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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 737: Confronting This World’s Creator Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

After accepting our request of leaving the matter to us, Master left the courtyard and returned to his room, presumably to take care of Manami and Kiyomi since we started hearing some indecent sounds coming from there again.

The servants also quickly returned to their duties, leaving my fellow sister disciples and I alone to deal with this problem we have.

Diao Chan turned to me with a smirk, “So… Not the way you expected to have your interests revealed, huh?”

I went back to hiding my face again, “Please… Can we not talk about it…”

Elaria came up and patted my shoulder, “It’s ok Brendan! It’s Onii-sama after all! It’ll be weird for you not to fall for him!”

That’s not the issue here…

Even Lian Li came up to clasp my shoulder, “Look on the bright side, Brendan. Master did not reject your advances at all, correct? That means Master might actually not mind your feelings for Him.”

I sighed, “Yes, but the fact was that I was so forward with Master… Master definitely thinks I’m some sort of loose guy or something now…”

Tsuki shook her head, “I doubt it. Aniue is not that shallow, but I’m sure you already know that and you’re just saying that to hide your embarrassment.”

Ugh… She saw right through me…

I stood up, “Alright, let’s just move on from my embarrassing scandal and concentrate on the real piece of trash that got us all in this problem, agreed?”

The girls smiled wryly at me but nodded to show their assent.

Lian Li turned to me, “You saw the guy right? What was he like?”

I sifted through my memories of him, “Brown hair, blue eyes, typical pretty boy look honestly. I overheard Master rejecting him and he looked quite devastated about it, so he’s definitely planning something. I… I think he’s specifically targeting me.”

Diao Chan tilted her head at me, “You? Why?”

“He definitely thinks Master rejected his advances because… Ahem… Because he thinks I was Master’s lover…” I explained, trying my best to keep a straight face.

The Bait version of Eris hefted her sword on her shoulder, “So? I dun’ get why we’re not just goin’ there ta’ lop his head off? Ain’t that a simple way ta’ solve this?”

Eris also nodded, “I agree, why are we hesitating now? Shouldn’t we just go and deal with this guy like how we’ve been dealing with all the dissenters in the past?”

I made a face at Eris, “This person has an ability strong enough to affect us. Like Master said, he can create a mirror world and we’re apparently still trapped inside it. Who knows what else he can do?”

Bait waved her hand dismissively, “Bah! That’s why we should go dere’ right now before he gets smart, then lop his ‘ead off ‘fore he could even see us comin’!”

I pursed my lips, “I suppose we can try that first?”

“Alright! Wha’ are we still waitin’ ’round ‘ere for? Let’s go!”

I held up my hand, “Hold on. You can cut his head off, but let me distract him from the front first. I think it’s safer that way at least.”

Lian Li nodded, “And failing that, I’ll blast him with my lightning.”

Elaria took out some sort of weird looking stick from her storage ring, “And I’ll just hit him with this if he manages to block your attacks on him!”

Tsuki narrowed her eyes at her, “Do you always keep an RPG on you?”

“Hehehe~ Of course I do! Never know when you might need one!”

With our plan set, we made our way to the student Practitioner courtyard where all of them were staying.

On our way there, we saw the changes made to Master’s Sect.

Most of the males look to be more reserved and shy, keeping more to themselves than with others. Then there were the females who were obviously couples strolling along while holding hands. We even spotted a pair that was kissing each other quite passionately under a tree.

Hopefully they won’t feel too awkward about this when they are returned to how they were before.

It took us a while but we managed to find who we were looking for after asking for some directions from a rather compliant male Practitioner who was sitting by himself.

Our target was staying in one of the larger dorms and had his room in the corner of the ground floor which suited us just fine. It had a window at the back that the girls could watch what was going on while I approached from the front door.

I rapped my knuckles on the wood and I didn’t need to wait long before the door was opened by a rather irritated young man.

“What do you… Oh, it’s you. What do you want? Are you here to gloat about how you have Master Lin’s favour and not me?”

Well, why not actually.

I smirked at him, “Of course, do you think you can get Master’s favour that easily? Who are you to think you’re even worthy of it? Master had personally asked me to be His disciple, what about you?”

He gritted his teeth, “Master Lin simply doesn’t know my talent yet! When I change things around here, you’ll be dumped faster than you can even blink and I will be the one to warm Master Lin’s bed every night! Then… Ha! Maybe then I’ll keep you around as a pet!”

Wow this guy is also quite delusional…

I titled my nose up at him, “You overestimate yourself. Do you think you’re even worth getting Master’s attention?”

“Of course I am! I am way stronger than you! I’ve asked around, you know? You’re just the disciple who can make some fancy potions, nothing more.”

“Perhaps. But this ‘fancy potion’ guy is still the disciple of Master Lin while you are not. Surely that is a clear indication of how inferior you are to me.”

“How dare y–“

He didn’t get to finish his words as Eris had snuck up behind him and chopped his head off with a quick sword slash.

And as though that wasn’t enough, a golden bolt of lightning struck at the young man’s body, disintegrating it into ashes.

Eris then leapt forward and tackled me away just as something flew through the window and engulfed the area in front of me in an explosion, blasting the door off its hinges and breaking several chunks of the wall apart.

Err… I thought Lian Li and Elaria were only going to interfere if Eris failed to cut his head off?

Just when that thought crossed my mind, a voice called out from around us, “Ha! You think I didn’t prepare for this?! You are in my world now! This is MY WORLD! I am God here!! You think you can kill God in his own domain?! I have all of you right in the centre of my palm!”

Damn… I knew it wouldn’t be that easy…

But for this guy to claim to be a ‘God’… How presumptuous of him. I wonder how this ‘God’ would feel if I were to pour acid down his throat?

Yeah, we are so keeping him around just to torture for all of this things he’s done.


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