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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 766: My Patience Is Wearing Thin Bahasa Indonesia


News of what happened at the gate spread through the town quickly so we managed to get through it without any other problems arising.

The innkeeper was obviously not happy about my youkai followers staying here but he didn’t say anything about it. He did charge us a higher rate for ‘cleaning fees’ but I chose not to argue about that.

Oh, of course I knew what those cleaning fees were supposed to be referring to, but my girls and I made sure to put their cleaning services to good use.

Though we rented out more than one room, the girls and I ended up only using one room for the night after… Vigorous night training.

I just hope those cleaners of theirs remember to look up too.

Hey, we paid for the service, it would be a shame not to make full use of it. I even thanked the innkeeper for having us in the morning with a smile on my face despite his obvious look of displeasure.

When we were getting ready to leave the town though, an interesting situation happened as we were boarding the carriage.

The fat merchant’s bodyguards had ran up to us in a hurry, prompting Alpha and Gamma to stand in between us in anticipation of an ambush.

They then stopped a distance away and dropped to their knees, “Please take us with you Master Lin!! Let us be hired as your guards!!”

Oh? They went to find out who I was huh, but did they do it because they were intending on taking revenge against me or out of genuine curiosity?

But what made them think I’ll even hire them?

Sure, I’m basically responsible for them being out of work for the next couple of days or so, but that’s still on them for being with such an employer in the first place. Did they think I might feel responsible for it and employ them? Because I most certainly don’t.

I was still considering the reason why they would want to follow me when Alpha sneered at them, “What makes you think that any of you trash are worthy enough to follow Master?”

Gamma trotted up beside her, “For a few pieces of trash that tried to hurt Master, you’re being really presumptuous that there was any chance we would even consider accepting your request.”

Oh damn… I guess this is like a knight’s honour kind of thing for them? Or maybe they’re just considering that since they were enemies before, it would be more detrimental to us if they followed along since we would need to worry about them stabbing us in the back too?

Although I agree with not accepting them on account of that last part, I at least wouldn’t call them out directly like that…

I shook my head at them, “Sorry, but I am not accepting any followers at the moment. You’ll have to find your fortunes elsewhere.”

The one leading the group raised his head and frowned at me, “But… But it’s because of you that we are in this situation where we have no work!”

I tilted my head at him, “I missed the part where that’s my problem?”

He gasped, “Is… Is Master Lin’s true self a heartless person who would leave a group of suffering people alone when they’ve come to beg him so sincerely? One of our mates even lost his legs! Master Lin is a compassionate person right? Just spare us some gold for us to tide over these hard times!”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “Are you really trying to guilt trip me to extort me? You’ve got serious balls.”

“No, no! Not at all, Master Lin! I was sure you would want to set a good example to your disciples right? You are the compassionate and kind Master they know, after all!”

This bastard trying to use my disciples against me? What does he think he can–

Brendan stormed forward before I could react, my alchemist giving him a solid punch in the face and sending him tumbling backwards.

“How dare you punch me?!” The man growled, leaping up on his feet while his mates followed suit.

All of them were at least a head taller than Brendan, making him look quite small in comparison. What’s more, they look like they were ready to throw down with Brendan.

Err… Did they all forget that I’m here or something? You know? The guy who threw you all into the sky just yesterday? The people of Sun are really forgetful huh.

Brendan took another step forward instead of backing down, “Master is kind and compassionate beyond measure. The fact that all of you are still breathing right now is testament to that fact. Any other Practitioner… No. Any other person with the amount of power Master has would not have shown you any mercy. You would have simply been obliterated where you stood right then and there. Your non-existent brain isn’t even capable of comprehending the greatness of our Master.”

Oh wow… I don’t think I’ve seen Brendan say that much to anyone when he isn’t talking about potions before…

And err… I’ve said this before but even I can get embarrassed you know?

The guard in front of Brendan raised his hand, “You dare–“

I flicked my finger and the guy was sent flying into the sky.

“It seems like a single night was enough for all of you to forget what I’ve done and said to all of you. Would you like a reminder?” I asked.

The other guards shook their heads and turned to run but I stopped their bodies from moving, freezing them in place.

I smiled at Brendan, “Thank you for defending me Brendan. Now… I can see your hand is bruising a little and we can’t have that. Take one of my healing pills, please.”

