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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 763: You Want To Fly? Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

I am smitten. I am absolutely enamoured by Master right now.

When that trash grabbed my collar, I had to use all my will to resist breaking his arm off right there and then. I was absolutely tempted to do it, but knowing that such an action might repulse Master stopped me from doing it.

But the sight of Master coming to my rescue was so breathtaking that I actually forgot to breathe for a few moments.

Then Master went ahead to slap that insignificant piece of trash across the face.

All of us gasped at Master dirtying His precious, pure and perfect hand. What’s worse was Master had to slap that trash three times just because he wouldn’t shut up.


There will be no mercy for him. He will die very, very painfully when this is over.

Oh, but watching Master absolutely dominate them was also a sight to see. Just look at His strong back, His majestic aura, His perfect form. Even the way Master slapped him was nothing short of perfection!

I can totally understand why Diao Chan is panting like a bitch in heat right now.

Then the dream had to be shattered by some idiot screaming.

The idiot turned out to be another fat merchant that had way too much gold on him than he should be wearing.

It seems like the trashes of Sun really like their gold. I’ll take note that anyone wearing this much gold on them are trash that should be exterminated.

Master turned to look at him with a smile, “Hello. You must be Zi Sha, correct?”

He stopped at Master’s words and smirked, “Oho? You know of me? You’re not as stupid as I thought. Then you must know how important of a person I am, right?”

“Oh, of course you are the most important person here. The most important person that I need to slap the face of, that is.”

Ahhh!! Master stop, please!! I can’t take anymore than this!! I’m going to swoon at this rate!!

The fat trash’s face turned red with anger, “How dare you?! Do you know who I am?!”

Master shook His head, “No, no. Do YOU know who I am?”

“What?! Why would I care about a nobody like you?! You’re just a foreign visitor! You should be obeying our rules here!”

Master tilted His head, “Hold on… Do you really not know who we are? Did you really send all those bandits at us thinking we were just a group of normal ambassadors?”

Eh? Those bandits we tortured and killed were actually sent by this little trash? As expected of Master to find out such a truth so easily! All of us had thought they were random bandits all this while!

Ehehehe… That just means we should really make this little trash suffer for inconveniencing Master so many times throughout our journey here! We’ll make sure he suffers thoroughly for it!

The fat trash stuttered, “Wha… What bandits? What… What nonsense are you spouting?!”

Master sighed, “And here I thought you at least did your homework first… You even sent so many people to rob us too… I’m surprised you still have this shitty attitude even after we showed up here without a scratch. Do you not understand what my presence here means?”

“W… Wh… What?”

“You… Really didn’t think huh… Guiying was right about you guys… You only have brains for money and nothing else…”

Master materialised a glove to hold in his hand which intrigued everyone. But instead of putting the glove on, Master used it to slap the fat trash across his face.

Once again, all of us gasped at how cool Master looked. I even heard a soft thump as Diao Chan swooned, Kiyomi barely catching the Witch in time before she hit the ground.

The guards of the fat trash immediately moved forward to defend their employer, their forms looming over us threateningly.

The fat bug clasped his face in shock, “You… You dare hit me?!”

Master looked down at His hand in confusion before looking back at the trash, “Didn’t I already hit you? Of course I dare, why else would I slap you if I didn’t dare?”

“How dare you! How dare you! Even my own parents have never raised their hands against me! How dare a nobody like you slap me?!!”

Tch… To be slapped by Master is already a great honour! Do you know how many people in Master’s Church would be thankful to even receive such a grace?! And here you are acting like it was not the greatest reward you can ever get in your entire miserable life!

Master tilted His chin up at the trash, “Precisely because your parents never slapped you before, that’s why I’m doing it in their stead.”

“Kill him!!”

Two of his guards came forward and Gamma moved to intercept them, only to stop when Master raised up her hand to block her.

Master gestured to the group of guards He had been slapping before, “Seriously? Do you not see the state of the guards that came before you? You think they got those injuries on their own by tripping over their own feet or something?”

The guards did not even look in the direction Master pointed. How rude.

Master shrugged then smiled at the guards, “Hey… You two ever flown before?”

The two of them looked confused by the question but shrugged it off, their hands reaching forward to grab Master’s shoulder.

“Because you’re about to,” Master chuckled before grabbing both of them by their collars and tossing them into the air.

The forms of those two guards ascended rapidly into the sky until they disappeared behind the clouds, their screams steadily getting softer and softer.

The rest of the guards drew their weapons to point at Master, something we would definitely have to put them through the worst imaginable torture for.

Master sighed, “Well… I did warn you all…”

I could barely see Master disappear from where He had been standing before reappearing again. In that instant, the guards in front of us were also tossed up into the sky, all of them taking a few seconds to realise what had happened before they started screaming as well.

The fat trash gaped at the spectacle before looking back down at Master who maintained His perfect smile.

“So… The most important person I have to slap, ever flown before?”

I could see the fat trash finally realise how outmatched he was and he stuttered, “Y… Ye… Yes!”

Master reached forward and grabbed him by the collar, “Good, then you can fly again.”

“Wait! You can’t do this! I’m an importaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!”

Oh~ For a fat piece of trash, he can fly pretty well!


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