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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 786: Please Take Care Of Iris Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

None of us were expecting to get drunk last night, but then again, none of us were expecting to wake up and see Master’s self-proclaimed first disciple clinging to Him like a pathetic little girl during breakfast.

She was even hiding behind Master while clinging to His back, looking all meek and vulnerable.

“Umm… What’s wrong with Iris, Master?” Lian Li asked.

Master scratched His chin, “Umm… Let’s just say I’m having her experience being a mortal for the first time… To her, it kind of feels like walking around naked right now so please don’t tease her.”

When she heard Master’s words, she actually slunk further behind Master, leaving only the top of her head visible.

Ara, ara? What’s this, she looks so tempting to be bullied now! Just look at this once proud girl looking all meek~

Ufufufu~ It really is tempting when we see her like that though, especially when we know about what she was trying to do with Master.

Ah, but Master told us not to tease her so of course we wouldn’t.

“Ara, ara~ We’ll try our best not to, Master~” I giggled.

“Ma… Master…” Iris mumbled, her voice quivering cutely.

Master patted her head, “Alright, alright, it’s ok Iris. Now, I’m not sure if you girls heard this yesterday since you were drunk, but Hao Chi was planning to bring me to see an auction today. So all of you are free to do as you wish today.”

“Oh! Can I come with you, Aniue? I didn’t get to see how an actual auction worked around here before!” Tsuki requested.

Master raised an eyebrow, “If I remember correctly… Weren’t your first memories here of an auction?”

“Bleh, that doesn’t count, Aniue. I woke up after being ‘sold’.”

“Oh well, I most certainly won’t stop you from following. I can’t take everyone though since space is limite–“

“Me, Master! Me, me, me!” Diao Chan immediately cried out while waving her hand.

Eris also quickly joined in, “And us, Master!”

I was going to volunteer as well but Master raised up his hand to stop us, “Alright, Tsuki, Diao Chan and Eris, just the few of us should be fine. The rest of you can do whatever you want for today, just don’t stir up any trouble, ok?”

Ara, it’s a shame that we couldn’t join Master but that’s ok, this would give us an opportunity to do some… Preparations for this city.

Judging by the look on the other girls’ faces, they had the same idea as I do too.

“Ufufufu~ Understood Master,” I answered for the rest of my sisters.

Master nodded at my answer and left us to make His preparations to leave.

I have to admit I felt a small sense of victory seeing the normally stoic and serious stalker of Master’s cling to His back like a lost puppy.

The girls who would be following Master to the auction house also left us to make their own preparations to accompany Master, leaving the rest of us sitting at the table.

Now, seeing that we’re alone… Of course we would start discussing on how to convert this city to become followers of Master~

Since there were still six of us here counting Cai Hong, we decided to split up the city into different sections for each group to deal with.

Lian Li and Cai Hong will be in charge of this manor and its staff which shouldn’t be too hard since the people here already knew about Master, they just need to be indoctrinated into the Church.

Elaria and Brendan will be going to the Guilds in this city to threaten… Ara? I mean ‘convince’ the Guild leaders to become followers of Master.

Kiyomi and myself would be going to the slums to look for converts since youkais are treated as slaves here. We should be able to find people who we can influence there and bring them salvation.

Just as we were about to put our plan into motion, the door to the dining room opened again and Iris walked… Ufufu~ I mean ‘shuffled’ in.

I could hear Master encouraging her to go in from behind the door but I was not that boorish to point that out.

“Umm… Umm… Sister Manami…” She stuttered.

I smiled at her, “What is the matter, sister Iris?”

“Could I… Could I join you on… Your day off?”

Ara, ara? Master must have thought that since we are quite similar, she would be able to get along with me better in her current state.

Honestly, we were just wondering what we should do with Iris after we found out about Iris’s intentions with Master from the Goddess. I admit we may have gotten a little bit emotional because of that since we were terrified of the idea that Master may abandon us.

We were also afraid that Master may not know about what Iris was trying to do to Him, but seeing Iris’s current state proved that Master actually knew about her intentions all along.

How presumptuous of us to even consider that Master was unaware of this scheming stalker, Master was already several steps ahead of us!

By making Iris realise the perks of being mortal, she would cease her attempts of trying to make Master return to His old self!

Ufufufu~ As expected of Master to have thought this far! Since Master has already prepared this stage, of course we would do our best to fulfill Master’s wishes!

I turned to look at Kiyomi and she gave me a nod, showing that she also realised Master’s plan.

I turned back to Iris to give her my most welcoming smile, “Of course you can, sister Iris. I would be delighted if you could join us today~”

“Eh? Erm… Is this really alright Mast– Ah! Erm… Yes, Master…”

She shuffled forward and the door closed behind her, the former cosmic being peeking behind her to look at the door wistfully.

She must be communicating with Master via telepathy since she nodded after a moment and turned back to me.

“P… Please… Umm… Please take care of… M… Me… Aaauu…”

Ara, ara? She’s actually quite cute~ I’m going to have a hard time not teasing her~

Of course this doesn’t change our original plan of going to the slums and looking for new converts. In fact, precisely because she’s here, there’s even more reason to go there and show her how mortals worship our beloved Master!

When she realises that the current Master is the one to be worshipped, she would also change her mind too!

Ufufufu~ How perfect! I can’t wait to start teaching sister Iris about our Master’s greatness!


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