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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 72: And The Unfortunate Bystander Bahasa Indonesia

(Cai Hong POV)


Cai Hong had shouted after Papa disappeared.

Big demon make Papa gone?

Papa… Gone?

Papa is… No.

Cai Hong can still feel Papa! Papa is still there! Papa feels small but… Papa is getting bigger slowly? Cai Hong doesn’t understand, but Cai Hong knows Papa is still here!

“Papa is still here!” Cai Hong shouted.

All my big sisters looked at me.

Big Sis Lian Li wiped away her tears, “Is… Is that true, Cai Hong? Is… Master still… With us?”

Cai Hong nodded, “Cai Hong can feel Papa! Papa is small now, but Papa is getting bigger!”

“Master… Is getting bigger?” Big Sis Manami asked.

“Nnn! Cai Hong can still feel Papa! Papa will come back!”

Big Sis Manami pushed herself off the ground, “Fu… Fufufu… Ufufufu! Of course! For someone as divine as Master, there’s no way something as INSIGNIFICANT as this stupid demon could kill him!”

Big Sis Eris pulled out her sword, “Then… When Master said to have us clean up the rest…”

“Kukuku~ Master wants us to take care of all these piggies before he returns~~” Big Sis Diao Chan giggled, a weird light in her eyes.

That was when the noisy old man flew in front of us, “Ah, Master Lin’s disciples, I see you are prepared to avenge your Master. Fret not, all the Elders and Masters are ready to help–“

“DON’T YOU DARE BUTT IN ON THIS!” We screamed at him.

Big Sis Manami pointed a finger at him, “You stay out of this, Sect Master Long. These pieces of trash has made it personal and if any of you dare butt in, we’ll treat you as an enemy too.”

The noisy man backed off, “Wha… I… Er…”

Big Sis Eris pointed his blade at him, “We’re serious.”

“Er… Hm… I understand… I’ll tell everyone not to interfere.”

Big Sis Diao Chan smiled at him, “Oh, and we would very much appreciate that you keep silent about our… Involvement. Or we might not guarantee this Sect’s safety.”

The old man narrowed his eyes at us, “Are you threatening me?”

Big Sis Manami giggled, “Oh not at all! It’s just that Master got dusted to protect everyone here and we didn’t see anyone preventing that. I think Master has done way more than he should have, yes? We might resort to some drastic actions, is all we’re saying.”

The noisy old man looked at the demon and then us before nodding, running off quickly after that.

Big Sis Lian Li clapped her hands, lightning appearing in her hands “Then let us begin punishing these heathens for hurting our Master.”

Hurt Papa?


Papa was hurt right?

Papa got hurt…

Papa got hurt to protect Cai Hong.



These damned insects! Who do they think they are to hurt Father?!

Cocking back my fist, I punched it straight into that little shit stain’s crotch with a satisfying crack.

That piece of trash howled in pain before collapsing on his knees in front of me.

The two insects that were thrown off the demon immediately got stuck down by an explosion and a bolt of Divine Lightning.

Leaving those two small insects to my sisters, I cracked my knuckles in preparation to discipline this little trash on what happens when someone hurts Father.

I have to be extra careful since Delta is still lodged in that piece of trash’s chest.

The demon was still shaking himself out of the pain, kneeling pathetically on the ground with two hands clutching his crotch.

I reached forward to grab him by his ugly bald head, bringing it down to have my knee impact against his nose, my wings lifting me up to increase the force.

I watched his body soar through the air to crash on the outskirts of the Sect with satisfaction.

Not wasting time, I leapt towards him, using my wings to glide above my target.

Just as his eyes opened to glance above him, my wings folded in, allowing me to drop down right on top of him with my elbow planted right into his face.

The demon roared out in pain, his four hands clutching at his broken face.

Unperturbed by his screams, I picked him up by the top of the head and braced myself before slamming the demon down repeatedly.

With a final slam, I toss the demon away from me, smashing him into the mountain.

