gasped, surprised.

Elaria giggled, “Ehehehe! There’s no way such a big group of bandits could be here without anyone else knowing, Lian Li Onee-chan!”

I nodded, “She’s right. They’re soldiers of the imperial army of Sun pretending to be bandits. The king most likely sent them here to ambush us.”

Lian Li frowned, “But why? I do not see how such a decision would benefit them? If this ambush was successful, they would risk a war with Beiyang… Oh… Is that what they were after?”

Elaria tapped her chin with a finger, “Unn… That’s possible isn’t it? That would make us the aggressors and that stupid king can go running to Mei and Han for help. And since war can be really profitable… But what do they intend to get out of this?”

I shrugged, “We’ll know when we get there and ask that king for answers. In the meantime, shall we get back on the road?”

“Oh! Could we continue where we left off just now as well, Master? Please? I want to be filled with you!” Lian Li pleaded.

Of course I saw no reason to refuse her so I agreed, ushering them back onto the carriage.

The moment I opened the door however, a small figure launched itself towards me to latch itself onto my chest.

“Papa! Papa! Cai Hong waited for Papa!” My little dragon squealed, cuddling her face against my chest.

Awww… Look at this cute little thing! Head pats for you!

“Ehehe~ Cai Hong wuv Papa!”

“Papa loves you too. Were you a good girl?”

“Cai Hong good girl! Huggies?”

Awww you can have all the huggies you want!

I was still busy hugging my little dragon when I felt a tug on the hem of my robe which prompted me to turn to the side.

Iris was standing there with her lips pursed and her hand gripping onto my robe, “Mas… Erm… Da… Daddy…”

I blinked at her a few times.

“Er… Iris? Is something wrong?”

She blushed and lowered her head a little, “Da… Daddy…”

I looked back to see Elaria and Lian Li looking at Iris with a similarly confused expression, convincing me that what I heard was not a fragment of my imagination.

“Erm… Er… Iris? Did something happen to you?” I asked again.

She moved forward and hugged me, burying her face in the crook of my shoulder.

“Daddy… Pat me?”

What? Er… Oh man… Did she get jealous of Cai Hong or something? Or is this some newly awakened fetish of hers?

Either way, what am I supposed to do about this?

I guess… Let’s just give her some headpats to start first…

I reached out my hand to pat her head, something that I had already done before which I also distinctly remember could also cause her to go into a frenzied state.

But since she had temporarily sealed her divinity, it should be fine, right?

At least, that was what I thought.

The moment my hand landed on her head however, smoke exploded out from her which hid her from sight.

I immediately covered Cai Hong to protect her, fully expecting Iris to jump on me or start going berserk but nothing of that sort happened.

When the smoke dispersed however… What I saw was a younger version of Iris similar to Cai Hong’s stature clinging to my leg.

“Papa!” She squealed while rubbing her face on me.

What? But why?!


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