Brendan looked down at his injured hand in surprise, “Eh? Ah! Umm… This is nothing, Master! This… This is all due to my own mistake so there’s no need to use such a precious pill on me!”

Oh this sweet boy.

I went forward and grasped his hand with mine, slowly running my fingers across the bruise and removing it from existence.

“There, all better. Do take better care of your hands, ok? You are still my alchemist after all,” I chuckled.

Brendan blushed and nodded silently.

I clapped my hands together, “Now, now. All of you on to the carriage, I’ll just tell off these bad boys and we can be on our way soon.”

They looked ready to protest but I nodded slightly at them so they obeyed, leaving me alone with them.

The guard I threw fell back down and I caught him again, after being tossed so many times, I could see some of the fear of such a punishment had already left him and he was looking at me with slight scorn in his eyes.

Seems like the people here really are just a special kind of stupid.

I set him down but made him frozen like the rest of his buddies. They could still hear and see but they just can’t talk or move any part of their body except their eyes.

“Zhao Si,” I called out, causing the guard I threw to widen his eyes when he realised I knew his name.

“Married man with a daughter whom you love very much. Quite surprising you even have the capacity for that considering how stupid you are,” I continued, pacing in front of him.

I snapped my fingers and the two people I mentioned appeared beside me, both of them looking confused.

The wife saw her husband standing still in front of them, “Dear? What’s going on?”

His daughter also spotted him, “Daddy? Why are you standing like that?”

I snapped my fingers and both of them stopped moving as well.

He glared at me, trying his best to show his rage at me through his eyes alone.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to harm them,” I assured him. “But my disciple is right, you know? Anyone else in my position might not have let you lived past tomorrow. There is only one thing he got wrong though…”

I went up to smile at him, “I’m not that kind of a person you see. The only reason I refrained from wiping you guys from existence was to set an example to my dear disciples. Let’s just take your dear wife and daughter here… What would happen if I were to… Make you disappear from their memories?”

I snapped my fingers and the two people I mentioned could move again.

The wife looked around her again, “What… What am I doing here? I was at home with my daughter and… Who?”

I waved at the woman, “My apologies madam, but do you know who this man is?”

She frowned at him, “Who is that? Who are… You… You’re the guy from yesterday?! What do you want from my daughter and I? We didn’t do anything!”

I chuckled, “Nothing at all, madam, please go on about your day and my apologies for holding you up. It must be hard to be a single mother.”

She quickly grabbed her daughter and made a run for it, not even looking back at us. The daughter did not even look in the direction of her father.

The guard watched his wife go in disbelief before turning his gaze back to me.

“Well, guess you’re single now. Feel free to try and convince her that you’re her husband and the father of her child because I made sure she will never believe you and neither will your daughter. Oh, I see your parents are alive and well too…Now let’s change a few things and… There, they won’t recognise you anymore either.”

I wanted to see how he would react so I released the binding on his mouth, allowing him to speak.

“You bastard! I’ll kill you! I’ll hunt you down and kill you! I swear!!” He screamed.

Right, not so nice things. I’d hate it if my disciples heard his words so I muted him again.

“Funny you should say that really,” I thought aloud before snapping my fingers again. “Because now… You cannot leave this place. The moment you try to step past the gate, you will be assaulted with a terrible headache before you’re teleported back here. And would you look at that? Your friends here all have families too… And because of you… Snap! Now they don’t and are in the exact same position as you.”

The other guards’ eyes widened and shifted their gaze to him, already blaming him for their predicament. Perfect.

I don’t need omniscience to know that this whole thing was this one guy’s idea and the rest were suckered into it. Too bad for them to even go along with it.

“Also… I made it so that none of you can die. Or rather you can but you will just be reformed again as good as new right here. I’m not that cruel though, this immortality will only last for five years but not the other changes, those are permanent. After those five years, feel free to kill yourselves, or don’t, I don’t really care. And just so you can’t take advantage of your immortality… You can’t hurt anyone else who doesn’t have this curse. Even if this town were to burn down all around you, you’ll still be caged in this area unable to leave.”

I turned and walked towards the carriage, throwing them a backward wave, “You guys will be released when the sun sets. Feel free to enjoy your new life.”

Mmhmm… I think that was good enough, I still let them live didn’t I? So I’m good.


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