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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 778: A Short Walk With Iris Bahasa Indonesia


“You may rise,” I called out, knowing they would just continue to kneel until I told them otherwise.

The three of them rose from the ground slowly, it’s obvious from their wide eyes that they were still a little in shock.

As though remembering something, they quickly turned towards Iris and bowed, “Keris humbly greets The End!”

As expected, Iris did not show any reaction to them but they seemed to have expected that as they automatically lifted their heads after a short while.

I raised an eyebrow at them, “So… I take it that the three of you are actually one entity?”

The middle one spoke, “Umm… That is correct, All Creator. We just have… Umm… Split personalities…”

That made me turn to Eris with a raised eyebrow.

My swordswoman merely shrugged at my look and said nothing else.

I turned back to the goddess, “I see. Well hi, nice to meet you. I think you three already know who I am so I suppose introductions aren’t necessary for me?”

All three of them shook their heads simultaneously, “Of course not, All Creator! There was no way we wouldn’t have recognised your Divine Aura!”

What even is this ‘divine aura’ you’re talking about? Is this like a god thing?

The one on my left pursed her lips, “I apologise, All Creator but… Are we intruding on something between sister… I mean… Goddess Archlis and your Divine self?”

I shook my head, “Not at all. My companions and I are the ones imposing on Archlis here as her guests.”

The moment they heard my words, the three of them gave Archlis a look of pure, unbridled jealousy.

I suppose to the gods, it should be a really big deal to have me as a guest or something. Despite calling her “sister Arch” endearingly a few moments ago, the three of them looked ready to start pummeling Archlis right now.

Deciding to throw the goddess of decay a lifeline, I cleared my throat to get her attention.

“Archlis? Why don’t you show my companions their rooms for today? I’d like to explore around a little if you don’t mind?”

“Ah! Of course, Dad… I mean… All Creator! Please follow me!” She squeaked, scurrying away with my disciples and the three remaining youkai girls in tow.

I’ll just pretend I did not just hear her call me dad.

My disciples did make me promise to visit their rooms to tuck them in later and of course I agreed.

That leaves myself, Iris and the three goddesses in front of us.

I smiled at them, “My apologies for ruining your plan to visit Archlis. The fault lies with me for imposing on her.”

The Keris on my left quickly shook her head, “Eh?! This isn’t something All Creator should apologise for! Of course All Creator will take precedence over us!”

“Umu… I do feel a little bit bad so here’s a small gift from me,” I offered, pulling out a few small pouches filled with cookies.

These are the leftover cookies I had made and preserved inside my storage ring when I was making some for Sylphy and the other two gods.

The one in the middle received it with a curious look, “These are…?”

“Just some cookies I made. No need to be shy.”

They gasped, “We… We can have this?!”

“Ara, ara? Do I hear a mere World Goddess doubting the words of my Master?”

Realising their own mistake, they quickly bowed their heads, “We are thankful for All Creator’s generosity!!”

“U… Umu… You can go ahead and enjoy them.”

“Thank you All Creator!”

With those words of thanks, they all scurried away before disappearing in a flash of light, most likely returning back to their home.

That was a rather interesting encounter. A goddess with split personalities was the goddess of death here.

Seeing her does bring the interesting question of what would happen to Eris in the future when she achieves her godhood? Will she become just like that too?

Meh, problem for another day because right now I have the biggest problem possible on my hands.

“So what do you want to do now, Iris?” I asked.

“Ara, ara? We can do whatever Master desires~”

“Oh? No more lap pillows?”

“Ufufufu~ I would most certainly not turn such an offer down if Master asks for it. But I certainly cannot guarantee that I won’t be overcome with affection once we do~”

At least she’s honest about it.

“How about let’s just walk? It’s been a while since you joined us but we never actually spent any time together. In this current incarnation of mine that is.”

“Ara? I would most certainly not turn down a date, Master~” She giggled, moving up to join me by my side. “Shall we, Master?”

We made our way into the temple without a destination in mind, simply following the path to see where it led us.

Moving through the temple, I realised the architecture really did look a lot like ancient Greeks despite this not being Earth. Is there a reason for this?

“Fufufu~ Do remember that all the Gods originated from you Master. So it won’t be surprising to see that some cultures might be similar in a completely different world due to the influence of the Gods of those Worlds.”

Ah, I forgot about that. So Archlis might actually share a history of some sort with the gods that formed the Greek pantheon on Earth? Interesting. But that also brings about the question of what those gods on Earth are doing?

Hmm… Maybe I’ll go back there one day to take a look. It could be interesting to see Earth again.

We continued to walk through the temple’s halls and we eventually came to a sort of indoor pool with a cascading waterfall sprouting from the wall.

We stopped by the water and enjoyed the sounds of the water, neither of us saying anything and just enjoying each other’s company.

Somehow, that brought up a distant memory from my mind where the past me would sometimes just stand in space and watch a planet from afar with Iris. We would simply just stay silent and watch the things happening on the planet as bystanders, letting time pass around us.

Sometimes a few million years would just pass by before we finally move on, only to stop at another planet to do the same thing again.

There wasn’t a purpose to our watching, we simply just… Watched.

And even now as we watched the waterfall in front of us, the silence did not feel at all uncomfortable. Iris even moved closer to my side and leaned her head on my shoulder.

Just like that, it feels like we could just stand here for the next few years or so and nothing else mattered.

That is until a voice came from the doorway and broke the tranquillity.

“All Creat–“

Iris hissed and swivelled her head to face Archlis, instantly Ending her existence before I could even get a word out.

I snapped my fingers and reverted her Origin, returning her existence to a few minutes before her entry into the room.

I went ahead to chop Iris on the head, “What did I say about arbitrarily Ending things?”

“Ara? Ufufufu~ My apologies Master~”

You definitely do not sound apologetic at all.

Archlis entered again after a moment, “All Creator? I have prepared a room for you and The End, shall I guide you there now?”

“Umu, let’s go then.”

Still… Just staying with Iris like that did not feel too bad, I actually wouldn’t mind doing that again… As long as it doesn’t last a few years that is.


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