The demon pushed himself out of the rocks, “I am Abaddon of the Abyss! A mere fledgling dragon dares harm ME?!

He rushed towards me, pulling back his right fist for a punch.

My head snaked out to bite his fist, crushing it between my jaws. Bracing one of my claws on his shoulder, I reared my head back, tearing the arm out of its socket.

That Aba-what’s-it howled in pain, but a quick punch to his face silenced his screeching.

I spat out the arm from my mouth, letting it crash into the nearby plains.

“For you to have hurt Father, I will rip off your arms and stuff them down your throat!” I declared.

“I will kill you, Dragon!”

The demon leapt towards me, his arms outstretched in an attempt to corner me.

I whirled around, swinging my tail in an arc to whip across his chest.

He managed to catch my tail mid-flight, but the strength behind the tail-whip was obviously above his expectations since he was still sent flying up into the air.

“Accursed Dragon! Take this! Abyss Shot!”

A dark lance-shaped projectile shot from his hand towards me.

Circulating my Fire quarks like how Father had taught me, I let loose a concentrated blast of fire from my jaws, incinerating the projectile mid-flight.

When my fire died down, I was surprised to see him directly in front of me, his left fist sailing towards my abdomen.

I immediately caught his attack with my claw, right before he tried the same thing with his right fist which only ended with the same result.

With both my claws occupied, the second left fist that came from my blind spot caught me off guard, my vision blurred when he slammed it against the side of my head.

I roared as I reared my head back, barely avoiding another punch from the same fist.

I slammed my own head on his, forcing him to recoil from the impact.

Bracing a foot on his chest, I shifted my grip on his fists to his wrists before kicking him away.

There was a loud ‘crunch’ as his two primary arms were ripped out of their respective sockets while the body was flung away.

I leapt up into the air, my wings propelling me forwards with the ripped off arms still held by my sides.

Just as he was trying to push himself up again with his last arm, My right claw had lashed out, smacking him across his face with his dismembered arm like a bat.

“You damn fledging–“

I smacked him across the face with the other arm.

“I will kill–“

My claw returned in the same arc, backhanding him across his cheek.

“Gravity We–“

I slammed my claw downwards, the dismembered arm hitting him square on the top of his head.

“I am Abaddon you damn–“

Another backswing caught him at his temple, splattering blood.

“Wait you damn–“

I swung again.

“No, wait–“

And again.

“Wait, pleas–“

And again.

“No… I…”

And again.

“Sto… Stop…”

And again.

I alternated my strikes repeatedly, always aiming for the head with as much force as I could until the two limbs were nothing more than slabs of meat.

Tossing the useless meat sticks away, I took hold of his last arm, the demon now barely breathing at this point.

How weak, I can’t believe that an insect like this dared to hurt Father!

Bracing my foot against his shoulder, I ripped his last arm off unceremoniously. Careful of Delta who was still stuck in his chest, I reached my other hand down to force his mouth open.

Without hesitation, I shoved the end of the arm down his mouth, pushing it in as far as I could before stepping on his face, smashing it even deeper down his throat.

With a flap of my wings, I took to the skies once more, hovering just a bit above the half-dead demon.

Remembering the feeling of Father within me, I circulated my quarks just like how he had taught me with his memories, concentrating them deep within the back of my throat.

I reared my head back before thrusting it forward, my jaws opened wide to let out a golden gout of flames that completely engulfed the weakling’s head, incinerating it into nothingness.

Once the head was completely gone, I landed back down on top of his headless body, inspecting Delta who was still stuck to his torso.

Unfortunately, I do not know a way to extract her out of there without harming her at the moment.

From what I can see, it’s more than just her body being stuck in there since her soul seems to be linked to the demon’s as well.

Father should know a way to save her.

My other sisters joined me after a while, having already finished with the other two insect’s punishment.

Now, all we had to do is to wait for Father to return to us.


Muuu… Cai Hong hopes Papa will come back soon…


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