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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 780: She’s The One Everyone Is Afraid Of Bahasa Indonesia


When I woke up the next morning, I realised Iris was sitting on a chair beside my bed and staring at me. That was a little different since usually she would be standing at the room’s corner instead.

I sat up from the bed which was also the only furniture aside from Iris’s chair inside this empty room.

Being a goddess, there was, of course, no need for Archlis to sleep. Thus, the rooms she had prepared for us were pretty much just extra rooms she had cleared out for our use inside her temple.

I was wondering what these extra rooms’ original purpose was but I didn’t deem it important enough to ask.

She wanted to conjure up even more furniture for us aside from the beds but I dissuaded her from it since we’ll only be here for one night anyway before moving on, so the bare minimum would have been simply enough since it’s not like anyone else was going to use them after us.

“Did something happen?” I asked, looking at Iris curiously.

“Ara? Not at all, Master. Why would you think so?”

“Well… Usually you wouldn’t be this close when I sleep right?”

“Ufufufu~ I just felt like being closer to Master last night~”

“Right… But seriously, did anything happen last night?”

Iris gave me a disconcerting smile, “News that Master is staying here might have gotten passed around by a certain Goddess last night~”

I frowned, “And?”

“Ufufufu~ There may or may not be a crowd waiting outside to see Master. If Master thinks they’re a hindrance, I’ll be happy to get rid of them for you though.”

“Geh… Who are they and how many?”

If they were important gods, I might have to show my face a bit or else Archlis might lose face as my host.

“Hmm? I think it’s just one Goddess, but I don’t really care about her so I don’t know whether she’s important or not.”

I sighed in relief, “Oh at least it’s just one… Guess I’ll just wing it. At least you didn’t End anyone right?”

“Ara, ara? Of course not Master.”

I reached up and patted her head, “Good, good. I’ll go deal with it then. Could you wait here for me?”

“… Yesh…”

Hmm? That response was a bit weird but before I could ask, a movement to my right made me turn my attention away from her.

“Muuu… Papa… Huggies…” Cai Hong muttered, crawling out from under the blanket.

Oh right, she slept with me last night.

Of course I gave my cute little dragon the huggies and head pats I knew she wanted.

“Ehehehe~ Papa warm~”

So cute.

I gave her another head pat, “Wait here for papa with mama ok? Papa is going to do something outside first.”

“Okies~ Cai Hong wait for Papa~” She murmured while rubbing her eyes groggily.

Awww… Isn’t she just the most precious little thing?

I clambered out of bed and went towards the door, prepared to meet whoever was on the other side of the door.

What I did not expect was the entire corridor outside my door to be flooded with people, all of them turning their gaze towards me the moment I stepped out from the doorway.

Ah… It’s Keris… Or rather the other personalities of hers I assume… Ugh… I should have known this was what Iris meant when she only said there was one Goddess only…

Figured those three personalities of Keris would have gone to spread the news to her other personalities since I didn’t exactly tell them to keep it a secret either.

The only problem is… There’s like a hundred of them here at least… Is she actually alright with this many personalities running around? And why does she even have so many to begin with? Is it because there’s so many ways of death?

Huh… I guess she’s better off than Eris since they’re all in different bodies at least…

“All Creator!”

“Kyaaa! Daddy!”

“Big Daddy!”

“It’s Daddy!”

“Ahhhhh!! It’s All Creator!”

“Papa is here!”

All of them called out at once upon seeing me. I heard some really weird names mixed in there and I think it would be better for me if I didn’t think about it…

I waved at them, “Err… Hello Keris… I assume you’re all here because your… Erm… Other selves told you about me, right?”

“YES!!” All of them cried out at once.

This is interesting, the three from yesterday weren’t this lively, were those three the more serious of the bunch?

I cleared my throat, “Umu, umu… So is there anything you girls need from me?”

The crowd surged forward all at once, stopping just a short inch away from me.

“Could we have some cookies too, All Creator?”

“Shake my hand please, Daddy!”

“Could we get a head pat please, All Creator?”

“Sign my shirt, Daddy!!”

“Sign my breasts, Daddy!!”

“A strand of your hair, Papa!!”

What? Woah, woah, hold on a second…

She’s a goddess right? Do all these personalities share the same trait of being fangirls or something?

Umm… What should I do? Err… Err…

Ah right! Cookies! Umm…

“Cookies right? I still have some but it’s not enough for…”

I stopped when I realised the atmosphere in the corridor turned hostile, all of them were now glaring at one another as though they were prepared to start killing each other.

Right… Iris did say a cosmic war could start over just getting my cookies alone…

Oh crap… Umm… Hold on. I got this.

I quickly did a headcount and manipulated my storage ring to divide the cookies I had into smaller portions so that there was enough for everyone to get a small pouch of it. I even made sure the portions would be equal so no one would think I was playing favourites.

I coughed and the tense atmosphere evaporated for them to turn their gaze back to me.

“As I was saying… I do have some left but I don’t have enough for anyone else. So once you get these from me, please keep it to yourselves, ok?”

“OF COURSE!!” They shouted out in unison.

I waved my hand and materialised the pouches of cookies in front of each of them, depositing them in their waiting palms.

Well, that’s one problem dealt with…

“Could we also get a handshake, All Creator?”

“And an autograph, Daddy!”

“Sign my breasts too!”

“You can give them a squeeze… As… Well…”

Hmmm? It feels like the atmosphere got tense again but this time I could feel the feeling of fear and dread emanating from them.

I peeked behind me and Iris was standing there, staring at the crowd of Keris with a small smile on her face.

Even I could see that the smile did not reach her eyes and I knew she was definitely not happy.

“… Leave,” Iris said, her voice barely a whisper.

The crowd of Keris immediately disappeared without a sound, returning back to wherever they came from.

Iris turned to me and her smile brightened back to her usual happy one, “Ara? Apologies for being late Master~”

I see… The gods are all afraid of her. That explains the previous Keris’s attitude and also Archlis’s. I forgot she’s the one who made gods Fall.

Good to know…


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