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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 782: Who’s A Good Doggy? Bahasa Indonesia


We have one more city to pass through before finally reaching the capital city, which just so happens to be our stop for today.

I was fully prepared for us to run into trouble at the gate and what do you know? I was right.

Before reaching the city gates, I had repeatedly reminded my disciples that we are only acting unruly for show and not to actually become gangsters for real. Being upstanding citizens of society is still much better.

Our carriage was singled out among the crowd by the guards, most likely because we looked rich and they realised we were foreigners.

I gave Delta the order to comply with their request and we were herded off to the side of the gate where the guard house was.

A desk was set up there and a guard with a really spherical body shape was sitting behind it, the chair visibly straining against his weight.

Alpha got off her house and while some guards were ogling her, a good number of them were looking at her with eyes of disdain.

Right, youkais are looked down upon here.

“What is this for? My Master is an important existence far beyond your position to inconvenience like this.”

The sphere… I mean, the guard sneered, “Entry tax for foreigners. Ten silvers per person.”

That’s enough money to stay in the best inn in Jin city for five whole nights. There’s definitely no way a normal visitor can pay that, that’s assuming there was even such a tax in the first place which I highly doubt so.

Alpha turned back to look at Delta who slid open the coachman’s window to receive my instructions.

Well… Ten silvers per person is a relatively small sum for us anyway so I don’t mind… Wait, wait, wait. I already said we’ll be acting like gangsters so I shouldn’t give in that easily.

I fished out a copper coin and passed it to Delta, “Tell them this is what they’re worth to me so take it or leave it.”

Delta giggled and accepted the coin, sliding the window shut and motioning for Alpha to come over.

The wolf girl did so, looking quite amused when the elf passed my instructions to her.

She returned back to the guard and placed the coin on the desk, making sure to show as much disdain for the man as possible.

“My Master said this is what you pieces of trash are worth which is already more than generous of Him if you ask me. So take it and get lost.”

The guard slammed the table and stood up from his creaking chair, “How dare you?! Don’t you know I’m the guard captain of this place and no one enters this city without my say so?!”

Alpha sneered, “Oh really? I couldn’t tell from how pathetic you looked. I thought you were some kind of stray dog sitting by the roadside begging for scraps from his betters.”

He reached for the sword on his waist but had some trouble doing so because of his protruding belly. Alpha even had time to check her nails before this guard captain managed to pull out his sword.

He pointed the sword at her, “You–“

Alpha immediately slapped at his wrist and the sword was knocked out of his hand to clatter noisily onto the ground.

She turned her nose up at him, “So weak. If a weakling like you really was the guard captain, I doubt the rest of you trash are any better,” Alpha mocked, looking at the other guards behind the fatty.

That prompted the rest of the guards to draw their own weapons and moved to surround her.

“Oh, you’re finished!” The fatty growled, bending down to pick up his sword which also proved to be a difficult task since his belly kept getting in the way. “You can forget about entering this city! I’ll have everyone of you tossed in the dungeons for this!”

Alpha looked unimpressed, “Did you not hear what I said? My Master is an existence whose importance is far beyond yours, which part of that do you not understand? Do you think you even have the authority to restrain my Master?”

He raised his sword and Alpha’s hand also darted to her own weapon.

Before she could cut his wrist off though, I chose to intervene.

“Stop,” I ordered.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at me alighting from the carriage.

I had instructed my disciples to stay inside the carriage since the guards would make even more noise if they knew I was travelling with so many beautiful girls and one handsome lad.

‘Ara, ara? Even I can get embarrassed, Master~’


The guard captain sneered at me, “So… You’re the so-called ‘Master’ eh? You need some better behaved slaves because this one just made you a criminal we’re gonna lock up.”

“There is nothing wrong with my companion,” I answered with equal disdain. “The only thing that is wrong is your fat ass wasting all of our time blocking the road and ruining the otherwise nice scenery with your detestable face. So if you don’t mind, could you scamper back to your kennel?”

Alpha swivelled around to stare at me and I swear she’s definitely making bedroom eyes at me right now. Not now, Alpha, I’ll pat you later so calm down that tail you’re wagging so furiously right now.

The guard captain’s face first turned into one of disbelief before returning back to a face of rage, “How dare you?! Who do you think you are?!”

I waved my hand at him dismissively, “Did my companion not already tell you? You must be deaf as well it seems. I’m someone that’s above your paygrade. Oh? Maybe the copper coin wasn’t enough and you wanted more?”

His demeanour suddenly changed since he thought I was going to offer more money, “Hm… Hmph! Of course it’s not enough! I already told your slave here the foreigner tax is–“

“Yes, yes, my bad. Here you go,” I interrupted him, placing a bone I materialised on to his palm.

He looked down at it in confusion, “What… What is this?”

“A bone for a good doggy,” I explained as a matter of factly. “Of course a dog has no use for coins right? This is what you wanted isn’t it?”

I shall ignore the squeals coming from my companions. You girls really aren’t being subtle at all.

He threw the bone onto the ground and raised his weapon again.

I was in the middle of avoiding that blow when someone shouted from behind me, “Stop! Stop right there this instant!”

Huh… I’m kind of getting a deja vu vibe here… I wonder why?


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